Thursday, June 16, 2005

Word, words, words!

What is the matter my Lord? Between whom?

Ah, well do I remember those famous lines. Yesterday I wrote words, words, words. Today they are gone, and tomorrow ... well, I shall stick to today since tomorrow may never come!

Sometimes too many words are put on a page. Many words mean that much is not read, and the meaning is buried beneath the mountain of words. Just look at an insurance bill, or any sort of loan, and I think you will immediately understand.

The other day I wrote my good Catholic opinion on the points Ibid brought up from the article. Later that day, I actually read the article. Then I realized, there are many things in this world that refuse to budge even though all the words in the mind of man assail them. It was a waste of time to write so much, because as the saying goes, "there is nane so blind, as he who will not see". With people at CFN, no argument shall ever convince them, but only prayer and grace shall ever move their hearts so bound by bitterness and anger to spiritual communion with the Church.

Thus my vain words like all words fade away ...


  1. Of course, the people who support the article would say that you, Peachy, are an element of the Post-Vatican II Church, which is weakened by Modernism. This is a product, they would say, of your poor education. Of course, I don't agree with them on that point, since I know how great of a Catholic you are.

  2. And I would have to say, that the Bible itself must be apart of the post Vatican II modernist Church since they really teach the same thing. Ah, yes, but I must have forgot: the Bible was invented by Protestants who were stirred up by those rascally Jews who killed Christ! And I suppose the Pope is the Anti-Christ for writing Ecclesia Dei? However, I would never use that in an argument, because it is the attack ad hominem, although they are rather absurd, and don't know their faith at all. That is why they can call the Pope a heretic, just like Luther, because he doesn't fit their vision of the Church, or their idea of the Faith. Just like Protestants. I'm sorry they forget that it's Christ's Church, and He has it well in hand, and has HIS OWN VISION!!! Which included a Fisherman He called ROCK, which in California surfer speak is ROCKY.