Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Give Up On Dominics

Well, in my last post, I ruffled a few feathers by saying that all my friends were dating. Sheila pointed out, that it could be said that I was also dating. I told her it was true, as we had often made many jokes last semester about me going on ‘dates.’ I told her the reason I wasn’t quite so sure I wanted to think about my Boyfriend, because since about the end of the summer, I was getting sicker and I figured we wouldn’t be getting married for quite some time. And as time had gone on, I’d begun to wonder if He wanted to get married at all. When I went home for a month and to the Mayo, I began to worry. When I came back, though, I thought maybe there was still hope for this to work out. I figured it’d just be postponed until I got better. Unfortunately no one knows when that’ll be, and I’ve ‘gotten better’ a few times now, so I really don’t know when that’ll actually stick. I called Sr. Alma Marie today and gave her the scoop. Well, it looks like He just wants to be friends. How did I know that was coming? Oh right, the being sick.

So now the only reason the White Phantom will be white, is because she is very pale, not because she will have a lovely white habit. Granted, she didn’t give me a definite, 100% for sure no. But that was only because Mother General wasn’t in. *sigh* I kind of don’t know what to do with myself right now. (I should be writing a Bersnak paper.) *light bulb* Never mind.

But in all seriousness, this is so weird. It’s kind of like a breakup that I’ve been quasi expecting for months now. I called my mom and cried at her. Isn’t it wonderful how mothers can make things all better just by listening? Well, maybe not all the time, but I think it actually happens more than people think.

Other than this, Thanksgiving has be been wonderful. MB’s family is GREAT. I love them lots and lots and lots. I hope y’all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. I suppose everyone went home except for Quia, Jericho, and I. Oh well.

Oh, and my last post was merely an observation of the universal. It was not, I repeat, not directed at anyone in particular (even the people mentioned), so if you thought I was complaining about you and yours: get over it.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about you and your "Boyfriend." This is generally where I say something along the lines of "boys are stupid," but somehow it doesn't seem quite appropriate! :P I'm glad you're enjoying yourself back in Virginia and I'll see you in about 2 1/2 weeks (wow, that's soon!)