Thursday, December 15, 2005

Movin' to the Rhythm of the Crusaders

This just in: pictures from CC's winter formal. Comments from freshman and sophomore girls say that it kicked heretic booty! Random guys also agree. There was dispute about having a full blown sit down supper, though. Many appreciated being fed real food for once, but it must be weighed with the fact that it too way too bloody long! Although the general consensus was that it was awesome. There was one sophomore girl who seemed to find the food distasteful and wished whole heartedly that she had gone to China Jade with some of the guys. She was quickly silenced. Because of the dinner, the dance got started late, but the dance gods smiled upon us and curfew was extended. (Hurray! We're having a wonderful time.) The dance floor was considerably larger than last year. This was very well received. There still managed to be plenty of running into people and almost death. And now onto the pictures.

As I said, over all, the dinner was a success.

These are some sophomore girls who thoroughly enjoyed their no boy table.

And once again, Dombo ends up with a table full of nuns.

What did that poor cheesecake even do to them?

These two bums, Hich and Lil' Brudder, decided to go to China Jade instead of attending the dinner. Grr on them.
Here we have some of the KK's. The White Phantom had her beloved Laura-friend and Stitches had her.

The big shocker was that our very own Quia had Ibid. (Nobody knew, not even him!)

And no December 8th festivity would be complete without a procession in honor of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception.

And what's a dance without awkward standing around pictures/yell someone's name and take the picture pictures?

A lovely Collin and Sarah.

Good ol' Swinger and Carducci.

Ry and his Maria.

The great Faz and Monica.

The always cute but slightly late Squishy and Laura-friend.

The WP, Quia, and Carducci.

And the good Capitan in all his oblivion.

Swinger, Quia, and Ibid going out to meet their adoring public. (Not really, but doesn't it look like it?)
For some reason, there was some animosity towards the WP that night.

Eventually the dance started.

Here we have Quia and Ibid demonstrating their slow dancing skills. It has been noted that Quia looks more like Ibid's sister than, well, his sister.

Swinger and Carducci playin' it cool. (Go Daddy-O!)

Faz and Monica showing off their mad swing skills.

The guys dancing in some strange group sway manner.

The Faz contemplating the Form of formalness. (What is it all about?)


  1. Once again, WP has acheived the impossible: Making pictures of events seem more exciting than the actual event by adding cute and really strange captions.

    That was fun guys. We should dance together randomly more often.

  2. Your pictures are nice -- you all look beautiful!

  3. Anonymous5:19 PM

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  4. To anonymous:
    First of all, if you're going to say something critical, put your name on it and don't hide cowardly behind anonymous.
    Second, what's your problem?

  5. Great pictures ya'll. And you're welcome for extending curfew--I'm way to much of a softy (cough cough cough). I hope everyone's having an awesome break! Merry Christmas!