Monday, October 17, 2005

Serenity now, insanity later!

"I am a leaf in the wind." Muhahaha! Oh that movie was grand. Although I'm pretty sure I was the only one who thought so. (Save Dane.) This is the point where I pull a Dr. Stanford and say, "Don't go see Serenity." *Head turned to the side.* Seriously, it was a horrible movie. I just liked it because it was so bizarre it was funny. The "official" taglines are: "Can't stop the signal." "The future is worth fighting for." & "They aim to misbehave."

But yea, break's going well. As wyrd would have it, Jericho was right behind Bob & I on the plane. Not that it mattered much, we slept the whole way, but it was still cool. The other flight went well, too. True to tradition, we knew someone on the plane. Bob tried to convert the guy seated next to her. He said he was as excited to go to South Dakota as he had been to go to France! :)

Since I've been home, it's been a lot of paper work. Medical releases from a couple of different hospitals, a couple of different clinics, plus a neurologist app this morning. That went well, he gave me the referral I need to get for insurance for the Mayo. :) *Mental happy dance* Mostly I've been getting ready for the neurologist visit of a lifetime.

Carducci, as I said before, I will certainly keep you & your family, especially your grandfather, in my prayers. Ibid, grrrr. You didn't say good bye. Grrrr. Jericho, I'm glad your father's doing better, he's in my prayers, too. Don't worry about not coming down, I figured your family would need you there. Bob, Hugh, & I will be fine. I ate some carbs today & thought of you & Quia. You know what? They tasted good!! CO, I hope you've gotten some sleep! Is the house exploding with both you & Mo back? Jericho's right, the GS is still well & kicking. *kick, kick* Ry, I hope the deck project is going well. Or was that just to get out of camping? :P Peach, how is your family surviving Quia? Has she turned into a Quiasicle up thur in the North? I've been 'walking around' in my winter jacket. Brrr. It's actually not that cold up here, I'm just being my silly little self. PQ, the driver improvement clinic thing made me giggle. You know, I've never actually seen you drive. Hmm. . . I feel like I should read Dr. Faustus. I feel left out of the Ibid-PQ club. Speaking of reading, all must be right with the world, because Ibid is reading Carroll!

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  1. You'e never seen me drive? Nobodies ever seen me drive!I am the daemon of the highway. I travel faster than the speed of light. i don't need to go to a driver's improvement clinic. People just need to get out of my way!


    Your mom really tried to converty the person next her on the plane? She continues to impress me

    Oh and your right: the movie was funny. I just don't think that the makers intended it that way...

    Oh and Matt, I forgot to bring my Caroll home! i put it in my books-to-take-home pile and it sti9ll didn't come home with me. I finnished Doctor Faustus and all I have left to read is Aquinas and Locke.

    Oh Well...

    God Bless.