Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Well, 8 oclockers, we are all dear honest friends. Our friendhsips have been worth fighting for, because as Brother Andrew has so clearly seen, we are very good people as heart! With true hearts to be true friends! It's all apart of our common eternal bond, as the 8 o'clock Chaplet!

TIME FOR THE REVIVAL! HALLELUJA! Come in Brother Ry, from sowing the FIELDS OF THE LORD. MY VENERABLE BROTHER ANDREW, FIRE AND BRIMSTONE OF GOD!, Gentle Sister Jericho, bringing the WORD like a ministering angel to the heathenous North, dear Sister Tokyo fresh from our overseas missions with the SUSTAINING SPIRIT OF GOD, welcome sister, AND BROTHER IBIDEM! You too we welcome from the Hot Arabian Desert, for we see you have the Spirit of Righteousness in your eyes! SISTER PHANTOM! I can see you there! The OUTSPOKEN silent witness of the LORD'S SWEET MERCY FOR SINNERS-DESTINED-FOR-HELLFIRE-AND-DAMNATION-LEST-THEY-CHANGE-THEIR-WAYS! And PRAISE BE! SWEET SISTER QUIA, has just come into our meeting! Sweet Sister, doing the LORD'S WORK, ministering to HIS POOR LAMBS caught in the snares of Satan, and delivering the afflicted FROM UNHOLY INJUSTICE with THE RIGHTEOUS WRATH OF GOD! PRAISE BE! And Brother Captain Oblivious, while some brothers and sisters in the WORD, may think it unfit, that a brother, should carry the warrior name with him, like DAVID, you go forth TO SLAY THE ENEMIES OF THE WORD WITH THE SWORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE! Amen! HALLELUJA! Let the Revival begin!

Come in, BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Join our camp circle, and listen to THE WORD who shall put the fire of the SPIRIT into your bones to PRAISE THE LORD for His Righteousness and Mercy!
So, my brothers and sisters, REJOICE! Praise the Lord! Halleluja! Make sure to have put away THE SWORD of dissensions! EMBRACE, your brothers and sisters in THE WORD! Cry out WITH GLADNESS to the LORD! For you may share in HIS MERCY AND LOVE, BROTHERS! And share that mercy and love with each other my good and true brothers and sisters. The past is behind us, let us look no more on it, than the penitent looks on his life of sin, after having been CLEANSED! by the AWESOME POWER of the ALMIGHTY in Confession! Go, you therefore, 8oclockers, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN THE WORD, and RENEW THE WORLD FOR THE LORD! Amen, HALLELUJA! So speaks Brother Peach. Amen.

p.s. If you read that with no Camp minister Baptist speaking inflection on the caps parts, I suggest reading it again for the full effect of Brother Peachy's REVIVAL!

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