Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My complaints and comments

Time to do some ranting. Christmas was great and everything. The dinner was superb and everything was great. I have a new bike, along with bunches of movies, some books, and other fun stuff. While all this went along well, there was one thing that dampered the weekend. That was Christmas Eve Mass.
If you remember some previous comments made by myself (I'm not sure if they were on the blog or through other ways, such as normal conversations or emails, but they were made) concerning plans made to perform a living nativity scene during the middle of Mass instead of a homily. Well, it happened. I don't want to ramble about it now, since its late and I want to go to bed. So I will give the basic problems.
Besides the obvious thing of little kids sitting in front of the altar, with costumes and such, the priest (the new pastor, of whom the parish does not lean towards) encouraged the congregation to congratulate the performers with applause. I hate clapping during Church. At the end of Mass the priest said something about the children being the future of the Church, and that the example of that night showed the Church was "in good hands." I tried really hard to not shake my head, since my family was in the front row, since my little brother was a lector. So it was interesting. But at least it was legit, even though it was illicit.

But everything else is good. Dinner at Grandparents' is always a near occasion of gluttony, and I fell for it again this year. Maybe it won't be so bad at New Years.

I've decided to read the Chronicles of Narnia in the order of their publication. Thus I've read Lion, Witch, & the Wardrobe AND Prince Caspian, which I got for Christmas. Now I'm on the prowl to buy the others. I hope to have the entire series
and The Cleaving of Christendom by the time I get back to school, along with the note typing for fun and hopefully work on reading one of the books I bought this year. I'm also gonna make a list of the books to find out, at school, how much all the books I bought are worth together.

Fun break ahead.



  1. Yes Ibid, you posted about that over the summer. That post actually jumped to mind as I stared at the children of my parish nonchelontly sitting around the altar on Christmas Eve. Mayhap if these kids had costumes they wouldn't have ran around. *seething* But I have to say, the priest's homily was good. Usually it makes me want to cry, but on Christmas, it was good. Now no more about that, WP, otherwise you'll end up saying some ad hominems. Good WP. *pats self on the head*

    As for books, Ibidem, I'm working on The Real Lincoln, The Counte of Monte Cristo, David Copperfield, and first and formost, a tape series on the Aenied and one on The Divine Comedy. This and The Real Lincoln I want finished before break. (Largly in part that the tapes are Thew's and the book is Champ's.) So happy reading to us!

    Question, 8:37 is late?!

    N/B: the word verification is "wortt", that actually sounds like a word, I think it should mean something. I say we hold a contest to see who can come up with the best meaning for "wortt" and the winner can buy chips and dip of his/her choice. :)
    I say it is a type of rigging system on a ship.

  2. I say "Wortt" is cancer found only in people with exposure to toxic chemicals, particularly ingredients found in witch potions. Thus it is mostly found among witches.

    Oh, and the children singing around the altar isn't anything new for me. I myself, I admit, sang in such a choir in my youth. I hope nobody hunts me down because of this.

  3. Well, now we know what to name the pig at next year's Medieval Fest.