Friday, August 12, 2005

Florida is very hot.

I just walked home from Florida. No, really, I did. Or rather, I took a plain, that didn't get me all the way. So I took a bus that didn't get me all the way. So I took a train that didn't get me all the way. So I took another train that didn't get me all the way home. At which point I decided to walk.

At the moment of composition, the author of this post is very hot and very tired. (And just a little sweaty) I have just ended a five day trip with my family to see my grandmother with my family. They're still in Florida but I returned home early.

I had fun. One day getting there; three days spent there, today getting back, its been a bit of an hassle. I drove down to the Flamingo State with my family. That was a long day. We spent the first day there recooperating and the older members of the family went to see the movie The Island. (I consider myself very cleaver because I timed my bathroom trip so that I would miss the, uh, sceen, that everyone is so worked up about.) The next day the family went to Daytona Beach. (We also timed this one to miss the troublesome sceens, but this was a little easier to do.) Yesterday, we went to Disney World. (There weren't any scenes to miss this time unless you count gross in-your-face materialism.) I would have had fun if it weren't so hot. Disney World is even hot at night! I already told you about today.

I hope this scattered acount of my adventures were of interest to you. I'll give a more complete account next time we all meet. Thats what 4, 5 days?


  1. Yup, used to live there. Florida's really, really hot!

  2. Sorry Roomie, but you came home just in time for one of the hotest weekends this summer. Oh well.

  3. I walked home on one of the hottest weekends this summer, through bushes too!