Saturday, July 16, 2005

Night skies, fireflies, angels, bagels, and brides

From the timeless land of innocence
Comes the soft tide of the night
It wraps the earth in dark content
As God makes all things right.

The gentle call of evening
Drew me out upon the road
As I sought a thoughful lady
God's science to unfold.

The miles and hours flew by
The lady went unfound
But music lifted up my feet
And grace held me to the ground.

Morning came like evening
Unlooked for, unawares
The time so swiftly fleeting
Was gone, and how I cared!

On wings of steel I hurled myself
From the ground into the sky
A silver spear of a different kind
Than the song the fiddles cry.

Touch the ground and hit the road
For today was a day of dreams
Of a joy beyond all telling, and
Faithful love beyond all seeming.

Well, I'm back. And the tales I have to tell are long indeed. But it's 12:30 now, and I've had about two hours of sleep in the past 48, have walked over four miles in that same time period, been to one of the greatest wedding in the history of the world, danced, kissed the bride, and been regaled by off-tune songs all the way home. So the stories will have to wait a little while.

(P.S. Pete, I left the 32 bars title for you!)


  1. JMJ *laughter* well sean i've talked to Peachy a bit about you're adventures...sounds like you guys had a blast;-);-)

  2. JMJ opps...I meant "your adventures" not you're....:-)

  3. Sean that was a beautiful poem! So, I must write about 32 bars [of music for the ignorant]. Hmm, I suppose sometimes all we ever have is 32 bars...

  4. That was an amazing poem. I, wow.

  5. JMJ i'm just wondering where the bagels come in?