Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Life, Charity, and the Pursuit of Happiness


Okay, so if you haven't come to guess what I mean by that, perhaps you need to watch me more. Not to offend, of course. It's just rather plain to see that, well, I am in love. It is such a wonderful thing... a song comes to mind: "All you need is love..." Yeah, it may not be completely encompassing, but I think to a very real degree, it is true.

As was discussed today in Human Nature, civilized eating is important to friendship. And as we all know from previous discussions in HN, that the nuptual friendship between man and woman is the best possible friendship. I am not saying that I am in that level of a relationship at this point, but you all know that I am heading that way, and that we fully plan upon that end. So, if eating is important to friendship in that it is a place of rich conversation, then it is obvious that I am going to eat with this one I might call my significant other. Well, if I've got love, I don't need to worry about eating then, right? I mean, being in love is having the best frienship ever, and food is part of that.

Then I can get into the argument of "well what about money?" I'll ask you then, what about money? Well, there, due to that natural drive to eat, aside from the appetitive necessity of eating, so as to be able to converse with that person you love, you will have a drive to work to provide food for yourself and that special person with whom you will be 'dining civilized-like.' Let us, of course, not forget that the woman need not concern herself with the obtaining of the money, for she can rely on her love--both the person and what she shares with that person--to provide. And, as Maria likes to joke, her paycheck is hers and my paycheck is hers. Not put so eloquently as she put it, so it's not as funny, and may seem odd to some of you, so never mind that fact... it is just a joke.

Anyhow, I could go on and on about how real and poignant that song may be. I guess all I wanted to say is that regula caritas never fails; self-giving is the best thing ever. Christ did it for us, and I've begun to understand what exactly that is like. There is a cross to bear, something both of us must work with, and I would give anything that I could have taken the hit in her stead. Anything. She, just the same for me. It is our wish to give ourselves selflessly for the other, the beginning of that marital relationship; the one that God set up when he sent His only-begotten son to die for our sins, to give Himself as bridegroom for His bride, the people, His church. It is a most wonderful thing. I once called it the "salubrious pestilence of life," but lo, little did I realize that love only brings out what we dislike in ourselves because we want the best for our love. It is something we must accept, especially to the point of truly letting go. It is said that we like people for their qualities, and love them for their faults.



  1. As Andrew and I have commented in the depths of the dungen, Ryan and Maria are doing something we, Andy and Me, have determined is an excellent course of action: Date a person you are friends with, but not that deeply friended. I don't know if that made sense, but...

    Ask me about it. I'll be the one speaking in lyrical words.