Saturday, July 09, 2005

Comes home, does a memory dump and leaves.

Well, I guess it's time to finish the post I began two days ago. First of all for all of you who where waiting in suspense. . . they were all fact. There, now you know everything you could ever want to know about what's been going on. . . Okay, maybe not. Let's see where to start? The beginning seems like as good an idea as any.

So there I was, standing on my front porch not quite six days ago. It was rather a drab and cloudy, not the sort of day one thinks of as the proper backdrop for the beginning of an adventure. But there was nothing dampening the spirits of my fellow travellers when they arrived at my door. The rather confused threesome confessed that they were a little late because they had taken one too many left turns in the plethora of lefts that Mapquest had set out for them (thus getting them hopelessly lost.) Greetings and goodbys were said, and then we were off.
Food was the first order of business, so with a bit of help from the handy back-seat navigator, Ben drove us to Chipotlae's (I have no idea how to spell it) and their two-pound burritoes. It looked good. The necessecities of the flesh satisfied, we all piled back into the car, and here a problem did present itself. We needed to get to 95. . . and none of us knew how to get there. Not Jenne, not Ben, not Joe. . . and not me! That's right, I, who have lived in the area for nineteen years did not know where one of the two major interstates in my county was! (66 was about 500 feet down the road, so even I couldn't miss it.) So we drove around in a big circle and when we had completed it Ben asked a gas station attendent. She was extremely helpful, and just three minutes after we left the station, the happy blue-red-and-white signs of the interstate were flashing past us. That idiocy past us the fun really began!
Catching up with each other, Ben's wild reactions to other people's driving styles, and weirdly funny, unexplainable quotes from weirder shows kept us occupied for the whole two hour long trip. In particular Jenne told us quite a bit about her Jerusalem trip. I'll leave it to her to go into the details, but the conversation was spiced up with references to camels, patriarchs, donkey meat, and other exotic peoples, places and things. Then, just when things were winding down, and we were coming into Edgewater, she raised everyone's bloodpressure. "Dang," she said, turning to me, "I hope this is the right Edgewater."
"What" the word lept unbidden to three throats.
"Yeah, when I was looking this place on Mapquest it asked me which Edgewater I wanted."
Visions of the four of us, marooned forever in the wrong Edgewater, forced by the circumstances to resort to cannibalism flashed through my mind. Was this other Edgewater perhaps inhabited by zombies and IRS executives? What were we going to do? Luckly for my sanity, it was at this very moment that Ben's phone rang. It was Carducci, wondering where we were. She quickly dispelled any rumors that might have been floating around about there being another Edgewater, MD and in five minutes we were pulling up to her house.

~ End Part 1

Sorry guys, but the next three days will have to wait until I get back from New York. It's one a.m. now, and I have to leave for Pete's tommorow so. . . ah, c'est la vie. I'll finish this (and start other stories) when I get back.


  1. JMJ Sounds like you had an awesome time sean...have a blast with Peachy!

  2. In my defense, mapquest told me there were two different Edgewaters! So na na na. Quia, awesome time doesn't even begin to describe it. And the resturant is Chipotle. (Ben pronounces it wrong. :P)

  3. JMJ well you're going to have to tell me all about your awesome, wonderful, amazing, grand, great time...sometime.