Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Own Update

I looked back over what I have been posting and realized that most of my recent posts are selfish, dealing with my CD creating craze. I realized tha I have neglected my need to update you guys on my summer break and what I am doing. So here I go.

I got all the books now from that first Homeschooling thing. Two of them (Beowulf and Commen Sense) are for school. The other two are for fun.

I saw War of the Worlds with my friends from High School. It was a great movie and it was nice to see my old friends again.

Recently I went to a Nationals game. (For those who are behind the times, the Nationals is the baseball team that is now in Washington) At the game there was a group of people that were behind me. One the guys sounded so much like Dominick. However, he was talking with a British woman and had a beer in his hand. So that ruled him out.

Next on the list was the pool party I had with some of my friends from high school (some of them were at the get together mentioned above). It was fun and interesting. I got to talk about the college, since most of them need to think about schools soon. However, I don't think any of them will come. It's just not their type of school.

Most recently, I finished my short story "The Hitchhiker," another story based on an older ghost folk tale. It will soon be shown on the West of the Moon blog, for those who can't wait.

Work is coming along good. I should be getting my first paycheck soon.

More updates will come as I deem worthy.

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  1. Your first paycheck!? Iv'e made $900 dollars so far this year! Loser! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

    I'm just kidding... and a little overworked. I'll have to read The Hitchicker.

    God Bless.