Saturday, June 18, 2005

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way

Sorry guys, this isn't a discussion of JP II's later writings. But I thought this would be fitting as it is my last post before I embark on the pilgrimage of a lifetime. (Save the pilgrimage that is our lifetime!) Tomorrow at really early in the morning, I'll fly out to VA *oh the cat just puked on my shoes, be right back* Okay, honestly, that cat is like having a small child around. We can't have anything breakable, no sharp pointy objects (oh wait, I think that one's because of me), she pukes randomly, & when we bathe her she cries. Except small children generally don't try to claw your face off. But I digress. Where was I? Oh yea, EST. *Oh, just a second again. Kitty, if you puke on my roses, I swear I'll put you in your kennel! All better* So after chillin' on the EC for a day, Katie, Sam, & I head out to the TERRA SANCTA!!! Okay, so it's finally starting to set in & all I can say is PEEEEEÑÑÑÑAAAAA HUUUUUUÑÑÑÑÑAAAAAAA!!!!
PEÑA HUÑA, PEÑA HUÑA, PEÑA HUÑA!!! WE'RE GETTIN' SO EXCITED!!!!! GETTIN' SO EXCITED, SO EXCITED, SO EXCITED!!!!! Alright, now that Quia's dog is bounding toward SD, I feel you all have experienced a small taste of what it's like in the WP house right now. :) So in the next 3 weeks, I'm going to be in 4 different states & a forgein country, I'll stay at 2 of my good friends' houses, stay at the most wonderful convent ever, and the Vatican embassy. Oh man, guys, I think I'm going to bust! :D But you probably all want to kill me right now. Just remember, I coming to visit some of yous! Carducci, Captain Oblivious, Low Riding Homie (Ed, is that what you decided on?), & Ibid? Peach, I can't believe you, I'm coming to NY & what do you do? Go to California! Loser. Just kidding, Peach, you're awesome! Well, I'd better get back to packing, I just need to let off some energy. Know that you are all in my prayers always, but especially as I get my pilgrimage on! Please pray for me & the rest of the pilgrims, that this may be a fruitful experience (with minimal loss of life & limb!) & that we may all grow closer to Our Lord. Also, if you could prayy for me for discernment. (I almost wrote, for the grace of final perserverence. Wonder what that was about. Hmm. Well, you can pray for that, too!) God bless you all! I love you all & miss you big bunches!


  1. Katie Fitz5:06 PM

    eeeee! Only three more days!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Have a safe flight.

    BTW, I enjoy your blog, guys :)

  2. AWESOME WAY TO GO JENNE!!!...pray for me. I'll miss you.

  3. Take care Jenne, and have a wonderful time. I'll be praying for you. Definitely please pray for me too.
    Katie... you read this thing? WOW!
    I wonder how many other lurkers frequent this place.

  4. I frequent it, cuz I miss everybody and would pine away down here if I didn't get my lurking-fix in every now and again. I've been wondering if the blessed threesome had left our shores yet. Blessed may you be. Kiss the ground for me, will you? May Our Lady guide you and all the angels guard you!


  5. Sean, did you just call Katie a lurker!

    Good luck Jenne. Have fun and enjoy your flight. I hope you find I spiritually enlightening (And a lot of fun.) Say hello to the others for me. I'll be praying for you, Pray for me.

    God Bless.

  6. PS. Lurkers are welcome.

  7. Wait a second! How long are ya gonna be on the East Coast before ya leave. Maybe we can get a massive gathering real quick-like.

    I will pray for your safety and for your spirit. I hope that this journey may help in all ways, not jus the spiritual, but also the mental and emotional.

    Good luck!

  8. Joe Wagner10:27 PM

    I do.

    So yeah, the Holy Land is a place I'd like to go as well. I'm about to leave for an Iraq deployment in September, and it will be my first Christmas away from home. I sort of wish there were some way I could make a pilgrimage to Bethlehem, but I don't see how that would be possible. I know most of you don't even know me, but if you could pray for me as long as you're praying for everyone else, I'd appreciate it.


    I keep having to emphasize that because people say, "Peachy, I'm going to New York, so I can stop by and see you". And then I say, "That's nice, where in New York are you going". And they say, "Oh, Manhattan," or "Brooklyn, I know some people down there". And then I have to calmly explain that there is much more to New York than the City, and it would be out of their way to visit me. The only New Yorkers near me, are Her Majesty's Royal Subject Laura, Duchess of Binghampton, and my good pal Zac I. The VonEhrs have their manorhouse in Albany which is about 6 hrs away.

    So, if any of y'alls want to come down (up) to the most beautiful spot in the world, the Finger Lakes: stay a week to enjoy it, and we'll do fun stuff, and I'll take y'all sailing. I'm in love with the place. But it'll be out of your way, but quite worth it.

  10. About California ... Jenne, there's several good reasons why women can't be priests!!!
    Me, I ws just waiting for the fullness of time ... or it that just procrastination???