Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just to keep you on your toes...

To keep you guys on your toes about the world around me (becuase it is SO interesting) I've decided to write yet another annoying post updating the chronicles of my summer.
For those of you keeping score, I have been working on, or have worked on, about 5 CDs this summer. The most recent one I have completed is one that will spread joy throughout the group, as well as others who wish to delve into the world of dancing. I have finished my excellent work, Swing CD!, a compelation of songs that get the toes tapping, the fingers snapping, and the body moving. I stuck not only to traditional swing songs from the 50s and such era (Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darien, but also delved into modern classics by the likes of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Squrrel Nut Zippers as well as songs like "Zoot Suit Riot". I also included some that are not as common, such as the "Cantina Band" music from Star Wars: A New Hope, "Great Balls of Fire", "That Thing That You Do" and "Sparkling Diamonds" from Moulin Rouge! All are good for swing dancing, at least to me.

I watch the movie Suspicion with some fellow Christendomites Monday on the National Mall, right by the Capitol. I finally met the famous Thomas Cole, a rather skinny fellow of fair complexion. The story of how I got to them is a rather long and stressful tale.
I arrived in DC via metro and stepped out into the street from the Smithsonian stop. One way led to the movie, the Capitol, and friends; the other lead to hopeless lost walking and backtracking. Being the awesome navigator I was, I went towards the Washington Monument, hoping that arriving at a landmark that I recognized would lead me in the right direction.
Five minutes latter I'm looking at an old map of the city, trying to find out which direction the Capitol was from where I was standing. I thought that I would be meeting the group at the Capitol, for I thought that was where the movie was being shown. Silly me. So I walked all the way back to the Capitol, calling my mom every once in a while to tell her I was getting closer to my destination. Finally, I had her read me the email, so that I could find out exactly where I was supposed to meet them. Turns out I was supposed to be on the Mall itself, not at the Capitol, which was where I currently was standing. I walked quickly back to the Mall and found a large screen with people sitting nearby. I searched for the group, trying to find a familier face. No luck. I sat and ate some more cookies, dreance some more Sprite, and waited. I finally got to the point that i was gonna watch the movie with my cousin who was there with his friend. I was, that is, until a friend of TJ/AJ (who organized this whole thing) found me, saw the Christendom shirt I was wearing, and asked me to help him find the group. So he went off to look again (by this time I have been waiting for over an hour) and called me to say that he had found them. I came over and joined the group, not worrying for the rest of the night.
I've halted my reading of Glory of Christendom, for those of you who are still following my reading life. Now I have decided to read Dr. Cuddeback's book about friendship. If it is good, I'll get him to autograph it. Hopefully I'll be getting some books by Dr. O'Donnell for my birthday. If not, I'll get them from the school store.
Matthew's birthday is on August 11. I'm gonna be 19 oh yeah. One step closer to that all powerful age.


  1. Aw I was gonna be there, but I had school. I had to give a presentation on an exhaustive heuristic for the CPP. (Don't ask what that is I don't want to explain it again.)

    Oh well, I only have a few more days of school to go...

  2. Hey yo, 50s . . . swing era? You mean, like the 30s and 40s, right? You know the prime time of Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Glenn Miller, etc.? Good 'ol Louis? :^D. I've got a few CDs of me own I'll be coming back with.

  3. JMJ Ibid, I am so going to want a copy of that swing sounds great! Lucky, you got to hang out with Christendom people...well i'll be back soon enough;-)

  4. Ok, by 50s, I'm talking Frankie and such.

    Good luck to you Andrew.

    I have the CD saved on my computer for future copying.

  5. The computer that's possesed?! :S
    I really wanted to go to the Christendom movie thing! It was sad, because TJ kept sending me all these e-mails about it & I'm like, "Ahh! I can't come." And I was sad. But I got better. And actually had forgotten about it. . .until now. Thanks for bringing it up, Ibid! :'( *bursts into tears* Okey! All better. :P