Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The English Lion in Me Roars!

My dear friends. I have finally decided to come out of the closet concerning my identity. I am ... a quarter English, and by Heaven I'm very proud of it! Yes, I have finally decided to come out in the open concerning my proud British heritage, that paragon of culture and civilization that gave birth to the English speaking world. The nation of that proud race that stood alone against the unstoppable wave of Nazism, when all other nations of Europe collapsed. The nation that defied the Armadas of Spain, that stood alone against the Revolutionary armies of Napoleon. This tiny island nation created the greatest Empire the world had ever seen, and where the British empire went, so went British civilisation to lands mired in superstition and squalor. The glory of Britain was the glory of Western civilisation.

Now, many of you have wrongly supposed that I harbor some hatred towards England. "Why, Pete? You're Irish!" you might say. Then I would correct you and say, "No, I'm an American of Irish, English, Scottish, and German descent and I take pride in all of them!" I'm sorry, but whenever I see the Union jack bravely flying into battle, my English heart swells with pride! That is unless, it's against us Americans or the Irish! But when I see the Highlanders hold their ground against the French at Waterloo, or the Queen's soldiers fighting a thousand Zulu warriors, my heart warms with British pride!

Unfortunately, British culture, and its contribution is not very respected at Christendom. It's not celebrated at all! I think there are powerful special interests at work here. English culture is not respected. I mean the culture that produced Sir Francis Drake, Cardinal Newmann, and G.K. Chesterton, and Dr. Townsend is English! I'm glad it's not Spanish, but on the other hand a number of people are sorry that the Armada was a failure. I personally am glad Sir Francis Drake, English Catholics and Protestants together wrecked the ships of that notorious invader Philip II! The Spanish would have ruined England, and the world.

England, my friends is in bad shape. She has lost her pride, and is being destroyed and swept over by the disease of multiculturalism. The monarchy has become an embarrassement, having lost all the pride to which George VI tried desperately to restore. The Church too needs to take action to restore the soul of Britain. Britain needs to recall the memory of its proud deeds, and roar once again to hold back the tide that threatens to wipe out Western civilisation once again. So, it's time to celebrate the merits of British civilization (yes, I've Americanized the spelling once more) at Christendom, and pray for the restoration of British culture.

I met two little English girls at the Waterpark the other day. It was such a delight to speak with them. There was something so delightful and charming about their particular accent. So honest to goodness charming, polite, and English! Yet, shall there be an England, if nothing is done!

Anyway, it is far too late to further my discussion of England. I am of English descent and very proud of it! The only criticism I have of her is in relation to Ireland. But I am very proud of my heritage. If you are partly English too, but feel too afraid to come out and say so, here's your chance! Affirm your Britishness, and don't feel ashamed to join in a little British nostalgia or tea time!


  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I'm English!! Really. And yes, any culture that produces Dr. Townsend is a good one, for my money.


  2. I do agree, Jenny. We must have tea together sometime! Thank you for making such a brave statement. You are to be congratulated!

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  4. JMJ
    British culture celebrations at Christendom: over my dead Italian and Irish body! LONG LIVE THE ITALIANS!!! However, I love English tea and their china, so I shall join all you little "English" chaps (ladies and gents) even if I have to lower myself down to that level.... ;-) By the way, you all are being taken over by the Muslim population over there, so my prayers are with you 100%!

  5. *in a small voice* I'm Spanish. I weep for the armada. . . Acutally, no (about the weeping part, that is.) And I really don't have a problem with the English. When I was a wee little girl of barely-able-to-reason-age, I heard about the revolutionary war & decided all British people were bad, because they attacked my country. But then I got older (& some perminate teeth) & realized that was really dumb. But I'd never met someone of English decent until I came to Christendom. For really, it never even crossed my mind that there would be English people still kicking around America. I guess 'cause everyone around here is German, Polish, Norwegian, Irish, Indian, or me. (Oh excuse me, PC police, Native American.)

  6. I too am part English. My ancestor Charles Hayes emmegrated to America in the mid 1800's. I am willing to concede that the English have contributed many a great thing to Christendom and the world at large.

    But Peter, pleeaase. Sir Francis Drake was a PIRATE. He spent his time hunting down Spanish freighters and stealing their cargo. If it weren't for him, Spanish troops would have helped saved Ireland from conquest by Queen Elizabeth.

    There's a lot I could say about a lot of interesting characters from that time-period. Sir Francis Drake doesn't recieve my kindest review.

  7. Spanish troops couldn't have saved Ireland whether they wanted to or no. In fact, the Spanish betrayed Ireland and her garrisons to Elizabeth in the 9 years war. The Martial record of the Spanish happens to be embarrassing. The Irish would have had a chance with the French, but the Spanish! You got to be kidding.

    Anyway, Sir Francis Drake was a privateer, not a pirate. Thus it was all legal, critical to England's survival, and it's pathetic that the Spanish didn't develop better ships and cannon to protect their own interests.