Wednesday, August 17, 2005

School time!

Ok, Here I come.
By Thursday night (hopefully by 10) I'll be on campus, moved into my room, dancing to random music on my computer.
That is the hope. I'm still not sure when my dad will be able to leave the house with me and my large amount of stuff.
I mean bags and bags. We're talking food, clothes, movies, computer, books, small woodland creatures, my pet Martian, and a giant mini bug.
I'm bring my bike, which is so cool. Not the bike, but the actual fact that it will be in my possesion at school.
Oh, and I've been working on a story version to give the background on the characters in the movie. Even if it doesn't shed new light on the characters, I hope to make it a good work, even if it must be seperate of the move.
Have fun, see you soon, God Bless, fair well, goodnight

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