Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Don't Make a Big Deal, Okay?

Those were the words of my friend Carducci to me in reference to her becoming over 18. To this I said. "Yea, okay. We'll just chill in your room after birthday singing and be like, 'Hurray that you're still alive!'" I was not lying. This was my actual intent. I was planning on respecting the wishes of the Duck. But once her birthday hit, something inside me felt like there was something not right. My first thought was vasculitis, but I decided that was not it. No, I realized that I felt like a bad person for not throwing a party for that one who is so very, very awesome. But I brushed it off (or tried to) by saying, "It's what she wants." So I went about my life, studying Latin. (I've come up with a new disease: Periphrastic Conjugations. It can be in active or passive form. Very deadly.) Then Swinger texted me asking what we were doing for Ducci's birthday. Well, the rest was history. Swinger, Quia, and I ended up running around FR looking for Ducci approved soda, chips, and fuzzy toe socks. It was a grand time. We learned that just because two things are red, doesn't mean they match, Peebles has a lot of frumpy old lady clothes (usually with old ladies by them, so if you make fun of the clothes, usually you'll insult the old ladies, too!), baby wrapping paper is not funny (this was news to me), and I don't know how to draw a duck (really, it was bad.)
The party was even better. There was cake, ice cream, food, music, a movie, and some pretty fun people. Of course the party that was supposed to start at 9, didn't acutally start untill 10ish, because someone doesn't know how to be on time for her own suprise birthday party!!! (J/K Duck, I love you!) Anyway Ducky, I just wanted to say:
Happy Birthday!!!!!

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