Monday, October 17, 2005

More Boatloads

To disregard my reading of Dr. Faustus, I remain a lazy bum. I here will respond to all previous posts, add some of my own, and proceed to do the Ketchup Dance.
Regarding the Blog posted by Andrew, I forgot one crucial note: YOU ATE MY FOOD? DID YOU LEAVE ME ANY? I DON'T WANT TO KILL THE CATS FOR A MIDNIGHT SNACK!
I proceed to the second post: Sweet Sydney, I can't edit the movie now for one very simple, very big reason. I do not posses any way to edit said movie. If any of you want to donate your computer, I am now experienced in editing on the Windows XP movie editor. If any of you computer people have it, I can do my movie on it, as long as it doesn't take up that much memory. I am still looking for free software, if people want to do that too. But other than that, the movie is paused, so to speak.
I also keep your dad in my prayers.
For the Ducci's post: I have said a prayer for your grandfather, and know that he must be well off.
And thus I come to the Phantom Post: Serenity, for those who don't follow, is a movie conclusion to a short lived Sci-fi series called Firefly. It came and went like 3 years ago. But anyway, I too am shocked and amazed by Bob's success in finding conversion in conversation.
Faustus is really cool and really good. Carroll is interesting, and I am on Ch. 3; I hope to be caught up through Calvin by the end of break.
Know this Jenne. I realized I didn't say goodbye about half an hour after leaving. I felt in my soul a loss, a hole that I still feel. I regret it, almost as much as I regret my sins, as I regret not finishing conversations with possible converts. I wished to bid you farewell, but I missed my chance. So now I, with the entire family, wait for you with open arms.

And now its my turn. My beloved sister, who you love and fear, is on the Liturgy committee of my parish (she represents the school; not bad for her first year). It was at a meeting tonight that the pastor, a newer one we gained during the summer, announced to the meeting that at the Children's Christmas Mass (Vigil @ 5:00 or so), there will be a pantomime of the Christmas story after the Gospel. This will replace the homily. Now when my sister responded by challenging the pastor, stating that one can not have a play in the middle of Mass, the pastor said that she didn't have to go, and that she could go to another Mass, and that the play was not being removed. Needless to say, I have seen my sister as upset as she was when she came home tonight only on two occasions. It was a mixture of despair and anger, not a good combination in an Irish-Italian. So I ask you now this question: can there be small play during the middle of the Mass, replacing the homily? Should this be allowed to happen?

Well, I'm done. Hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful break.


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  2. I didn't want to kill the cats for food either. Thats why I ate your food, if you'll excuse the impertinance.

    You're not serious about the 'theatric homily,' are you?

    God Bless

  3. Unfortunatly, I am serious. I came to Christendom knowing that my parish was not traditional in the eyes of some people. Then I heard some of the stories and realized it wasn't that bad. Then this happened and suddenly, I realize it is that bad. I hate to say it, but Vatican II is not looking as great anymore. I'm in danger of becoming that which I hate: a trad with a tude.


  4. Oh, there's nothing wrong with Vatican II per say... It's just the crazy, modernist, liberal people who think that it gives them permision to treat the liturgy like a toy. Sometimes their the same people who think that morallity was thrown up for grabs as well. When the cult is comprimised, the code dies with it.

    Oh Well. God will prevail in the end.

    God Bless.