Saturday, October 29, 2005

A style question

This is just an inquiry to the administrators. Is it possible to get a photograph on the main page next to where our names are listed? As it is, whenever I open the main page all I see is a large empty space that is just begging to be filled with something; I don't know what, just something. Oh well, that's it.

God Bless.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Little Moments

*Warning: Sappy post alert!*
It’s funny, they always say it’s the little moments that you miss the most. That always made sense to me. And I guess it’s been true in the past. But it has been in these last few days that I really realize just how true it is. Granted, I haven’t been gone that long. Just four days longer than everyone else. But it’s the knowing that I won’t see any of you until the middle of December, at the earliest, that gets me. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my cozy little home. I enjoy being able to spend time with Bob and Chance, Riley, and Emery. And it’s really nice not to trudge up and down all those hills everyday. It’s wonderful being able to walk across the living room and be ‘in class’ and not have to go down 2 flights of steps, Catherine’s path, into the Commons and down 2 more flights of stairs or over to the library.
It’s true, I’ve thought of things like Medieval Fest, Halloween, Winter Formal, and the Campion Christmas Party. But what I’d really like, is to sit in the computer lab talking while I’m supposed to be doing my homework or writing a paper. I’d like to walk to Coeli and stop and talk with every other person I meet. I’d like to run over to Carducci or Meghan’s room and ask what ‘virōs in agrīs adjuvābunt puerī’ means. I’d like to see the look on Ibid’s face when I say something completely off the wall, where he turns his head to the side, squints his eyes, and does something weird with his lips. I’d love to hear Jericho scream and then laugh and say “Duuuude!” after I’ve done a Gollum impression or something. Or have Quia barge into my room and grab something out of the fridge and yell thanks as she’s running out the door again, hair flying every which way. Or heard PQ say “I see, I see. Yup, yup. I see.” As he shoves his hands in his pockets, tucks his lips into his mouth, rocks back on his heels, and looks at his feet. I’d like to dance with Carducci, swing, waltz, Virginia Reel, whatever. Or see what can only be described as ‘the Peachy smile.’ Or see Ry when he gets frustrated about something and squinches up his face and starts stomping around like a small child. I’d like to see CO lean back in his chair with a triumphant smile on his face and say “BingO!!” when someone finally gets something they’ve been struggling with.
There are a thousand little things that I think of every day. Tonight Bob made cookies and it made me think of all those time Carducci and I made (or tried ) cookies at the apartment. That makes me think about the mustard, which makes me think about hot dogs, which makes me think about the 4th. From there I think about Chipotle’s, and well you get the picture. But cookies also make me think about all the baking that Jericho does (and how Quia eats it all!) That sets off a new chain. But I also think about making cookies at Katie’s house and that leads to a totally new memories. Each memories seems to have an infinite set of other memories attached. But I think that’s the joy of the memoritive power. In a cognitive sense y’all are here, with me. And moving from philosophy to theology, there’s the Mystical Body of Christ to think about.
Anyway, I’m doing fine. I’m getting into the swing of this “home schooling” and it’s going well. I’m not complaining, I think this was the best thing we could have done. I just wanted to let you all know that you are missed, greatly. I hope to see you all in January, but if – well, I love you guys.

Oh For Pete's Sake!

I got this off of Meredith's blog. I guess I really am a hobbit. Although I like to think that people think I'm fun. *shrug*

a vegetable garden
You are 'growing one's own food'.

You are guided by two words: 'Live simply.' You
value quality over quantity in most things, and
you have little use for the materialism and
consumerism of modern culture. You know the
value of hard work and try to be
self-sufficient as much as possible, and what
you do you do well. Unfortunately, no man is
an island, and you cannot do everything
yourself. Your puritanical work ethic makes
makes people think that you are weird, and not
much fun. Your problem is that growing one's
own food has been obsolete for a long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Prarie Home Companion

I don’t like Minnesota. I never have. It has always been understood growing up that Minnesotans are stuck up, rich, and have no sales tax. That they are as weird, annoying, and numerous as the mosquitoes that inhabit their state. Also, Minnesota is similar to New York in the respect that when people think of New York, they think of the City and maybe Albany or Rochester. Everything else is ‘upstate.’ In the same way, when people think of Minnesota, they think of the cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) and maybe Duluth or Rochester. Everything else is ‘Wisconsin.’ (They also both have Rochesters.) Because of this, the farmers of SD tend to think of Minnesotans as pansy city slickers. The exception being the far north. In the far northern wilderness live the trappers and mushers (dog sled folk). They are usually looked up to for knowing how to survive in the harsh climate. In turn most Minnesotans (read: city people) look down on us South Dakotans as hicks that give the Midwest a bad name. Now I must point out that this is not the view of every person, just a general rivalry. It’s kind of like Virginians making fun of West Virginia being inbred hillbillies. Not everyone thinks that, but it’s just kind of a stigma. But you throw a South Dakotan and a Minnesotan together in one room on the East Coast and they get along just fine. I’ve decided the only redeeming factors of Minnesota are Jericho, Gary Paulsen, the Mayo, and Prairie Home Companion.

Despite my malice for the loony bin state, my adventures have been fairly amiable. The people at the Mayo have been (for the most part) wonderful. The people at the hotel are awesome, workers and residents. Most of my venturing out of the hotel has involved the Mayo or the finding of food. But I didn’t have any tests this weekend, so Bob and I grew a bit brave and went to the mall. Our first stop was Barnes & Noble. Oh the joy that is books. I searched the store top to bottom for Chesterton, hoping that I could find something that wasn’t in my local library. (My library’s Chesterton selection is pathetic! I’ve gotten spoiled by the Christendom library.) They didn’t have anything by him. Not a one. So I got David Copperfield, The Count of Monte Cristo (or Crisco as Bob calls it), and Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Last night I read Hans the Hedgehog and giggled remembering Dane’s performance at the literary night last year. We then ventured to Bath & Body Works for ‘expensive girl stuff’ as Teddy calls it. Today we ventured to a Franciscan convent for Sunday Mass. At least I think that’s what it was. The sign said convent, and it’s Sunday, and I’m pretty sure the pamphlet said Mass. It was worse than some of the places we saw on the nun run. The outside was a beautiful old Spanish mission. But inside it was I love the 70’s with a vengeance. The procession included ‘sisters’ in kakis and sweaters, or suits, or dresses. Though there was one really old nun in a full black habit. (Props to her.) They never said ‘Lord’ or ‘He’ and the priest omitted the Creed. *Growling* He also started out his homily with four verses of ‘If you’re chilly and you know it.’ Oh the homily, it made me want to cry. He didn’t say anything about the Easter of faith or ‘poor Michael Schiavo’ like that one priest did. But he did talk about getting to know the ‘so-called terrorists’ so we can love them and end the violence. He said that if we got to know their story, we’d understand why they do the things they do. Bob told me later that she was praying for that priests soul. I said I’d just been trying not to scream. That is so not God’s way! After that we ate at Chipotle’s. Memories of this summer came flooding back as I walked in the door. I had that massive burrito that Ben loves so much. Good times.
Well that’s all the news here from Lake Wobegon where all the women are strong, the men are good-looking and the children are above-average.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wehn hlaf an ecnesse ptsos ...

... Envtheriyg gtes rlelay mesesd up! *Shakes himself* But be that as it may, I am still alive and kicking. I just had a rather strange thought, and most certainly not all-encompassing thought that I wanted to share with all of you.

What is pride? What is this grand illusion that the most powerful of the angels bought into because he did not serve God? How does one avoid its many coils, how does one avoid having it motivate his every action? Well, here is a thought on the subject. Perhaps pride is nothing more than the belief that one is omniscient. Consider the atheist, and consider the East. Each says, "I have wieghed the stars in a balance, and brought the sky to a scale." In that "scio" man sets himself far outside of creation and passes judgement on it as if it were his own. There is no sense of limit, there is no acknowledgement of weakness. It is pride that causes the general rejection of reality found in many eastern philosophies and in several of the more modern schools of thought. Through this sin materialists today can ignore all first premises, all that men throughout the ages have believed and say "there is no God and the material universe is uncreated; therefore, since material universe exists, there cannot be a God." If reality does something that seems to contradict the "known" theory then reality, not the theory is to be called into question. Facts are ignored in favor of fantasy. The materialist claims to completely understand the purpose of the universe. He says, "all things are purposeless. They are ordered out of chaos and they fall back into chaos, all for no reason and by no power." This universe, this colossal orb spanned from end to end with furious fires, each drawn to the others by invisible lines stronger than adamant is to him nothing more than a weary spark, a hollow noise caused by the random swerving of a single atom.
Pride can only be destroyed by humility, the habitual action of glimpsing where one actually stands in knowledge. This act of seeing, this "speculo" or "cogno", is the polar opposite of the "scio" of a materialist. The man who sees this way says "I have known the stars for a moment, the world for an instant, and I have glimpsed beyond the curtain something far greater than everything I can barely see." It does not reject reality as materialists do, because it accepts that it does not know perfectly, and therefore is not surprised when reality does something that does not conform to its understanding. It says, "I see the world, and the world is ordered, therefore there must be an orderer." And, as events have shown, the orderer is willing to show man even more than he could know on his own. The man who acknowledges his limits, who knows that there is more than he could ever know that he does not know, knows more than those who think they do know, and more than he thought he could know. (Socrates is the perfect example of this.) To the man who knows that what he knows is as nothing, every scrap of information he acquires makes sense to some degree, because it is a part of the big picture that cannot be completely comprehended. (See St. Thomas Aquinas)

All right, enough rambling for now. Just wanted to get that off my chest, and down somewhere where I could look at it again once I got back to school. I'll probably remove it then, so if anyone wants to comment, do it before it vanishes (or let me know when you see me, or don't say anything at all. *wink*)

Oh, by the way, I just saw Batman Begins, in fact, it sparked off this interesting post with some of its characters and situations. [No this post didn't come out of the blue, but it did come out of the dark.] I have to say, I rather liked it. If you like Batman, it's worth renting. It was a decent movie overall, not spectacular in many departments, but adequate in almost all. (Not like Serenity. Oh well ... movie ticket; eight bucks. Ability to say "I am a leaf in the wind" and laugh with your friends over it; priceless.)

See you all in a day or two.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Peanut Butter Jelly Time == Threat

Has anyone seen this?

Monday, October 17, 2005

More Boatloads

To disregard my reading of Dr. Faustus, I remain a lazy bum. I here will respond to all previous posts, add some of my own, and proceed to do the Ketchup Dance.
Regarding the Blog posted by Andrew, I forgot one crucial note: YOU ATE MY FOOD? DID YOU LEAVE ME ANY? I DON'T WANT TO KILL THE CATS FOR A MIDNIGHT SNACK!
I proceed to the second post: Sweet Sydney, I can't edit the movie now for one very simple, very big reason. I do not posses any way to edit said movie. If any of you want to donate your computer, I am now experienced in editing on the Windows XP movie editor. If any of you computer people have it, I can do my movie on it, as long as it doesn't take up that much memory. I am still looking for free software, if people want to do that too. But other than that, the movie is paused, so to speak.
I also keep your dad in my prayers.
For the Ducci's post: I have said a prayer for your grandfather, and know that he must be well off.
And thus I come to the Phantom Post: Serenity, for those who don't follow, is a movie conclusion to a short lived Sci-fi series called Firefly. It came and went like 3 years ago. But anyway, I too am shocked and amazed by Bob's success in finding conversion in conversation.
Faustus is really cool and really good. Carroll is interesting, and I am on Ch. 3; I hope to be caught up through Calvin by the end of break.
Know this Jenne. I realized I didn't say goodbye about half an hour after leaving. I felt in my soul a loss, a hole that I still feel. I regret it, almost as much as I regret my sins, as I regret not finishing conversations with possible converts. I wished to bid you farewell, but I missed my chance. So now I, with the entire family, wait for you with open arms.

And now its my turn. My beloved sister, who you love and fear, is on the Liturgy committee of my parish (she represents the school; not bad for her first year). It was at a meeting tonight that the pastor, a newer one we gained during the summer, announced to the meeting that at the Children's Christmas Mass (Vigil @ 5:00 or so), there will be a pantomime of the Christmas story after the Gospel. This will replace the homily. Now when my sister responded by challenging the pastor, stating that one can not have a play in the middle of Mass, the pastor said that she didn't have to go, and that she could go to another Mass, and that the play was not being removed. Needless to say, I have seen my sister as upset as she was when she came home tonight only on two occasions. It was a mixture of despair and anger, not a good combination in an Irish-Italian. So I ask you now this question: can there be small play during the middle of the Mass, replacing the homily? Should this be allowed to happen?

Well, I'm done. Hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful break.

Serenity now, insanity later!

"I am a leaf in the wind." Muhahaha! Oh that movie was grand. Although I'm pretty sure I was the only one who thought so. (Save Dane.) This is the point where I pull a Dr. Stanford and say, "Don't go see Serenity." *Head turned to the side.* Seriously, it was a horrible movie. I just liked it because it was so bizarre it was funny. The "official" taglines are: "Can't stop the signal." "The future is worth fighting for." & "They aim to misbehave."

But yea, break's going well. As wyrd would have it, Jericho was right behind Bob & I on the plane. Not that it mattered much, we slept the whole way, but it was still cool. The other flight went well, too. True to tradition, we knew someone on the plane. Bob tried to convert the guy seated next to her. He said he was as excited to go to South Dakota as he had been to go to France! :)

Since I've been home, it's been a lot of paper work. Medical releases from a couple of different hospitals, a couple of different clinics, plus a neurologist app this morning. That went well, he gave me the referral I need to get for insurance for the Mayo. :) *Mental happy dance* Mostly I've been getting ready for the neurologist visit of a lifetime.

Carducci, as I said before, I will certainly keep you & your family, especially your grandfather, in my prayers. Ibid, grrrr. You didn't say good bye. Grrrr. Jericho, I'm glad your father's doing better, he's in my prayers, too. Don't worry about not coming down, I figured your family would need you there. Bob, Hugh, & I will be fine. I ate some carbs today & thought of you & Quia. You know what? They tasted good!! CO, I hope you've gotten some sleep! Is the house exploding with both you & Mo back? Jericho's right, the GS is still well & kicking. *kick, kick* Ry, I hope the deck project is going well. Or was that just to get out of camping? :P Peach, how is your family surviving Quia? Has she turned into a Quiasicle up thur in the North? I've been 'walking around' in my winter jacket. Brrr. It's actually not that cold up here, I'm just being my silly little self. PQ, the driver improvement clinic thing made me giggle. You know, I've never actually seen you drive. Hmm. . . I feel like I should read Dr. Faustus. I feel left out of the Ibid-PQ club. Speaking of reading, all must be right with the world, because Ibid is reading Carroll!

Prayers please!

Hi everyone!
I hope your breaks are going well for you and you all get plenty of rest.
As for me and mine, I have to ask you to remember us in your prayers. My grandfather, Joseph Carducci Sr., died yesterday at 3:oo in the afternoon- the hour of mercy. As you know, he has had numerous strokes and heart attacks; that combined with the fact that he is diabetic, ect caused his heart and respitory failure on Sunday afternoon. He died very peacefully having recieved Last Rights shortly before his final entrance into the hospital and before he became unconcious.
My Dad, my younger siblings and I are all going to New York in a couple of hours to be there will grandma until and up through the funeral.
I know it was his time to go, and I'm pretty sure that he is in a much better place right now, praying for us, but he was my closest family member and we all miss him a lot.
So, if you guys could stick us in their with your daily prayer intentions I'd appreciate it very much. I probably won't be on the blog or internet again until we get back to Maryland on Saterday, so I won't be able to write or respond until then.
Sorry for dumping my worries on you all, but I need the prayers to get me though.
God Bless you all and I'll see you on Sunday.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Home Sweet Home.

Ah ha, I'm back home! It's sunday afternoon. I spent Satuday waiting around for my parents, who picked me up around 8:00. I used the time to break into the commons, watch some movies, eat some of Mat's food, and enjoy the really nice day that everyone left too early to enjoy. When I got home, I was attacked by two young children. After they went to bed I listened to music for several hours and read Doctor Faustus (I think I'll enjoy that one!). Today, I went to mass, watched Planet of the Apes and registered for a driver imporvment clinic.

What have y'all done?

God Bless

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wisdom from Bag End

"I feel thin...sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday...a very long holiday and I don't expect I shall fact, I mean not to." I have to say, Bilbo took the words right out of my mouth. But I suppose hobbits understand each other pretty well. If anyone is unclear about the new revised edition of the plan, here it goes. I'm going home for fall break like previously planned & I'm also going to the Mayo, also as planed, the new part is me staying at home. Yup, this Baggins needs to stay at Rivendell for awhile. But don't worry, I'm not off to the Gray Havens quite yet. So maybe my man Bilbo didn't get it quite right, I do expect to return, in fact, I mean to! But in the mean time, he has a few more words for ya'll. "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you as well as well as you deserve. I regret to announce, this is the end. I am going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell!! Goodbye." Hmm . . . . I think I'm going to get rid of all of my rings. :p So expect this blog to become a bit more active in the near future.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wow, no really WOW!!

Guys, first of all, know that I'm fighting off tears as I write this. I know what I want to say, but I really, really don't know how to say it. Words seem so absolutely inadequate. I could not possibly even imagine better friends. I don't think you guys realized how much you've helped me and my mom. From driving me to the hospital, yelling at nurses, sitting on my bed holding my hand, picking my mom up from the airport, reading me poetry, bringing stuffed bears, blowing up latex gloves, and, yes, even using me as a volleyball net. There are so many things I've left out, but I really think there would not be enough books to contain them all. And your prayers, I couldn't ask for anything more than those. They've worked, for I will for sure be here and going to school until fall break. Over fall break I'm going to the Mayo Clinic. And I guess I'll pretty much do whatever they say as far as staying or going.
I have figured out what I've been trying to say to ya'll with this post: thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!!!!