Wednesday, August 17, 2005

School time!

Ok, Here I come.
By Thursday night (hopefully by 10) I'll be on campus, moved into my room, dancing to random music on my computer.
That is the hope. I'm still not sure when my dad will be able to leave the house with me and my large amount of stuff.
I mean bags and bags. We're talking food, clothes, movies, computer, books, small woodland creatures, my pet Martian, and a giant mini bug.
I'm bring my bike, which is so cool. Not the bike, but the actual fact that it will be in my possesion at school.
Oh, and I've been working on a story version to give the background on the characters in the movie. Even if it doesn't shed new light on the characters, I hope to make it a good work, even if it must be seperate of the move.
Have fun, see you soon, God Bless, fair well, goodnight

Monday, August 15, 2005

Now is the Time for Many Things

Well, dear friends, soon we shall return to Christendom, a landscape as human as those who dwell within her. I have refused to give in to the delusion that Christendom is a "bubble" of society. The idea that Christendom is a bubble is in fact a dangerous assumption. The world we dwell in is a land inhabited by sinners and sin, and while God provides his grace to abound all the more, nevertheless it must never be forgotten that Christendom too is a fallen world. Yet, God in His Mercy provides more ready means at Christendom for grace, redemption, and forgiveness with the Sacraments. However, without the work of the sacraments in our lives, the reality of sin will quickly destroy everything we hold dear: friendships, charity, anything precious all will be lost.

Note: (I use "he" in the classic English usage as a gender inclusive pronoun instead of the detestable ubiquitous he/she, or his/her, or men/women. If you have a problem with this, don't tell me for I shall call you ignorant and get very angry if you tell me I have excluded women in my talk about friendship, since that is nonsense. The use of "person" instead of "man" or "men" is also avoided, since politically correct language is ridiculous. Occaisonally I use "person" where appropriate.)

Don't presume everything is cheery and fine once you return to Christendom, and don't presume that friendship is an easy art. It requires effort, and self-sacrifice. I mean Christ gave the model of friendship. It requires you to die to yourself each day in friendship. A little at a time. And the sacrifice of self requires charity, time and patience, because each one of us is human and has his faults, yet a friend is loved despite them! Friendship is one of the most important bonds between men in a society. Don't undervalue this gift or throw the chance away to forge and strengthen your friendships. It is true that not all friendships have the same depth, but nevertheless there is genuine strength and mutual respect, and love in friendship. Deliberately and callously throwing off a friend creates a terrible rift in human society. It gives the other person deep hurt, yet it hurts you all the more although you may not realize it. Because, it is you that have made yourself poorer by throwing away the treasure of a friend. So, just think about that for awhile, and ask if your intentions are pure: is this friend loved for whom he is in himself, or for what I may gain later from this friendship. What is my real intention: to love without exspectation of nothing in return, or to love with the hope of another end? If it ain't the former, you're not doing well and it's gonna affect others.

Why did I mention this? Because we're all sinners, and we need to hear it whether we've done it or not. It's a wake-up call for everyone to examine their own conscience, and get ready for the new academic year. Think of it as a homily from Fr. Smith, a sinner himself. Whether I get into that vocation or no is no difference, I'm just opening my trap.

Why friendship, Peachy? Because friends, we are all going to be tried again this year. Yes, there is going to be suffering for us all. Why? Because God purifies our hearts with suffering, and thus tests our resolve and dedication to friendship. If the time, and effort, and cooperation with grace is not there for the friendship, God will make us unworthy of it. A friendship is worthy of suffering. Heaven is worthy of suffering. You don't deserve the things you will not suffer for. Isn't it beautiful to see that unlikely friends are brought together by suffering, and facing the suffering and trials together thus showing love, faithfulness, perseverance, despite the enormity of the trial, and the burdens. Suffering brings forth greater beauty between friends; the treasure of friendship only grows richer. Remember that.

The value you place upon friendship is up to you. Not everyone will accept an offer of friendship, and some will reject it. Fine. But at least the effort was made, and the door is open. It's a two-way street, and some don't wish it. Some may assume other things about us that are simply untrue, and show rash judgement. It hurts, yes. All we can do is forgive, let God's grace purify us, move on, and show friendliness to them. Perhaps He will convert their hearts, as He continues to convert ours.

These are my words on friendship. I'm finally going to write my two freshmen. I'll send it direct to Christendom. I'm not going to tell them simply how wonderful Christendom is. It is wonderful, but it ain't perfect. Wonderful, and perfect are not the same thing. I am wonderfully made, but not perfect. No man can escape Original Sin. I'm going to tell them what is good, and to stay away from the bad: like underage drinking and the dam, and spilling their life stories to every potential friend. (My position is that drinking in college forms bad life habits, encourages alcohol dependency, in young people who have neither the maturity, nor the internal discipline to handle it no matter how mature or smart they think they are. One reason I took the pledge is because I saw that it was making me obsessed about alcohol, which is an unhealthy thing. It ruins lives, marriages, and other people outside yourself. I'm just telling you where I stand, and you should be informed. Also, if someone tells me that it doesn't affect him at all, Socrates would tell him that the person one least knows is himself.)

Well, goodnight, and God bless! I'll see y'all in a week.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Colors, Duke, Look at the Colors!

Alas, I must confess, The new color scheme of the Bloggerbar does not fall on me well. I took it for a test run when I first started fiddling with the properties of the blog, and decided that because of the contrast the blue one presented, and the lack of variety the tan one provided, that our blog could be enlivened and thus more aesthetically pleasing by means of the blue bar. I did not mean to offend or upset, rather, I just wanted to share my opinion, and since this is a multi-user blogspot, get the input of the others on aesthetics.

Yet, this is not the real thing bugging me right now. I am brought near tears by one thing: Krystle while be gone. No more to speak with or see. Away in a nunvent where she may not receive contact from men. I am said, nearly crying, just realizing the fact. I understand that I am blessed by being able to see her one last time on Monday, but for some reason, I think that will only succeed in making everything worse. I surely will miss her. I must accept that she can do so much for the world and its salvation with her soon-to-be fellow sisters. I mean, think of how many souls she'll save from purgatory, and even hell, right? *sigh...tear* Let's pray for her, because she's leaving it all behind, and offer our suffering of this occasion up for her, her family, and her intentions.

Friday, August 12, 2005

"I remember there was mist..."

To those who are interested, I will explain the exciting aspects of my birthday. (Insert flashback waves and stuff). I remember it like it was yesterday. Oh yeah, it was.
The day started with myself, little brother, little sister, and dad going fishing. I myself caught nothing, but my brother and sister caught two and one fish respectivly. One my brother caught fell off the hook and flopped back into the pond. The pond itself was a filty algae covered mess. But there were fish, just not for me.
Then the day continued with the cleaning of my house, for company was coming for a party that night. I was excited, but calm. Mature could be a way to describe my behavior. I cleaned and whatever.
I also recieved that long awaited mail, my room assignment. I'm in St. Joe's 9, with everyone's favorite Propter Quid.
Near the time of the party, my brother's best friend's family stops by to drop off a book that the daughter of that family borrowed from my little sister. They stayed for a while, eventually staying for the birthday party, which consisted of family hanging around my house, talking. Always a fun thing to do. I really love talking to my grandfather about his younger days, and about my family from Italy (he's the one that gave me that 1/4 of my blood).

And so we get to the part that everyone is wanting to hear: gifts.
Two George Winston CDs, one of which is the 20th anniversery edition of Autumn, which includes the sheet music for "Longing/Love", the song being used for the movie I'm making at school. I also recieved some shorts, pants, boxers, and the Jaws 30th Anniversery DVD. Yes I will be bringing that to school.
All was said and done, and the day was over.
Today we got to go to the crab feast at my parish. I tell you this: Nothing is better than a large amount of crabs (All you can eat!). After we were finished eating, my cousin, his girlfriend, the Parochial Vicar (non-paster priest at my parish), and myself engaged in a fun game of movie quotes acted out with the crabs on the table. I will never look at movies the same again.
So that's all. I would love to put my two cents in with the battle of the Italian Signoria and the Irish/British Lad, but I'd prefer to just watch it unfold before me.
I found the letter saying when to be back at school. Us welcoming committe must be there by noon on Friday. The earliest to come on campus is Thursday. Expect me Thursday night.
Ok, I'm out of things to say.

Little Miracles.

I forgot to tell about this small incident that happened when I was at the beach this Wednesday.

I have this bad habit of forgetting to take of my glasses when I go swimming. I've lost at least three pairs of glasses swimming with them on. So at the beach, wouldn't you know it, I went into the water with my glasses still on my face. I was on my way back to the shore when I reallized that I had worn my glasses into the ocean, and that they were no longer on my face. I had no clue whatsoever where I had lost them and no hope of ever finding them.

Seeing as the ocean is enormous, and that my glasses are nearly invisible even in clear water (which this was not,) I concluded that any search was probably hopeless. However, desperate to make sure that I didn't have to fly home without them, I waited on the beach hoping that they might wash ashore. After several minutes of waiting, I recieved no such luck.

I decided to give it one more go however. I waded back into the ocean and said my prayers to St. Anthony that I might out of the pure grace of God stumble on to them. Before I had even finished the prayers, I stepped on something that turned out to be my glasses.

God always answers your prayers. Sometimes a little more quickly than you'd expect.

God Bless.

Florida is very hot.

I just walked home from Florida. No, really, I did. Or rather, I took a plain, that didn't get me all the way. So I took a bus that didn't get me all the way. So I took a train that didn't get me all the way. So I took another train that didn't get me all the way home. At which point I decided to walk.

At the moment of composition, the author of this post is very hot and very tired. (And just a little sweaty) I have just ended a five day trip with my family to see my grandmother with my family. They're still in Florida but I returned home early.

I had fun. One day getting there; three days spent there, today getting back, its been a bit of an hassle. I drove down to the Flamingo State with my family. That was a long day. We spent the first day there recooperating and the older members of the family went to see the movie The Island. (I consider myself very cleaver because I timed my bathroom trip so that I would miss the, uh, sceen, that everyone is so worked up about.) The next day the family went to Daytona Beach. (We also timed this one to miss the troublesome sceens, but this was a little easier to do.) Yesterday, we went to Disney World. (There weren't any scenes to miss this time unless you count gross in-your-face materialism.) I would have had fun if it weren't so hot. Disney World is even hot at night! I already told you about today.

I hope this scattered acount of my adventures were of interest to you. I'll give a more complete account next time we all meet. Thats what 4, 5 days?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oh yeah? 5 more days; take that!

Ah. Competition is such a fun thing, even if it doesn't make any sense. I suppose I cannot claim to be going back the earliest. I was going back monday, but that didn't turn out and I'm chilling with Krystle on monday, and I'm not going back thursday night to make it back just in enough time on friday morning for freshman welcoming, so I guess I have to claim middle-arriving . . . ness . . . yeah. Okay, so actually, the brain is fried and I am tired, but do not want to go to bed. 3 hours last night and I want to play video games and blog and watch futurama from my pc onto my tv. I must be dumb, or at least seriously mentally impaired--just for now anyway. --- Holy Crap! When was the last time anyone talked to Liz? Is she okay? I just randomly thought about her and how she is the least posty on here, excepting, of course, Tokyo. I guess I just got really concerned for a minute. Tired, yep. IT's definitely tiredbodyitis, or was it tiredminditis . . . oh well. I think that this will have to suffice for now since I do not want to throw you all into a random and spontaneous rage of insanity because of my illogical and illconstrued fancies.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The English Lion in Me Roars!

My dear friends. I have finally decided to come out of the closet concerning my identity. I am ... a quarter English, and by Heaven I'm very proud of it! Yes, I have finally decided to come out in the open concerning my proud British heritage, that paragon of culture and civilization that gave birth to the English speaking world. The nation of that proud race that stood alone against the unstoppable wave of Nazism, when all other nations of Europe collapsed. The nation that defied the Armadas of Spain, that stood alone against the Revolutionary armies of Napoleon. This tiny island nation created the greatest Empire the world had ever seen, and where the British empire went, so went British civilisation to lands mired in superstition and squalor. The glory of Britain was the glory of Western civilisation.

Now, many of you have wrongly supposed that I harbor some hatred towards England. "Why, Pete? You're Irish!" you might say. Then I would correct you and say, "No, I'm an American of Irish, English, Scottish, and German descent and I take pride in all of them!" I'm sorry, but whenever I see the Union jack bravely flying into battle, my English heart swells with pride! That is unless, it's against us Americans or the Irish! But when I see the Highlanders hold their ground against the French at Waterloo, or the Queen's soldiers fighting a thousand Zulu warriors, my heart warms with British pride!

Unfortunately, British culture, and its contribution is not very respected at Christendom. It's not celebrated at all! I think there are powerful special interests at work here. English culture is not respected. I mean the culture that produced Sir Francis Drake, Cardinal Newmann, and G.K. Chesterton, and Dr. Townsend is English! I'm glad it's not Spanish, but on the other hand a number of people are sorry that the Armada was a failure. I personally am glad Sir Francis Drake, English Catholics and Protestants together wrecked the ships of that notorious invader Philip II! The Spanish would have ruined England, and the world.

England, my friends is in bad shape. She has lost her pride, and is being destroyed and swept over by the disease of multiculturalism. The monarchy has become an embarrassement, having lost all the pride to which George VI tried desperately to restore. The Church too needs to take action to restore the soul of Britain. Britain needs to recall the memory of its proud deeds, and roar once again to hold back the tide that threatens to wipe out Western civilisation once again. So, it's time to celebrate the merits of British civilization (yes, I've Americanized the spelling once more) at Christendom, and pray for the restoration of British culture.

I met two little English girls at the Waterpark the other day. It was such a delight to speak with them. There was something so delightful and charming about their particular accent. So honest to goodness charming, polite, and English! Yet, shall there be an England, if nothing is done!

Anyway, it is far too late to further my discussion of England. I am of English descent and very proud of it! The only criticism I have of her is in relation to Ireland. But I am very proud of my heritage. If you are partly English too, but feel too afraid to come out and say so, here's your chance! Affirm your Britishness, and don't feel ashamed to join in a little British nostalgia or tea time!

Monday, August 08, 2005

St. Dominic

Well guys, today is the feast of St. Dominic. Wahoo! I say we have a little par-tay! The ice cream's on me! Wait, we don't have any. How about wheat-free waffles and root beer? :) Well, it's time to get out those black and white dogs with tourches and start preaching!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hello everyone, and goodbye! I'm off to Florida in a few hours and and I haven't even packed yet. Oh well, the Internat's about to cut off on me and I won't be able to talk to ya'll again for a while. I tell ya'll what happened when I get back... If I get back.


I was just thinking. (Don't look so skeptical.) I was standing on the back porch of my Church just after mass this morning. I was looking over this cemetery that accompanies our chapel when I noticed the rectangular patch of young grass. I glanced up at the headstone and recognized the name of Peter Nagurney.

Peter was a staple of our parish before he went. He was our oldest parishioner (at 91 years old) And a very nice man. I remember how he had his license taken form him and the parish had to take turns driving him home.

Peter died just a few weeks before I got back from Christendom but I never really realized he was gone. Sure, we said the prayers for the dead for him after Liturgy every week but I never really noticed his absence...

Until now.
I guess it was just accepted that his time had was coming even before he left us.

Anyway, I just noticed that his headstone was a double. I didn't know that he was married. She must have died years ago before I moved to Virginia. It's amazing how quickly easily people can go. Someone everyone knows and loves can go without a great fuss and be missed very little. Peter was a staple of our parish, everyone knew him. But I never knew he was married. And when he was gone, nobody really missed him.

I'm not sure whether it’s because we're callous, or we recognized that it was Peter's time and that knowledge made it easy to let him go. Maybe the prayers said helped us to realize that he is God's now and that its out of our hands. I really don't know. But for now, I think I shall pay my respects to Peter Nagurney.

God Bless.

Dead? I think not!


I feel like I should be in a Superman novel like the one where he came back from the dead. Except... well... I haven't been Super-anything to date.

But I will be! Huzzah!

I shall be Superman... er, Superry--maybe not. But I will be better than I have been, and that, my dear friends, is an outright promise, meaning that, if I do not meet or exceed these expectations (which I expect to receive from all of you in writing tomorrow) you may [your act of cruelty here.]

Alas, here I am on a Saturday night, with my bowl of Breyer's Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge Checkered Ice Cream with Jimmies, blogging away like I haven't done in, uh, over a month(?). Anywho, I've been thinking. As usual, no doubt, too much. But I think this too much, may actually be enough! I mean, think about it--wait, you don't even know what I've thought about. Okay, brief explanation then...

I have been growing, as I don't seem to have stopped since my arrival on the steps of St. Fran's, or anywhere else on campus I may have first stepped out of a vehicle. Anyway. I seem to have found something. Maybe it's just that my thyroid and adrenal glands are finally producing again, and that I can think and have energy, but no matter, for I have not been this way since--since ever! I am even beginning to know what I really want! See, all of this time I have been hesitant in being me (so I think) because I have been slightly hesitant with what I perceive to be my vocation. Now, however, I realize that what I want is to be married and have children, and that I need to strive in that direction, and set up my goals in that direction so that I have some progress. If God changes my bearings, so be it, at least I'll have had the experience of being able to determine a regimen and many other great things.

... of course that wasn't all, but I realized that I was getting off track. So! I am starting to have self-motivation. I may be a Jenius, or even a Genius. I may be hard-working and well focused, and all those other great things that might pop into one's head to say about some brilliant millionaire, but I have not had any goals to apply those wonderful attributes the Lord has given me. I have my reason now!

Here's the catch though guys. I need your help. I need motivation and pushing. Just help me keep my blinders on so that I can keep looking straight ahead. Don't feel bad if you have to be a pain and tell me that I ought not be doing something rather than something else, because I'll love you for doing so. And, of course, please expect the same of me, for I know that we are all in this together, and we all need our peer pressure to get us through it all.

Blee! I feel wonderfully well. I am headed for great things, and I want to take you all with me. Only by His love and grace though. Fiat voluntas Tua...


Friday, August 05, 2005

Being Irish, Fish, and Whatever!

Well, I decided to write again. I'm busy listening to Irish songs, so this is the way I'm passing the time. By the way, I hope none of you espouses any romantic notions about the life of a fisherman. If you do that displays alot of incredible ignorance of a life characterized by hard work, thirst, toil, suffering, and gruesome death. There are few deaths as frightening and gruesome as drowning. The sea is a fearsome thing. Beautiful and terrible at the same time. She fills me with fear and awe at the same time. Here on the lake (no its not the sea, but one of her relations!), the foolish, the stupid, and the drunk (who are both) have a way of meeting her, and never parting from the acquaintance. So, love and fear the water at the same time, but never the one without the other. Also, if you drink and get drunk, you are both foolish and stupid. If you drink by water, you are worse. Not that I needed to say anything, I guess I'm getting it off my chest. Perhaps I should mention that I was listening to a song about fishermen drowning at sea: Donegal Danny.

By the way, the University of Pittsburgh has discovered amniotic epithelial cells which these researchers claim as a better alternative to the unethical destruction of human embryos for harvesting stem cells. Amniotic epithelial cells are undifferentiated cells found in the placenta, and the researchers point out that since there are over 4 million births per year, these cells are more easily obtainable than embryonic stem cells, and can be obtained in an expotentially larger quantity. So, no matter what anyone says, or what Congress thinks, WE DON'T AT ALL NEED EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS, WHICH ARE NOT PROVEN TO WORK ANYWAY!!! So that was very fascinating news from the medical research world, and I found it on the Drudge Report.

There is much more cheery news out there *being ironic*, but I thought to spare you the details! Ignorance is not bliss, but high blood pressure isn't either, so I'll leave it that!
God Bless!
~ The Peachy of Canandaigua (I'd absolutely love to hear you guys try to pronounce that one!) ;-)

14 Days Left

14 Days...
After today that is.

What a fantastic summer! I mean, it's just been chock-full of adventures for all of us! However, there is one final adventure for the summer that needs to be done, and sadly may be left undone.

I need to say goodbye to my beloved Finger Lakes. The sad thing is that my family may move before I return for Fall Break, and so I must leave what I call the loveliest spot in America. It is very lovely around here, and I sadly shall resent Virginia all the more, because to me its beauty can never compare to the land of lakes, falls, and woodlands that I know and love. It's something to do with growing up there all my life, nothing to do with Virginia, except that she is my place of exile far away from the land I love. It's like that song Sam and I like to sing, "My heart is in the highlands, my heart is not here, my heart is in the Highlands, a -chasin' the deer ..." That's what it's like.

The pain of separation would become nearly unbearable at times, but those were due to peculiar circumstances. I just wanted to go home, and look out upon my familiar lake, and feel the fierce south wind in my face. I then would wish to be out on the water in my little sail boat, gripping the sheet hauling at the sail, with the wild wind lashing at my face tousling my hair. And I with hands burned by rope and sore manning tiller, laugh wildly at the wind, for then the boat is flying. Then the thrill comes over me, and my eyes blaze blue and bright beaming with such uncontrollable joy. Crashing o'er waves, hiking out over the blue, I am alive and happy, wild and joyful! And yet, I would not be there, but tired and defeated from a day of classes and people I could not understand. What a tear would then fall, when in anguish I felt the wild calling of the wind, and could not follow! When I was lonely, the call of the wind and water was ever stronger.

So, I must see the old places again. The fact is that if I live in Rochester, I shall have less opportunity to see the old places. A greater distance of an hour or half-hour (yes, we measure distance with time here) will make everything more remote. Things out of sight, and out of mind, are only recalled to the soul by fleeting memory and his dreams.

Finally, its all over!


I'm done with classes! I just finnished giving two presentations and taking two exams this week and finally I'm done. After sitting in front of my computer for hours fretting about misplaced and missing semi-colons I'm finally done. Never mind that I probably failed one of my exams. Never mind that my proffessor was definately eviler than even Fr. Mastroeni. Never mind that I can't really tell you why he's evil without going into detail about Apache Tomcat and Servlets and JSPs and JAXP and other technobable things. I'M FINALLY DONE

Now I can go on vacation for the first time this summer. I'm visiting my Grandmother in who lives in Orlando Florida. (For those who don't know, it's pronounced Flor'da, not Flor-Ida) Ahh, finnally, a real break for once. I think I'll leave my computer behind...

God Bless

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I Have a Job!!!!

Your (& my!) prayers have paid off. It is in this last two weeks of summer that I find employment. I had long given up on the prospect of a summer job this year, but I should know by now, nothing's impossible when Irish are involved. Yes, I would like to give a shout out to a wonderful group of Irish Catholics in our fair (but Mormon) state of Utah. I shall explain. My former youth minister (not the one I went to visit, the one before her. You know, we really go through yms like some people go through socks. Well, hopefully not.) Okay, back to my former youth minister. So she's originally from Utah and she makes rosaries, she's actually the person who taught me. Apparently, the largest population of Catholics west of Boston is in Utah. I didn't realize there were Catholics in Utah. Then again, I didn't realize there were Catholics in Boston, either. Oh boy, some liberal has probably stumbled onto our little blog just in time to read that. Well, we've never claimed to be pc, so they'll just have to deal with it. Anyway (I keep digressing. That one guy in Catcher in the Rye wouldn't approve. But when I think of that book, I think of prostitutes and clipping toe nails, so I'm going to stop that train of thought.) Now where was I? Oh yes, rosaries. So these Irish Catholics are having a huge Irish fest & they've called on Steph to make 3-400 Irish rosaries by Nov. She in turn called me and asked me to be her partner on this one. So I'm now making $10/rosary which rough translates to $10/hr. Not that I'm going to be working a whole heck of a lot of hours, but it's a job (& a fun one!) none the less. :) Here's a little self advertisment.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just to keep you on your toes...

To keep you guys on your toes about the world around me (becuase it is SO interesting) I've decided to write yet another annoying post updating the chronicles of my summer.
For those of you keeping score, I have been working on, or have worked on, about 5 CDs this summer. The most recent one I have completed is one that will spread joy throughout the group, as well as others who wish to delve into the world of dancing. I have finished my excellent work, Swing CD!, a compelation of songs that get the toes tapping, the fingers snapping, and the body moving. I stuck not only to traditional swing songs from the 50s and such era (Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darien, but also delved into modern classics by the likes of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Squrrel Nut Zippers as well as songs like "Zoot Suit Riot". I also included some that are not as common, such as the "Cantina Band" music from Star Wars: A New Hope, "Great Balls of Fire", "That Thing That You Do" and "Sparkling Diamonds" from Moulin Rouge! All are good for swing dancing, at least to me.

I watch the movie Suspicion with some fellow Christendomites Monday on the National Mall, right by the Capitol. I finally met the famous Thomas Cole, a rather skinny fellow of fair complexion. The story of how I got to them is a rather long and stressful tale.
I arrived in DC via metro and stepped out into the street from the Smithsonian stop. One way led to the movie, the Capitol, and friends; the other lead to hopeless lost walking and backtracking. Being the awesome navigator I was, I went towards the Washington Monument, hoping that arriving at a landmark that I recognized would lead me in the right direction.
Five minutes latter I'm looking at an old map of the city, trying to find out which direction the Capitol was from where I was standing. I thought that I would be meeting the group at the Capitol, for I thought that was where the movie was being shown. Silly me. So I walked all the way back to the Capitol, calling my mom every once in a while to tell her I was getting closer to my destination. Finally, I had her read me the email, so that I could find out exactly where I was supposed to meet them. Turns out I was supposed to be on the Mall itself, not at the Capitol, which was where I currently was standing. I walked quickly back to the Mall and found a large screen with people sitting nearby. I searched for the group, trying to find a familier face. No luck. I sat and ate some more cookies, dreance some more Sprite, and waited. I finally got to the point that i was gonna watch the movie with my cousin who was there with his friend. I was, that is, until a friend of TJ/AJ (who organized this whole thing) found me, saw the Christendom shirt I was wearing, and asked me to help him find the group. So he went off to look again (by this time I have been waiting for over an hour) and called me to say that he had found them. I came over and joined the group, not worrying for the rest of the night.
I've halted my reading of Glory of Christendom, for those of you who are still following my reading life. Now I have decided to read Dr. Cuddeback's book about friendship. If it is good, I'll get him to autograph it. Hopefully I'll be getting some books by Dr. O'Donnell for my birthday. If not, I'll get them from the school store.
Matthew's birthday is on August 11. I'm gonna be 19 oh yeah. One step closer to that all powerful age.