Friday, August 05, 2005

Being Irish, Fish, and Whatever!

Well, I decided to write again. I'm busy listening to Irish songs, so this is the way I'm passing the time. By the way, I hope none of you espouses any romantic notions about the life of a fisherman. If you do that displays alot of incredible ignorance of a life characterized by hard work, thirst, toil, suffering, and gruesome death. There are few deaths as frightening and gruesome as drowning. The sea is a fearsome thing. Beautiful and terrible at the same time. She fills me with fear and awe at the same time. Here on the lake (no its not the sea, but one of her relations!), the foolish, the stupid, and the drunk (who are both) have a way of meeting her, and never parting from the acquaintance. So, love and fear the water at the same time, but never the one without the other. Also, if you drink and get drunk, you are both foolish and stupid. If you drink by water, you are worse. Not that I needed to say anything, I guess I'm getting it off my chest. Perhaps I should mention that I was listening to a song about fishermen drowning at sea: Donegal Danny.

By the way, the University of Pittsburgh has discovered amniotic epithelial cells which these researchers claim as a better alternative to the unethical destruction of human embryos for harvesting stem cells. Amniotic epithelial cells are undifferentiated cells found in the placenta, and the researchers point out that since there are over 4 million births per year, these cells are more easily obtainable than embryonic stem cells, and can be obtained in an expotentially larger quantity. So, no matter what anyone says, or what Congress thinks, WE DON'T AT ALL NEED EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS, WHICH ARE NOT PROVEN TO WORK ANYWAY!!! So that was very fascinating news from the medical research world, and I found it on the Drudge Report.

There is much more cheery news out there *being ironic*, but I thought to spare you the details! Ignorance is not bliss, but high blood pressure isn't either, so I'll leave it that!
God Bless!
~ The Peachy of Canandaigua (I'd absolutely love to hear you guys try to pronounce that one!) ;-)


  1. I find it rather funny (not "haha" funny, more like stupid-funny) that people are so bent on using embryonic stem cells when other cells work so much better! Did you know that stem cells from adults have been proven to work? I tell ya, some people, eh? Oh well... we'll just hafta pray for them!

  2. Scary. (I'm talking about the fisherman part.)

  3. And we poor sailors, be skipping at the top
    While the landlubbers lie down below, below, below
    While the landlubbers lie down below

    Stem cells from the Placenta are Adult Stem cells and have been used before.

    I'm bringing back to school an article from the Washington Times about heroics that will put a satisfied smile on you guys' faces. Some of you area people may have heard of it, and maybe some of the others have too.

  4. No, these are not stem cells at all. These are cells that have properties like stem cells esp. the ability to differentiate. They are not adult stem cells, which have had remarkable success where tested. YOu can find the article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, or you can go to Matt Drudge, and search amniotic epithelial cells in the recent headlines.

  5. I think I'll take my savings, by a small boat, fishing pole and six pack of beer, and then set sail on great North Atlantic. I'll navigate by the stars, feed myself on fish, and I'll be in France within a week. This is gonna be fun! (Just Kidding)

    God Bless.