Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Maybe it's all for the best?

Trajedy always hits hard. It hits harder though, when it hits one of our own. It's times like these that we doubt the goodness of providence and ourselves. We think that maybe, God is evil and He's being cruel, or that we are evil and are being punished. The first would make sense but for all the good that God has done for us. (Allowing such a wonderful group of people to meet and become friends for example) The second would make sense except that we aren't being punished, only one of is. (and she for one doesn't deserve it I'm sure)

There is only one further possiblity for a God believing Christian to accept: That is is for the best. Think about it. If Jenne remained here this blog would die and remain dead. With her back home, we're gonna be on it seven days a week!

I know that's stupid! This blog is not worth Jenne's relapse and all these troubles. But there'll be an upshot I'm sure. An upshot that we will all recognize after Jenne's well and we've all moved on. God know's what he's doing. Take courage, if only for the sake of those who are still scared.

God Bless.

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