Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas vacation odyssey, phase 1: Getting there.

It is convenient that my uncle lives in Huntsville Alabama, almost halfway between Manassas Park VA. and San Marcos TX. The Stines loaded into the van at about 0600 hours the Thursday before Christmas. After many hours of sitting still in a moving vehicle with the exception of one stop for gas (as per years of training), they arrived at the first destination at about 1900 hours.
My aunt and uncle took us in for the night. It was a nice stay. My uncle is a general in the Army (he's in charge the developement of certain weapons like the MLRS) so there was plenty of room for eight people to sleep in their home. At about 0400 hours on Friday we departed. After just two or three spots for food and gas, we arrived at our final destination, my Grandparent's house at about 2100 hours.
Those drives were a blast. I didn't tell ya yet but I was blind the entire time. I had to drop my glasses of at the optometrist to have the perscription updated and I couldn't see more than a foot in front of my face the entire time. We drove through such cities as Houston and Baton Rouge, but I would not have know if I had not been told. I did notice that a lot of trees had been knocked downm between Louisiana and Texas. I wonder if these were from the hurricanes.
So that was first part of the trip. A lot of fun. Sitting in a car for hours on end. After doing it for years you learn to enjoy it.

God Bless.


  1. Andrew, you dummy. You had to have driven through Chattanooga! A little warning would have been nice, and I would have stood out in the median of the interstate and waved as you drove by!!

  2. Sylvia10:40 PM

    San Marcos, TX is my hometown!! Happy New Year.

  3. Wow, could not have done that.

  4. We did go through Chattanooga, but I would not have been able to tell you about from the street signs. I am sooo glad to have my glasses back.


    I didn't know you were from San Marcos, small world.


    Could not have done what

  5. Oh, come on. Even without glasses, you should have been able to tell that one of the signs was jumping up and down!

    Incidentally, I wish the interstate brought people through a nicer part of totally missed out nice skyline and everything!