Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Joe's Dungeon report.

What news is there in the basement of St. Joe's? Well its the same news that has rocked the enirety of St. Joe's dormitory for the past week. That's right; you guessed it; the fire alarm is broken. It went of at least eight times last night and several times last afternoon and the afternoon before that. It is probably going off right now as I type. Dr. Marshner's class was standing outside of the dorm when I got back from breakfast (Ricks's class was cancelled). They seriously thought that there was a fire goning on inside until Matthew and I waltzed right in complaining that the broken alarm kept interupting our sleep.

How many more days till we become so innocuated by the alarms that a real fire will fail to be noticed? Till we die in our beds because we thought that the alarm was only acting up for the ninth time that night? God only knows.

(We smelled something burning yesterday but that only turned out to be Nick playing with his lighter. Strange that that didn't set of the alarm...)

God Bless and pray for the lives (and sleep) of the people in St. Joes's dormitory.


  1. The PQ is right. The dangers of the broken alarm reach far beyond the threat of charred Joe Dwellers; the threat is more along the lines of Irate Joe's Inhabitants (IJI), who will kill a human the next time the alarm goes off randomly.

    However, joy is brought into the house, for apparently someone is supposed to be here to fix it today. i got this from a reliable source: Pete, Chris, and Kyle's door.

    And thus, it it will work, and we will stop walking around with knives in our hands.

  2. Wow, that saga continues. Isn't Gutscke in his old room?
    Though it sounds like things worked out nicely for Marshner's class. :)
    Great, I'm now going to be worried that two, wait, three, no, four, maybe five? of my friends getting burnt to a crisp. Don't die!!
    I hope it gets fixed soon, I wouldn't want to run into an IJI. *jibbly*