Monday, July 25, 2005

Dancing with Words

Writing is a curious art. It has beauty and form, and uses words and phrases as a garment to clothe ideas. The author really does not "create" it, rather like a sculptor who frees the statue from the marble, the author brings forth the story from the inspiration of the mind. For a sculptor, and an author their art takes hard work.

I don't like to start to write. Yet, I enjoy writing. Once the story or inspiration seizes hold of me, I like to keep writing, and write away! I have notebooks from years back, where I wrote down story ideas. Of course I'm no author yet, but for me the important thing was to capture in some way the inspiration for the story and it's outline. Often I find myself writing the story in my head, thinking about how I would describe the characters, where the story would go, how it might end, but sadly I have work to do, or the errand I spent with myself quietly in the car has ended. Then I can't remember all the things I wanted to write down, and it makes the task of recovering the idea all the more difficult.

The best time I find for writing is at night. Perhaps because I enjoy talking during the day, and keeping busy, I don't have much thoughtfulness for writing. At night, in my quiet hours, my mind can work best bringing to life the story. In this way, man imitates his Creator in a small way, but to clarify what I said above, the inspiration for this creation does not come from man, but from God who made man and his wonderful intellect and creative imagination. Yet, I have fun with the words, and love the beauty of a phrase and it's construction. Words have an amazing power to express beauty and thoughts, but they also can express thoughts and ideas not directly spoken in themselves. Here the reader draws out the meaning and richness from the text, that the author subtly sows with his words. Not a meaning too far from his words, but a meaning that goes deeper than words. At least this is my understanding of writing.

There is also a relationship between the writer and the pen. It's almost as if the thoughts of the writer flow with the ink onto the page. I like to hear the scratch of the pen on the page. It must be something akin to the satisfaction the sculptor feels as he chisles away the stone to carve the form of the statue. It is still imperfect, and imperceptible, but he knows something is happening to bring forth this expression of beauty, truth, and goodness.

So I think that I shall acquire a typewriter, and adapt to writing on that machine. I don't really know why I had a computer in my room. All I did on that was play games, listen to music, and occaisonally write a paper. I didn't warm up to the computer to writing, because I don't like looking at a screen, and I like to see my work, and apply the old red pen to my work. So, I'll figure how to do without it. My grandma has a mechanical typewriter, and I'll see if I can acquire ribbons for it. My dad has an electric typewriter, so I'll see which one I'll bring back to Christendom. I'm kinda excited to imagine just how it'll look on my desk, and the looks of bewilderment from my roommates for my old fashioned ideas and appliances.

Yes, I Peachy have been silent on the blog for quite a long time. Ever since California, in fact. The fact is that I hate looking at a screen as I write. Oh, I can still do it. It's just making myself get over looking at the screen for over 45 minutes as I think and write at the same time. Also I don't typer very fast. Just fast enough for me, though I ought to get a little better.

So, I 've been thinking about what to write next. I still need to develop the pictures from Sean's and my journey to the Irish Jerusalem of the Americas: East Durham, NY in the heart of the Catskills. That was quite an adventure, and there's a thousand stories to tell. However, for the sake of the blog and me, I'll only write one. I've been reading the National Catholic Register, and there is quite an interesting discussion over the Harry Potter books, because of this private opinion of Pope Benedict XVI, which he wrote as Cardinal Ratzinger. A number of Catholic authors have disagreed sharply over the books, so I'll see for myself which ones are wise and which are foolish. Well, I think I'll write something about it once I know a bit more, and this will get Peachy more active on the blog.


  1. I hear you about the computer screens Peter. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of writing Java aps on a typewriter. I've been stareing at a computer screen months now. I don't think that I'll ever get over this twitch...

    God Bless.

  2. If you bring a Typewriter, i am so writing a paper on it. It will probably take forever, since I'd probably mess up so much. Oh well

  3. Actually, this thing is so cool. That is if I bring the electonic one. It has a little beeper for spell check mistakes, so you don't get Microsoft telling your style is all wrong, but if you make a spelling error (perceived or otherwise) it beeps! Also, it has some sort of memory bank, so it will retype your paper if you need more than one copy. This thing is soooooo cool. Can you tell I'm excited!

  4. Wow, that is really neat. I used to type up stuff for school on my mom's old type writter. I liked that thing. But it wasn't as fancy as your's! I'd like to try that sometime, if you don't mind, Peach.