Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cooking with Carduccis

The 2nd leg of my journey begun shortly after I got back from the Holy Land. First of all, my luggage was finally found & was shipped to Jerusalem the day I got back to the US! Oh well. We got back the evening of July 2nd & I stayed with Katie until Ben & Joe picked me up the next day. One of the 1st things Ben said as he walked through the door was, “Oh, you’re Katie!” Apparently he thought I had a random Katie friend in Virginia who I didn’t meet through school. *shrug* So I got my massive amounts of luggage together (no comment) & we headed off for adventure. . .and Sean’s house. We found that Mapquest is extremely inefficient, as they had us take 5 left hand turns in a row! Through all of this, Ben & Joe we going back & forth with Family Guy quotes. By the time we got Captain Oblivious, they had moved on to Future-Rama. I was very happy to have someone else in the car who had no idea what was going on! (Plus I was happy to see CO. :P) I managed to get a few words in about my trip, mostly about the food. With that, we went to Chipolte’s for burritos (or tacos in my anti-wheat case.) We then realized we weren’t quite sure where we were. Yes, even CO, who had lived in that town all his 19 years (well, he spent a good deal of the 19th one at CC) didn’t know how to get to I-95. (I think that’s what we were looking for. Maybe not.) Once we found the road, the trip was quite a bit of fun. Ben & Joe kept up with the quotes & I talked about the Holy Land, mostly about the, um, interesting food. (See CO’s post about donkey meat...) The windows were down & in the words of Joe, my hair was “a sight to behold.” I guess I resembled Medusa. That’s what I get for traveling with all guys. :P
The trip was not without it’s oddities (but if you look at who I was traveling with, I think it’s fitting!) Ben sometimes deviated from the Mapquest route & would sing the theme from Doug every time he did so. Joe would freak out about us getting lost. But I suppose that’s something Joe fears with his sense of direction! (Or lack there of...) Ya’ll have heard the story about how he got us lost going to his house, right? If not, check out this. The next strange thing, was as soon as we crossed the Maryland border, the mile markers turned into kilometers! *Insert confused kangaroos from Australia.* We were almost there, when I remembered that when I looked up Carducci’s house on Mapquest, there were two Edgewaters. I’m not sure why everyone freaked out when I mentioned this, but they did. At that point Carducci called & said Mapquest was crazy. Yea, we already knew that.
We got to the Carducci house just fine. We met her dad, her sister Cat, & her brother Michael. We also met Jay. I went into the kitchen with Liz & Cat, while the guys stayed in the living room & talked. I think if we could have just kept the guys out of the kitchen for the rest of the stay, much could have been avoided. (But it was more fun how it happened.) Supper was fun, if not uneventful. After supper there was a rosary & then we settled down for some movies. I was on the couch with Ben, Sean, & Joe. Remind me never to wear a gray T-shirt & jeans. Everyone kept talking about “the 4 guys on the couch.” (I think they’re the ones who kept changing my profile at the commons!) We watched The Pacifier & The Eraser. Sean, Joe, & I all fell asleep. We decided it was time for bed. The guys went to Jay’s & I stayed with Carducci.
The next day was the 4th. The Carduccis & I got food & prepared the hamburgers. Did you know they put breadcrumbs & eggs in their hamburgers? After that, Liz, Cat, & I got out the top floor Campion CD’s & painted our nails red, white, & blue. This was the activity Ed found us in when he got there. We offered to do his, but for some reason he declined. We then hoofed it over to Jay’s, where we found our guys were, indeed, still alive. Sean & I swing (swung?) danced in the kitchen while the grill was getting ready. Then Jay suggested football. Heh heh heh. I would just like to say that my team won! (Actually, I have no idea. I can’t remember who won! But I’m sure it was us. :P) It was great to watch the guys try to tackle Ben & Jay. I brought Carducci down once pretty good. :)
After we stuffed our faces, it was off to Annapolis for the parade & fireworks. We walked around the waterfront waiting for the parade to start. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The parade was fun, I think the jazzercise ladies were my favorite. :) Then Carducci showed us the local Catholic Church. We walked around trying doors on it, but none would open. (Well, there was that one that led down dark stairs, through a youth room & into the sacristy, but we didn’t go that way. *impish smile*) After making almost a full revolution, we found a small Adoration chapel. That’s what I’m talking about! So we prayed for a bit & then explored the gardens. They were awesome. I would’ve liked to have gotten a few pictures there. The fireworks were nice. Most everyone really liked them. We went back to Jay’s house for our own fireworks. Jericho, sparklers are not safe! There is nothing safe about them! I accidentally grabbed one that had just gone out. That was over two weeks ago & I’m still not sure if I’m going to get all of my finger print back on the one finger.
The next day was a day of cooking. The 6 of us spent the day in the Carducci kitchen. We made chicken salad. (Before this, I had heard of chicken salad, but it was only a vague reality in my mind.) I was not informed of the fact that chicken comes in cans. I feel so much more educated now that I’ve cooked at the Carducci’s. I’ve cooked with Liz before, but this was a whole new experience. It didn’t help that the boys kept trying to get their paws on the food. Silly boys. Ben & I got into a food fight of sorts, stemming from the “red” hair dye I sprayed in his hair the day before. *shrug* But we found out that wheat-free cookies are good, even if they look funny, mustard is good in deviled eggs, & butter is better in food than hair.
That evening we all disbursed back to our respective houses (or Katie’s). The trip back was quite uneventful. It was uber fun & I think should be repeated!

The happy group at Jay's house on the 4th at about midnight. (Before my great wounding.) The girl ya'll don't recognize is Cat. :)

Hich & Ed peeling eggs.

Us in the Carducci kitchen. (Ben's got a headache. :P)

Ben backed me into a corner after I put an ice cube down his shirt. I grabbed the only protection I had, a butter knife. (Of course my husband is snapping pictures & laughing. Hurmph.)

I got around Ben & grabbed a slightly better weapon, a chair.

I finally end up on the floor hugging Carducci's leg, begging for protection. (Husband still playing the role of photographer.)


  1. JMJ *you guys crack me up* *;-)laughter*

  2. Haha! Mamma, I knew that you would tell the story better than I ever could. That was great!

  3. You're insane... Totally wacko... I'm dialing the number to the psyco hoard. The men in white coats are nice. They'll treat you well.

  4. I'd like to see them try! I still have that butter knife! (Okay, well mabye not the same butter knife. But I have one none the less! And my rose stem of death!

  5. Violence is the last resort for the criminally insane.

    (Men she's armed! proceed with caution!)

  6. And I missed it all? No!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh well, at least I made it through the 4th with all my fingers.

  7. I forgot the part on the 5th where we tried to call Ibid about 6 or 7 times.

  8. What did you try to call me on, my cell? I got a missed call. Why didn't you leave a messege?

  9. We tried your cell & your home phone.

  10. Sylvia2:59 AM

    I just have to ask...does everyone in your class have a blog? I was just surfing the web, bored and sleepy, when I came across this blog and many other blogs, starting with Meredith's. Is there no end to Christendom students' blogging? Merely inquiring. God bless!


  11. Sylvia. . . I don't know. A disproportionate number of us *cough* sophmores *cough* do have blogs, but then there a few juniors, seniors, and alumni with blogs and websites too. Ours are just a bit more active right now.

  12. Jenne, you have a tropical tan and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!

    P.S. The rest of you guys should post profile pictures;)

  13. Thank you Mother Superior! You are the only one who noticed how "dark" I got! :P Carducci greeted me with "Tell us about the Holy Land and how did you not get tan?!"
    Well, Shannon noticed my skin color changed a bit, but she was already so much more incredably darker than me to begin with.