Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Colors, Duke, Look at the Colors!

Alas, I must confess, The new color scheme of the Bloggerbar does not fall on me well. I took it for a test run when I first started fiddling with the properties of the blog, and decided that because of the contrast the blue one presented, and the lack of variety the tan one provided, that our blog could be enlivened and thus more aesthetically pleasing by means of the blue bar. I did not mean to offend or upset, rather, I just wanted to share my opinion, and since this is a multi-user blogspot, get the input of the others on aesthetics.

Yet, this is not the real thing bugging me right now. I am brought near tears by one thing: Krystle while be gone. No more to speak with or see. Away in a nunvent where she may not receive contact from men. I am said, nearly crying, just realizing the fact. I understand that I am blessed by being able to see her one last time on Monday, but for some reason, I think that will only succeed in making everything worse. I surely will miss her. I must accept that she can do so much for the world and its salvation with her soon-to-be fellow sisters. I mean, think of how many souls she'll save from purgatory, and even hell, right? *sigh...tear* Let's pray for her, because she's leaving it all behind, and offer our suffering of this occasion up for her, her family, and her intentions.


  1. Ah, so you're the one fidling around with the blogger bar! I randomly change it's color and have noticed that it's changed sometimes without me changing it. I figured either you or Sean did it. (Can non-administrators change stuff like that?) Anyway, I was thinking about contrast & variety & whatnot & I'd have to say the black one may look nice. :)

    As far as Krystle goes, everyday I see more and more what she's giving up. BUT remember that she'll be gaining way more. If this is truly her vocation, she's going to be rocking in the nunvent Fransican style!

    Oh, and back to administrative whatnot for a momment. Did you realize we have two links to The Commons. Not that I mind. If I get bore of clicking on one, I'll use the other. It's nice varity. Sometimes, I'll use both. :)

  2. well, actually, I aven't been changing stuff recently. that must be Sean. I had changed stuff a whole bunch when I first got into admining, but not much recently. I'll be doing more adminign when I get back to school.

    As for Krystle, I know, and realize that, and I think that is what's making it hard for me, because she's going onto something great. I'm just so happy for her, but I'm going to miss her so much that I'm torn.I got a knot in my stomach the second she told me.But being the first one she told, I had to express my happy feelings instead of my sad feelings. Now those sad feelings are coming out. AHHH! I need to get to bed, I have to get up early in the morning to get to St. Catherine's on time for mass and to meet Krystele there.
    Don't forget, guys, that tomorrow is a HDoO!