Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Maybe it's all for the best?

Trajedy always hits hard. It hits harder though, when it hits one of our own. It's times like these that we doubt the goodness of providence and ourselves. We think that maybe, God is evil and He's being cruel, or that we are evil and are being punished. The first would make sense but for all the good that God has done for us. (Allowing such a wonderful group of people to meet and become friends for example) The second would make sense except that we aren't being punished, only one of is. (and she for one doesn't deserve it I'm sure)

There is only one further possiblity for a God believing Christian to accept: That is is for the best. Think about it. If Jenne remained here this blog would die and remain dead. With her back home, we're gonna be on it seven days a week!

I know that's stupid! This blog is not worth Jenne's relapse and all these troubles. But there'll be an upshot I'm sure. An upshot that we will all recognize after Jenne's well and we've all moved on. God know's what he's doing. Take courage, if only for the sake of those who are still scared.

God Bless.
A Friend’s Perspective
By Ibid.

(A Dark Figure walks up to the podium, clears his throat, and begins)

My friends are all mad
They’re loosing their minds
I’m the only one left
Who’s still sane inside

(He straightens up, adjusting his tie)

I’ve heard them weep tears of pain,
Of hurt, of sorrow, of love, of shame.
Yet, do I feel it? Do I feel their pain?
More than I would if it was just a game.

(He shows the audience his arm, a beaten, bruised sight of regret)

The Mighty Captain, martyr is he,
Who knows life and tries to hide
The gift from the world outside,
For his mind only sees strife.

(The Figure removes his coat and tie, and unbuttons his top button on his shirt)

And blessed is she, a gentle girl,
Whose blood runs hot, twirls over, and curls;
Never blinking an eye for those
Who have left her heart disposed.

(The figure bends over and removes his shoes, setting them aside)

And ancient foundation, an ancient city,
Fights back her mind, and begs for no pity.
Yet I have seen you cry, weep, tear up,
Break down, struggle through, and rise up.

(He takes his socks and throws them to the side)

Simple fruit, you wondrous fuzz,
Your blood flows fast, without beer for buzz.
For it is your family, your blood itself,
That causes your longing to welt.

(He takes his upper shirt off, revealing his undershirt)

A pious ghost, a white hermit.
Your feet are small and hairy,
Your heart is clear, your mind wary,
All glory to you, May angels praise it!

(He walks over to a chair, standing in front of it)

Mia Bella, Buena Serra, Goodnight.
For you are youngest still, yet wise,
Wiser than many still older. Might
We learn a lesson from your brown eyes.

(He turns and faces away from the chair)

Most grain grows tall, yet you stay lower.
Most distances separate, but you draw closer.
We wink and smile, yet are no bolder,
With your independence on you shoulder.

(He sits down)

A tactician’s mind is slower than yours,
For you can do your will; as well
As you deem so. Find the exit, might,
Or yet, you leave your glowing shell.

(He lies back, placing his arms on the armrest)

As for me, I’m done: I’ve run the course.
You have given all so much, I return so little.
Never leave me here. Please carry me home.

(He stands and walks back to the podium)

My friends seem much better now.
Thank you for your time, kind patrons.
We are all together again,
Never more will our hearts bow.

(He bows, picks his clothes, and walks off the stage.)


Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Hey guys, I just wanted to let ya'll know that due to the break out of spam, I put a word identification deali-o on our comments. So if you comment on something and it asks you about a bunch of letters, don't get mad, just do it & prove you're human. Thank you for your cooperation. (Last part to be said in a fake polite/automated voice.)

Monday, September 05, 2005

Together Again

Well, all the members of 8 O'Clock Chaplet are finally united once more in the lovely place I like to call Christendom. Actually, this post is slightly delayed, but I've been doing homework, so back off! *growl & snap* Lol Stressed? What? No! *dripping with sarcasm* Okey, back to the reuniting of the Fellowship. As all of us bloggers know & I'd assume most of you in bloggerland know, Peachy couldn't join us at the start of the year. Up until last Wednesday we've been lamenting his absence and assuring his professors that he, indeed, would be coming.
As wyrd would have it, he almost didn't get picked up for a very long time. My friend Teddy was planning on picking him up & Capitan Oblivious was going to come along. They were going to leave as soon as CO was done with work study. Peachy's plane got in at about 9:45am. Unfortunately Teddy thought that his plane got in at 9:45 pm! But thanks to prodding from the Holy Spirit, (see, I haven't gone pagan!) I asked Teddy what time he was planning on leaving. After some discussion and confusion, we finally realized our miscommunication. After more discussion and confusion and some "I never said that!" and "Yes, you did! You said. . ." we figured out that Peach, would indeed be able to be picked up. Teddy bid me come with them, as I no longer had a work study conflict at that time.
This is how I found myself in a car with two male Virginians. It was an interesting ride. :) CO & I taught Teddy 'yellow car' & he ended up winning. (Grumble, grumble.) We got Peach without much ado, though he looked like he had just stepped out of Guys and Dolls. It was definitely
great to see him again. For a good portion of the ride, he freaked out because one of his socks was navy and the other black. I told him no one would notice in their zeal to see him. He thought otherwise. The guys ended up talking baseball & Irish/Scottish whatnot and I, um, wore a hat? It was fun, though. We even made it back in time for lunch. Way to go Teddy! So we're all back & CC watch out! You ain't seen nothing yet!