Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Give. Live. Love.

This has been bothering me since Thanksgiving day, when a member of Maybef's family handed me a Coke. Give what? Live how? Love who? I assume they were trying to be Christmasy, because it was accompanied by one of Jericho's relatives. But to quote the CO, "That had holes big enough to drive a semi through!" You could read whatever you darn well want into that. Talk about PC. *shakes head in disgust* Why does this bother me so much? I don't know. Maybe because it doesn't seem like a Coke can should provoke confusion. Come on, it's a Coke can. It's a can with Coke in it! Not that big of a deal. I guess I'm just not as deep as the Coke people. *hands in the air*

Other than being really confused by chunks of aluminum, break has been going well. The plane ride was uneventful, although it was really weird, I didn't see anyone I knew from home in MN. That's never happened before. I guess I've been out East too long. That and I've forgotten what cold is. It was around zero when I got home (not counting wind chill, then it's in the negatives. Negative temperature is not a good thing.) The weather as of late (like today) has been good to me and it's in the teens. (Hurray for "warm" weather!) Actually, if you sucked all the moisture out of the air and put more snow on the ground, it's about like good ol' FR.

The game of Mao is being passed on. The other night I taught Meche how to play. That was a good time! Because it was just the two of us, there are some rules that she didn't pick up on, but that will soon be remedied. I googled Mao, thinking I wouldn't come up with much, but, ah, lots of people play that game! Like, internationally, too! There are also a lot of different versions. As it turns out, the rule that involves my teddy bear, is a "nonstandard" rule. That makes me sad. But there are some interesting ones. People bring in the Beatles and everything. Bizarre.

Tonight was my old high school's Christmas concert. That was cool. I have quite a few friends (really good acquaintances? Naw, I think I'll go with friends.) still in hs and of course their in band and choir. (I'm such a band geek/choir nerd.) It's so weird, because junior highers are now in high school. I suppose that's how it goes.

I surprised. There haven't been the usual "I'm home." posts. I think I'll just go ahead and assume that Jericho's plane and Quia's collided and crashed on the highway, on top of CO's and PQ's cars. Then Ibid and Carducci crashed into the mess. This makes me sad. That means 9 has gone down to 3. No matter, must carry on.

Oh, and You're Beautiful is done. I'm so proud, but I have a feeling that a certain "gentle girl, whose blood runs hot, twirls over, and curls" may just kill me at a specific part. But it will be worth it, oh it will be worth it. *rubs hands together evily and laughs* I need ya'll's help, though. What is a good love song. Like a really good one. Not too sappy, just hard core "I love you"?


  1. "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" would be a good one.
    Oh and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" might work, too. :D

  2. Have you heard Ever the Same by Rob Thomas? Take a look at those lyrics. I think it's hard core "I Love you" the only problem is that you have to listen a little harder than the ones that are blatant. But seriously, that is "I Love you" flat out. Home is nice too, but not so much hardcore "I Love you" moreso "I miss you" ... if I think of others, I shall comment more. I might even make a post out of it...