Thursday, June 16, 2005

Time to Rant and Roar Pt. 2

All this fun talk has convinced me to do some internet searching. To my surprise, I found the website for Catholic Family News. It is Now what you do is click on the Index page and that will lead you to the archives. Look for the article title and there you are. You can read the article for yourself. While you are at it, read the commentary on Pope Benedict XVI. It will make you frustrated.
Sorry for raising your blood preassures.


  1. Dear Lord, I read the article. They are nuts. By the way, Cyprian of Carthage is the first one who uses the phrase extra ecclesia non salus est. He was a third century saint. Florence merely reiterated that teaching. I took a look at their one reference: Heb. 8:31, which merely says that the covenant with the Jews is now old, with the new one of Christ, and that which is old does not last long. It doesn't mean its over, and you can contrast that to Romans.
    It seems that Traddies of this sort delight in the Imperial vesture of the Church. It is much better to inform people of how much they are damned, instead of telling people how much their lives need the salvation of Christ. It is much easier to reject everyone, rather than create common ground for dialogue by finding the good between us, and starting from there to bring them into the fold.
    If you told a stranger they disgust you, and were going to Hell because of their sinful lives, you would probably get a very nasty salute universally recognized by all Americans and Brits, and they might forever refuse to know anything about the Church. All they'll remember is the rather imperious obnoxious person who is now their idea of the Pope. Instead, you could get to this soul by seeing what is good in this person, affirming what is good in this person, and thus starting with your example and earned trust, begin to bring him back into the Church. The latter formula works, the former will no doubt send them to hell with you feeling good about yourself. The latter is the dialogue of the Pope on a larger scale with other world religions, and perhaps other people make mistakes understanding what he meant. However, a Pope who gave his life begging the world to return to Christ is not one who says that one religion is as good as another.
    The article is rather long, and bestial toward the Pope. You know a tree by its fruits. And the millions of people who were mourning for the Pope worldwide, and not the stupid pundits on the TV, were truly grieved to see their Papa leave them. They knew that the Pope loved them, and cared for them to his last dying breath. And the people inspired by the Holy Spirit chant Santo subito, because they know he is a saint!

  2. Fuzzy Irishman, you rule! I am so glad you stuck through the entire article. You are right about setting up a connected relationship with the people you seek to convert; people listen to you if you show them respect. I have learned this truth in my different discussions trying to bring people into the faith. It works much better if you start a conversation, finding points of common agreement rather than starting with the reason they should convert is that they will burn in Hell if they don't.
    A good example is one of the guys I work with. He is in his 30s/40s and is a Non-Denominational Protestant. I got in a 1.5 hour discussion with him about the Church and things intertwined with it. I found the middle grounds that we shared, he saying what he belived and I doing the same. It boiled down to two main points of disagreement in my view. One was that he did not understand the praying through saints, since there is no mention of it in the Bible. The other was, of course, Sola Scriptura. So there is hope, and I pray for him.