Saturday, July 16, 2005

Funny story I forgot to tell you. Matt and Jenne, you'll love this. A while back my younger brother Brian and I were making fun of generic christian rock when I told him about Fr. Stan. He didn't believe me, Franciscan Monk who Raps christian music? He thought I was making it up and asked that I prove that Fr. Stan was a real person.

So I proved it. We got online and I googled Fr. Stan Fortuna. Up poped Fr. Stan. Brian was stunned. He asked to listen to some of it so we searched and found some soundbytes. He listened to them and told me he loved it. I caught him looking up CDs on just today! He denied that he was actually buying them but if hear School of the Eucharist coming from his room anytime soon, I'll know better.

People are just funny sometimes.

God Bless.


  1. Muhahaha!!!! Fr. Stan lives!!!! Give your brother a hug & a kiss for me! (Okay, I just said that b/c I'm assuming you're not a kissing family... :P) That's awesome! But, ah, Fr. Stan's a friar, not a monk! :P :D

  2. Brian was mortified, and I only told him what you said.

    (And to be clear,the boys in my family are non-hugging, but the girls aren't by any means.)

  3. Once again, the melodious sound of "Zipper Zone" trapts another fly.