Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oh yeah? 5 more days; take that!

Ah. Competition is such a fun thing, even if it doesn't make any sense. I suppose I cannot claim to be going back the earliest. I was going back monday, but that didn't turn out and I'm chilling with Krystle on monday, and I'm not going back thursday night to make it back just in enough time on friday morning for freshman welcoming, so I guess I have to claim middle-arriving . . . ness . . . yeah. Okay, so actually, the brain is fried and I am tired, but do not want to go to bed. 3 hours last night and I want to play video games and blog and watch futurama from my pc onto my tv. I must be dumb, or at least seriously mentally impaired--just for now anyway. --- Holy Crap! When was the last time anyone talked to Liz? Is she okay? I just randomly thought about her and how she is the least posty on here, excepting, of course, Tokyo. I guess I just got really concerned for a minute. Tired, yep. IT's definitely tiredbodyitis, or was it tiredminditis . . . oh well. I think that this will have to suffice for now since I do not want to throw you all into a random and spontaneous rage of insanity because of my illogical and illconstrued fancies.



  1. JMJ Well hey, lucky you get to see Krystle, just make sure you give her a huge hug for me!
    So when are you getting in?

  2. I most likely won't get in until later in the day. It especially depends upon whether I'm taking the suburban or my car. My family is coming up, all at different times. My mom is taking the sibs to Baltimore for family visiting befre coming back down to school, and mom doesn't really want to have all of my crap in the car while she's around in Baltimore with the kids, so she may be taking my car. In that case, it would probably take me longer, because the steering in the suburban is sorta loose, not scarily loose, but when you get up to 85, it gets funky. I've actually *started* packing, so I may actually not have to pull and all-nighter tuesday night. Be that the case, I'll be ablr to get on the road early after a nice long jog.