Monday, December 05, 2005

There Should Be More Dates And Less Dating

Thus spake the dating god of Christendom College, I mean, Dr. Cuddeback. Quia and I have decided to take his advice. But instead of going out on dates by ourselves, we’ve decided to lighten things up a bit: both of us and one guy. Instead of a double date, it’s a one and a half date. Clever? We did it once last year and it was a lot of fun. So we decided to give it another whack. We thought our friend Faz should be our first victim – date, yes, I meant date.
So last night, Quia, Faz, and I went to see Chicken Little. I was really happy because I had recommended it, and as of late, my taste in movies has been called into question. But I redeemed myself and we all liked it. After that we went to KFC to eat some chicken. I promptly picked up a drumstick and said, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” To which Faz replied, “Mmmm.” We found out Faz eats his corn on the cob perfectly. (See pictures below.) The only hard part was that Quia insisted we sit on these freakishly high chairs that practically required me to get out rock climbing gear. (I’m not called Hobbit for nothing!) And she kept dropping her napkin. Bad Quia.
After that we headed back to Main Street for the traditional walk down Main. Unfortunately for us, the weather did not realize we were on a date. The sky started spitting sloshy cold wet gunk at us. (Hmm, I guess the sky really was falling!) We danced in the parking lot and Faz got out his machetes and did a really cool machete thing to Japanese techno. Then began our walk. I was the cutsie date while Quia filmed. (Strangely, the film got deleted. . . ) Then Quia was the awkward date while I filmed. Then Faz got a hold of the camera and filmed us. The date was then officially over and so the five of us (we’d picked up Carducci and Swinger by that point) headed over to GA. The Chilean of Front Royal and Lola showed up shortly after and the evening ended as so many have thus far, video games.
Overall, the date was great. We all had a good time. Faz rolled with it really well. (We only told him as much as he needed to know to get us from point A to point B.) He summed it up pretty well with, “It could be techno, it could be sappy, or it could be Short Skirt and a Long Jacket.”

Note the sign that says “Finger-lickin’ good.” Somehow I saw the F & r from finger and the ‘ickin’ from lickin’ and well, I was confused as to KFC’s advertising strategy for a moment.

Quia really got into her corn.

Quia told Faz to make a face at me, so he did. :)

Faz got a little crazy when the Japanese techno came on. :)

Who we talkin' about?

Faz getting wet by the gunk the sky was throwing at us.

I took refuge under the gazebo. (We have a gazebo on Main Street. It's pretty cool.)

And after it was all over, all we had to say was, “HOUSE.”


  1. The Gazebo is a GREAT place to hang out! Some of my strangest college experiences happened at the gazebo. I'm so glad you are carrying on the tradition!!!

  2. Anonymous11:37 AM

    thanks for the photos & the commentary. dIt is very nice to see you my Yenne. Luv Bob

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    sorry-scratch the extra "d" in front of It. Just so your friends don't think we have a strange dialect here in the Dakotas-where some people are still without electricity for 8 days and holding, some in mid and upper 70's. AND temperature presently: -4 with winds 10-15mph causing a wind chill of :-20. a very burrrrrrrrrrrrtemperature. My car wouldn't start today, so off to Mass on foot. Makes me appreciate electricity, and the sun and GOD. Thurs temp is predicted to be a low of -11(unknown wind speed & wind chill). I hope Mom & Dad have electricity by then. By & much luv Mutter

  4. i seen Chikin Little. turns out its a whole hour n a half shorter than Harry Potter. I don't really enjoy waiting an hour and a half in crowded movie theatre for litle kids so I can go home. So I left, and left them there. I think someone else picked them up. oh well

    God Bless.

  5. Whoa... deja vu!