Friday, August 12, 2005

"I remember there was mist..."

To those who are interested, I will explain the exciting aspects of my birthday. (Insert flashback waves and stuff). I remember it like it was yesterday. Oh yeah, it was.
The day started with myself, little brother, little sister, and dad going fishing. I myself caught nothing, but my brother and sister caught two and one fish respectivly. One my brother caught fell off the hook and flopped back into the pond. The pond itself was a filty algae covered mess. But there were fish, just not for me.
Then the day continued with the cleaning of my house, for company was coming for a party that night. I was excited, but calm. Mature could be a way to describe my behavior. I cleaned and whatever.
I also recieved that long awaited mail, my room assignment. I'm in St. Joe's 9, with everyone's favorite Propter Quid.
Near the time of the party, my brother's best friend's family stops by to drop off a book that the daughter of that family borrowed from my little sister. They stayed for a while, eventually staying for the birthday party, which consisted of family hanging around my house, talking. Always a fun thing to do. I really love talking to my grandfather about his younger days, and about my family from Italy (he's the one that gave me that 1/4 of my blood).

And so we get to the part that everyone is wanting to hear: gifts.
Two George Winston CDs, one of which is the 20th anniversery edition of Autumn, which includes the sheet music for "Longing/Love", the song being used for the movie I'm making at school. I also recieved some shorts, pants, boxers, and the Jaws 30th Anniversery DVD. Yes I will be bringing that to school.
All was said and done, and the day was over.
Today we got to go to the crab feast at my parish. I tell you this: Nothing is better than a large amount of crabs (All you can eat!). After we were finished eating, my cousin, his girlfriend, the Parochial Vicar (non-paster priest at my parish), and myself engaged in a fun game of movie quotes acted out with the crabs on the table. I will never look at movies the same again.
So that's all. I would love to put my two cents in with the battle of the Italian Signoria and the Irish/British Lad, but I'd prefer to just watch it unfold before me.
I found the letter saying when to be back at school. Us welcoming committe must be there by noon on Friday. The earliest to come on campus is Thursday. Expect me Thursday night.
Ok, I'm out of things to say.

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  1. I hate you, I got a movie ticket for my 19th birthday.