Friday, January 20, 2006

8 O'Clock Chaplet Huge Success At 9 PM!

I would like to give a huge shout out to all the members of 8 O'Clock Chaplet! We had the largest turn out ever!!!! Everyone was there, except for CARDUCCI! But circumstances have revealed that it was not her fault, therefore, we will not hold it against her. A little house keeping, though. The chaplet is being moved to Wednesday at 8 pm. That's Wednesday, not Thursday. If you come on Thursday, you will be too late. Like a day late. Because it's on Wednesday now. And everyone's invited. We'll be in front of the St. Joseph statue. So here's to a good semester. :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

See Ya'

I'm coming back either tomorrow or Sunday. See you then.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Absolutely Shocked

I leave you guys alone for five minutes (okay, three days) and what has happened??? People are posting. That's right. What do you people think this is?! A blog or something?!?! I mean if people post, then other people might just actually know what's going on in their lives and what not!! I for one am not going to stand for it!

Actually guys, I was thrilled to come back home and find I had numerous posts to catch up on. (Which I still need to read. . . .) It makes me so happy when people post. :) (You don't have to tell me, I know I don't have a life.) But I do have a few interesting stories. For those of you who don't know (probably all of you) I went to visit Kali and just got back today. So be on the lookout for posts about jumping over horses, (I didn't fall, I meant to land on my face. . . in the mud), having a nurse try to start an IV in my hand, (not the vein in my hand, the actual hand tissue *jibbly*), and deodorant shopping.

And now that the break is almost over, I've finally gotten up some of the pictures from this last semester on the internet. My excuse is a broken fan. Sorry it took so long. Scratch that, sorry it's taking so long. There are still plenty to be uploaded yet. But I think most of winter formal is there, Italian night, Oktoberfest, all our birthdays, coffee hopping. I'm not sure what else. Knock yourselves out.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Well, 8 oclockers, we are all dear honest friends. Our friendhsips have been worth fighting for, because as Brother Andrew has so clearly seen, we are very good people as heart! With true hearts to be true friends! It's all apart of our common eternal bond, as the 8 o'clock Chaplet!

TIME FOR THE REVIVAL! HALLELUJA! Come in Brother Ry, from sowing the FIELDS OF THE LORD. MY VENERABLE BROTHER ANDREW, FIRE AND BRIMSTONE OF GOD!, Gentle Sister Jericho, bringing the WORD like a ministering angel to the heathenous North, dear Sister Tokyo fresh from our overseas missions with the SUSTAINING SPIRIT OF GOD, welcome sister, AND BROTHER IBIDEM! You too we welcome from the Hot Arabian Desert, for we see you have the Spirit of Righteousness in your eyes! SISTER PHANTOM! I can see you there! The OUTSPOKEN silent witness of the LORD'S SWEET MERCY FOR SINNERS-DESTINED-FOR-HELLFIRE-AND-DAMNATION-LEST-THEY-CHANGE-THEIR-WAYS! And PRAISE BE! SWEET SISTER QUIA, has just come into our meeting! Sweet Sister, doing the LORD'S WORK, ministering to HIS POOR LAMBS caught in the snares of Satan, and delivering the afflicted FROM UNHOLY INJUSTICE with THE RIGHTEOUS WRATH OF GOD! PRAISE BE! And Brother Captain Oblivious, while some brothers and sisters in the WORD, may think it unfit, that a brother, should carry the warrior name with him, like DAVID, you go forth TO SLAY THE ENEMIES OF THE WORD WITH THE SWORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE! Amen! HALLELUJA! Let the Revival begin!

Come in, BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Join our camp circle, and listen to THE WORD who shall put the fire of the SPIRIT into your bones to PRAISE THE LORD for His Righteousness and Mercy!
So, my brothers and sisters, REJOICE! Praise the Lord! Halleluja! Make sure to have put away THE SWORD of dissensions! EMBRACE, your brothers and sisters in THE WORD! Cry out WITH GLADNESS to the LORD! For you may share in HIS MERCY AND LOVE, BROTHERS! And share that mercy and love with each other my good and true brothers and sisters. The past is behind us, let us look no more on it, than the penitent looks on his life of sin, after having been CLEANSED! by the AWESOME POWER of the ALMIGHTY in Confession! Go, you therefore, 8oclockers, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN THE WORD, and RENEW THE WORLD FOR THE LORD! Amen, HALLELUJA! So speaks Brother Peach. Amen.

p.s. If you read that with no Camp minister Baptist speaking inflection on the caps parts, I suggest reading it again for the full effect of Brother Peachy's REVIVAL!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Glory of Eireann

Alrighty boys, (and girls). The last semester is old hat. Next semester is all clean and shiny new with no mistakes in it. So, no shennanigans from last semester, or you'll have the Irish Mafia and Sinn Fein on your doorstep ready to whack you with knotty shilleileighs! No dramatics, or we Irish will waltz your Matilda for a good dunking in the Shenandoah river, and then laugh at you for the sight will be roariously funny indeed. Yes, the Gael is back to lead the spirit of Christendom to restore all things in Irish. Ah, the civilizing influences of the Celt. Yes, where would Christendom be without the Gael!

We Irish are the greatest lovers, poets, dramatists, drinkers, romantics, musicians, missionaries, fighters the world has ever seen! And if you be not blessed to be apart of God's second chosen people, you may have honorary membership through God's Catholic Church. I won't go so far as to say that God founded the Church so that all men might become Irish. But the true Irishman feels the Faith running in his bones and in his music, and the true Catholic is pretty connected to the true Irishman, and thus it's pretty close. I can't explain it, since it's a mystery, but there you have it, and you'll just have to take it on Faith.

Now, I know there will be those who will take issue with me on the otherwise very clear high honor the Celt must naturaly take over the other peoples of the world. I can see the French saying, "Eldest daughter of the Church", and the Italians (Sicilians included, but with the main difference that you don't want to prolonge an argument) saying "We have Rome and the Pope!" (actually, they'd say alot more, and even a crafty Irishman must admit that he can never outalk an Italian), Greeks that they have democracy, Germans that they have the Pope, Holy Roman Emperors, Franz II of the House of Stuart, and will rule the world, I mean run the world, scratch that...Poles that they fought two wars, lost both, then defeated their enemies with only one man: the Polish Pope, the list goes on and on! Yet, Ireland! Eireann! That name is so sweet. So, smile! We Irish can't help that we're great. We know yous all are great in your own way too, but we share our heritage with yous through the Church. So feel lucky.

Anyway, the Celt has risen again! So finish whatever needs to be done for friendly reconciliation. If you're not the first to do so, then do it. And we happy Irish shall greet yous, when yous all return. God bless, you, and God bless, Eireann!

p.s. This is a joke.


My dear 8 o’clock Chaplet friends,

This blog is overdue, for it should’ve been written awhile ago, and for one reason or another I have not posted it. It actually began November 24, 2005, when for the 1st time I had begun to entertain the possibility of leaving the 8 o’clock chaplet, which I began to seriously consider until St. Lucy’s Day. This post is about reconciliation. The last semester was stupid and shameful in so many ways. I think most everyone has had a breakdown and a realization about themselves and what happened since break. I think everyone is afraid of the future in some way. By writing this blog, (most of the sentiments published here I wrote in my journal), I want to show you guys what I saw happen to the 8 o’clock chaplet.

Now, St. Lucy’s was the day I ran all over campus to get people to say the rosary, when at least half to three quarters of the 8o’clock chaplet had no interest in doing so, or praying in particular. The Thursday night chaplet at 8pm had disappeared, and I saw by that time that we all were ceasing to live as Catholics by how we acted, how we carried ourselves, what our goals were, and even in what we found permissible to watch. In fact, I had someone shamefully laugh at me for trying to find people to pray the rosary. The spiritual condition of everyone was terrible, and as everyone lost their spiritual compass and bearings on True North who is Christ, everything fell apart. Such was the wretched condition of the 8 o’clock chaplet at least from NOV 24 until the Christmas break.

So I was tempted to abandon the blog. On St. Lucy’s day I decided to stick with it, go to daily Mass, go to confession, and say the rosary more often than the once in a blue moon habit I had made of it. Holiness is a lifetime occupation. It consists of getting up every time you fall, and asking god to help you do better. It’s shown in deeds, and unless the walk matches the talk, piety and pious intentions ring terribly and scandalously hollow. Good example: You can’t watch a movie that offends your faith, justify it, and be excited about the purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, because your own Mother sees your hypocrisy. I’ll move on.

We can only last as friends if we live in charity with each other! There is no alternative to showing charity towards your neighbor, and charity is the virtue most central to our lives. Charity is the virtue by which all our souls are judged. We are judged upon the measure of the charity in our hearts for God and our neighbor. The sheep and the goats are separated by this rule of charity. The whole law of God is summed up into the two greatest commandments given by Christ! They are commandments to Love! The virtues of our Catholic life: purity, chastity, humility, prudence, obedience, etc. are all directed toward helping us live that life of Charity (love). God is love, and we become more like God by imitating that supernal virtue: Charity. For, I WARN YOU ALL. YOU WILL LOSE ALL LOVE, IF YOU HAVE NO LOVE FOR YOUR NEIGHBOR!

Now, I want to tell a short little story about a friend of mine who loved me so much, he could calmly save me from my own confusion and self-hate. This wise friend, (I thank God to have so good and wise a friend as he), kept his head on his shoulders, when I had lost mine. I had become so crazy, and distraught by everything that was going on, that I erupted before him in a stream of rage, mixed tears, and curses feeling so helpless and lost, that I thought that I had even lost his friendship. Yet, this good young man showed how much he loved me, by seizing me by the shoulders, and told me, “You fool, you have not lost my friendship.” That act of love was like a purifying waterfall for me, for beforehand I would’ve very much prefered to indulge some act of dramatic cowardice just short of leaping off a cliff into the Shenandoah. I’m exaggerating to a degree, but the utter atmosphere of confusion, backbiting, suspicion, uncharity, hatreds, revulsions, etc. in which I had participated had made me wild enough to damn the sight of Christendom, and never wish to return. Yet, my friend saved me, and that is the power of love.

Friends, we all live in the Communion of Saints. We cannot treat each other as the rest of the world treats each other. Our bonds are love, and willingly we fashion them. The saints themselves have joy measured by the degree of love which they possessed in their hearts for God and men. We cannot love God unless we love our neighbor too. And that doesn’t mean nice thoughts, that means hard solid acts of love, even when it feels unpleasant or the last thing on earth you want to do. Mother Teresa took care of lepers, who were pretty disgusting. She didn’t do it feeling joy in her heart, but did it out of love, overcoming her natural feelings of revulsion for the wormy flesh of the dying. It’s just as commendable to do an act of love for someone who has offended or hurt us. For some reason, it’s easier to see Christ in a dying leper, than it is to see Him in an enemy or one who has hurt or offended us. No kidding, and I think the saints would agree.

The group was alienated by lack of charity, and mutual misunderstanding (willful in most cases). The unfolding couples were not the cause of the rift among friends. Rather jealousy, bitterness, and suspicion created wide breaches and divisions, corrupting charity. It was the poison of uncharity that alienated everyone. We were all wrong, and needed to REALIZE that we are sinners burdened by miserable sins in need of God’s transforming grace. Pride is the great dam man sets up before the transforming grace of God.

So, when you’re in love, learn this! Love requires ACTION! It’s not a feeling, you don’t have to need feelings to be in love, or know you are in love. If you feel that you can’t live without the other person, that’s just attraction, but it’s not love. You’re not in love if you feel that you will die without the other person. That’s merely selfish attraction, because love is about the other, not you. Love is dying to yourself for the other person, and seeking their good, even at the sacrifice of your own. Love requires the sacrifice and gift of self to another through deeds. Love requires patience, understanding, sacrifice, fidelity, gentleness, kindness, generosity, and forgiveness. Nobody has these down, and they take a lifetime to learn. We learn from Our Savior who is the Perfect Lover of the Church. We are meant to persevere in these virtues to be brought deeper into holiness.

Here is my final lesson: I wrote this word for word on November 24th.

For those who are dating: If you engage in these problems, and lose your charity, you will lose it in your relationship as well. Soon, you will cease to learn and discover about the other, and problems will become the center of all conversation and interpersonal discovery will cease, and the relationship will wither. Only a renewal of love, reliance upon grace, and renewed dedication to deepening friendship can save such a situation. LOVE TOWARDS OTHERS OVERFLOWS AND FILLS INTO ALL OTHER RELATIONSHIPS AND LOVES.

Everyone, last semester was pretty bad, but it only means that this semester has so much beautiful potential. Let us learn from the past, to go more joyfully and confidently into the future. Everyone has had their confidence shaken. Considering what we all went through, that’s understandable. We all need to take the step to renewing our relationships with one another. We went through the fire. I predicted that this chaplet would be tested in some way back in August. But now we’ve come through. Everyone needs to try to reconcile themselves, and renew their charity. It’s as simple as “I’m sorry, and please forgive me for anything that I’ve done to offend you in any way, let’s be friends.” Don’t say that you’ve tried a million times to forgive and reach out either. I doubt you’ve done it 77 times like our Lord told St. Peter, but Our Lord was saying that you’ve never forgiven or reached-out enough, so keep on doing it. HAVE CONFIDENCE! This semester’s going to be great! We can only go up. As true friends, we shall help each other become saints, we shall support each other in what we do, and we shall make happy memories to laugh upon that long night of sorrows, which shall seem so short and foolish as we look back upon it singing and laughing. God brings all things to good! God bless, and see you guys soon. I plan to see you all together at 8 on Thursday. Smile!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ahem. And one and two and...


"Today, I consider myself, the luckiest man on the face of the earth."

Today was a good day in my book. Where does one begin such festivities. Let us see...

I. IT CAME! IT FINALLY CAME! My report card came today, along with promissary notices and my jury notice. The day I must sit for jury duty is no longer in Febuary; its now in June, after schools over. But anyway, back to the report card. I'm still passing, and brought up PHIL to a D+. My GPA is now a 2.4. So that's great point number one.

II. I bought my new hard drive for P.O.S. It is (drum roll)...

80 GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! large. That's 4x the size of the old one. Also, it turns out, my super mystery problem with the hard drive that seemed so weird and clicking is normal. In fact, it is one of the most common causes of hard drive failure: the disk stops spinning. Not only that, but the new user manual lists the two mysteries of my computer (the notice that said the drive doesn't exist and the clicking noise) are the top FAQs in the manual. So that's funny, I guess. I'm excited and want get the drive in and get going.

III. THE REDSKINS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We here had a birthday party for my uncle, who turns 50. A Skins fan his entire life, we, needless to say, had a blast. Good game, fun time, good food. If they keep it going, school is gonna be fun for you guys this semester. If they win on Saturday, you will see something few on campus have ever seen: Matt Rose the sport fan.

Hide the children. I'm gonna scare them.


By the way, for those who are uneducated, the words at the top are the words to the Redskins offical fight song "Hail to the Redskins." Hopefully you will be hearing it a lot more in the coming weeks.

Most sincerely,

Friday, January 06, 2006


I got my grades back for the semester. I got a 3.050. Its an improvement over previous semesters. Lets see what y'all got.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

One more Thing

Does anyone have the list of books we'll be needing next semester? I was about to go out shopping for next semester books until I realized that I didn't know which they were.

CVO Phase 2: Christmas Eve & Christmas

On Christmas Eve morning, the first to awake was Sean, the Irish Setter. Then it was my Grandparents. Then my parents. Then my younger brothers and sisters. Then it was myself. After breakfast at 8:30 consisting of grits, eggs, bacon, toast, etc., I spent most of the day listening to music from my computer's internal speaker. In the evening we went to Confession and Mass. For Christmas Eve dinner, we had Italian food. My grqandparents paid for the dinner, my parents for the drinks, and my uncle for the desserts. When we got home, we opened the gifts.

Next morning we slept in. The rest of the family arrived, all the aunts and uncles, their children, their children's children, and opened their gifts. Dinner was fun and delicious. The conversation was... interesting. We have people from all over the political and religious spectrum. Intra-family politics were fun to listen to. I wont go into detail but there are a few mortal sins that will piss of my grandparents permanently. That was that. We all went to ben and Christmas day was over.

God Bless.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm Going to Grandma's House And I Packed. . .

An apple, a blanket, and camel, a dustbuster, the Ebola virus, a face mask, Gandhi, a harpscord, an iguana, a jackalope, a kazoo, a lymph node, Megan B., a narcissist, the optative subjunctive, a popsicle, Quizznos, raisins, sandstone, a triptych, a uvula, a velocopide, Wilson (from Castaway), Xanadu, your mom, and a zig zag stitch. I shall explain. I, indeed, was not going to my grandmother's house, nor anywhere near it. I was on my way to PBJ Girl's house for Spring Break. We were somewhere in the middle of the seven or so hour drive and needed something to amuse ourselves. So we broke out the good ol' alphabet car games. Peachy was driving, Zack was asleep, and Ange woke up occasionally to suggest strange things to take to grandma's. It was a pretty uneventful trip, untill Peach got some beef jerky. And opened it. In the car. On a Friday. During Lent. Granted it was St. Patrick's Day and there were plenty of dispensation to go around, but none of us were really for taking the bishops up on that. So the five hungry travelers smelled beef jerky for awhile. It really wasn't that bad, I just enjoy teasing Peach. :)

Anyway, we went our separate ways and us girls made it to our destination quite safely and not too starved. (Don't worry, we had nice hot clam chowder waiting for us.) Since then, PBJ Girl and I have been watching old movies, lifting weights, trying on hoop skirts and formal dresses, making fun of turtles, cooking ( & eating!) yummy foods, doing 15 minute fling boogies, realizing we couldn't be American citizens if we weren't already, and generally being crazy and having a good time. Break has been good to us so far. I hope all is going well with everyone and their families. Good night and God bless!

Administrative Note

I don't know if ya'll have noticed, but there've been a few changes around the blog. Nothing big, nothing majore, just an addition here, a removal there. Mostly, I finally got a picture of St. Faustina and one of the Divine Mercy. I hope to get up one of Mary, but I would be curious to know if ya'll have a favorite picture of her. I know some of the kids here are really big Our Lady of Guadalupe fans. I have to say I am, myself. But this is a democracy. (Haha, that's what I tell you, anyway. *rubs hands evily together*) Don't worry, Ry and CO are there to keep me in line. (But Ry is more concerned with Maria and CO is just lazy or something. Oblivious, maybe?) Also I've finally taken Tokyo off the blog. I e-mailed her awhile back and asked her why she never posts and if she still wanted to be a part of the blog. She didn't responde. I took that as a no.


Rejoice with me, my dearest friends.

I have finished the rough outlint. It is rough, of course, because the final results depend on those involved. I hope that I can get everyone who wanted to help, since it would be really cool. I hope it is funny too.

In other words, if you want a copy of the rough outline for the Mammoth Hunting Movie, please say something to me. Or, if you know someone who wanted to be involved, also tell me.

Most sincerly,

Stephen Ibidem, Famed Movie Director

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So Help Me

I just salted my ketchup.


Well, there are 9 muses for the 9 liberal arts. Until I have something better to say, let's leave it at that! Things are just peachy.

Sunday, January 01, 2006