Friday, June 10, 2005

Savel! uh, Salve! (I'm more lysdexic than Quia!)

Quia et mei loquimus. Ad invicem liugua Ecclesiae loquibimus. Ad Latin scribebo. Est difficis. Quando video ad liberum, audio vox Mr. Stricklandi.

Wow, this is harder than I thought! Did any of that make any sense? Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong!


  1. err jenne how do i post stuff. help! my aim name is "yagoozle" please talk to me.

  2. Calm down Ed. I'm on it. Have patience.

  3. Okay, is it that you and Quia were taking turns speaking the language of the Church? And when you look at your Latin book, you hear Mr. Strickland's voice?

    What does "Ad Latin scribebo" mean? I get "I will speak to Latin." Although isn't Latin called "lingua Latina" (1st decl.)?
    Instead of "difficis," I think you mean "difficilis."

    When I say the name "Strickland" to my dad, he just says, "Slackers!" (Have you seen Back to the Future?)

    Although bear with me -- I have not been doing Latin over break.

  4. Latin is a dead language... Deceased... Buried in the ground...

    For wich reason I get the strange feeling that latin will be the language of the last judgement. If we can't speak it fluently by then, we may not be able to present our cases very well. That could be bad...

  5. Here's a shot at rewriting your latin.

    Quia et ego ad invincem loquimur. Loquimur linguam Ecclesiae. Scribo in Latinam. Facile dictu, Latina dificilis est! Quando ad liber video, vocem Magistri Stricklandi audio!

    It's a rough rewrite. Last sentence is a problem. I have to look up Henley on the last sentence for the grammar. I don't remember if liber is 3rd or 2nd declension. Remember Loquor is a deponent verb so it uses passive endings, but is active in meaning. The adjusted style is more "Christian" latin as opposed to Ciceronian. It is believed that Christians wrote more in the spoken way of speaking latin. Cicero rewrote all of his speeches so they're different from the way he spoke them.

  6. I vote one of two new rules:
    A) all post are in your native language

    B) If the post is in a foriegn language, even a dead one, it must be properly done.

    If these are enforced, I will only be posting in English.

  7. Italian is much easier than Latin.

    Non renunciate il vostro mestiere quotidiano. Scrivere buon Latina non puoi.

    Oh, ed ibid: non ditemi che cosa da fare.