Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What A Weird Day or Watch Out For Stop-Sign-Shaped-Sky-Coulored-Falling Objects

Well, in my last post I claimed that I was feeling more surreal than I ever had before bar the ACT, but I have to say last night and today came pretty darn close. This last week or so, I've been getting increasingly nervous about my upcoming Mayo visit. What if it's untreatable? What if it's chronic? What if it's fatal? What if it makes my teeth red? Some of the things I was tested for were, uh, unpleasant. I definitely had a big case of the 'what ifs.' As time went by, I was getting harder and harder to live with. I was, as Bob puts it, 'Grumpy Gills.' (Ah, the joys of having a mother in love with Finding Nemo.) We got into Rochester at about midnight thirty, but didn't get to sleep for hours. I was wound up tighter than a tick. (That saying is so dumb, how do you wind a tick?) So I watched Two Towerssess. (They only logical thing to do, of course.) Bob read about adrenal tumors. Finally today came. I had an appointment this morning with an ENT doc who told me my inner ear was fine. (I knew that!) Then this afternoon it was back to neurology. Not only did I have good ol' Dr. Drubach, but a resident who went to UVA for awhile. (He and I compared notes on Virginia. *soft sappy music playing* He was really. . . nice. *record screeches* Whoa, back to reality.)
So we went through all the test while I'm not really breathing as thoughts of cancer and neuro-muscular diseases dance through my head. (I want the sugar plums back!) But all my tests came back normal, except the MRI of my neck. Get this, I have arthritis. (I knew I was getting old!) It's not bad, though, and he said I probably don't even notice it. (Yes, when the room is spinning, I'm not really thinking about the pain in my neck.) But seriously, if he hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known. *shrug* Anyway, so Dr. D. said that most likely the encephalitis caused something to go haywire and it should right itself. He said he checked for all sorts of permanent diseases and anything that would be dangerous. (read: I can breathe!) He said that it happens very often that neurological things happen and no one ever figures out exactly why or what. (Comforting.) So I'm good to go. Hich thinks I need to name whatever I have. He offered some suggestions, but I'm open to others. Any ideas? :P
Bob and I were so excited we went to Perkins and got Cherry Cokes (well, we actually got supper, too, but Cherry Cokes at Perkins is a Que? tradition.) Then we went to Chicken Little. Funny movie! The movie theatre was almost completely empty, so Bob and I were very loud and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
So today I ran almost completely on nerves and adrenaline. After this, finals week won't be so bad. :)
And to top it all off, today's my 19 and 1/2 birthday. *shaking head and smiling* What a sense of humor.


  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    And no one to sing to you?! ARG!! What next?

    Maybe if we sing real, REAL loud in the commons.... someone will hit us, but maybe you'll hear it!


  2. Why didn't you post this on Que?! Oh Jenne, you're still the witty Hobbit I remember. I'm glad you're going to be okay! Oh, and sorry about your neck :P I think you should name it Howard... just cuz it was the first name that popped into my head!

  3. Wow, that really sounded like you should name your neck Howard... I totally was referring to your crazy-go-nuts encephalitis-originated head disease-thingy!

  4. I'm sorry, I acutally have been meaning to post it on Que?, but I kept forgetting or falling asleep. I am a bad person, I know. I like Howard. Hmm. . . I'll have to think about that. But it probably should have some kind of 'itis' or 'pathy' or 'syndrome' attatched.

  5. There's always pneumenoultramicroscopicsilicavoconoconiosis (sp?). But that's already a disease -- one caused by inhaling silica dust. Also the longest word I know.

    Let's call it spoutoweirdunidentifiableheadthing-itis. Or passoutandhavetogototheemergencyroom-opathy. Or Piers Plowman syndrome. (Caused, of course, by too much alliterative verse.)