Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Possesed Pieces of Electronics

For those of you who are keeping track of my computer story, here is an update:
At the arrival of my person to my abode, I set up the computer and turned it on, hoping, praying....
It didn't work yet. I still got the same stupid message. Then my uncle and my dad looked inside, said they needed to look at it later. SO I waited.
Today I went to turn it on again (just for kicks) with my brother there (he's the one who just graduated from 8th grade). We turned it on and it loaded in safe mode. We restarted it and now....
Keep in mind, after you calm down, that this may only be a temporal event, a singular historic discovery.
I redid my Waltz and Slow Songs CD, spreading the songs out, removing some and adding others. I like this one better. I re-burnt it and have a new, pink CD to listen to. Needless to say, I played ADOM for an hour tonight. I forgot how annoyingly hard it is.
While I have the floor... I'm working 15 hours next week (7.5 hours a day) on Wed. and Thurs. Of course, I will have to take out taxes, but uncut (without doing taxes) I will be making $105 next week. However, knowing taxes, I'll probably get like 30 of it. Oh well.


  1. arrr!! I seriously need to reread what I write (when I type fast I make spelling mistakes that are awful...) and so that's way my previous comment was deleted...anyway my post was to be:
    Hey Ibid...I wonder if the dishwasher is down at CC?;-) oh and when you're done with those CD's can I have a copy (if you don't want to mail them, I'll wait till we get back to CC)

  2. Quia, if you hit "remove comment forever" we'll never know you're being lysdexic. Ibid, your compy sounds like one I used to have! One word for you: virus. Anyway, way to have a job! (Now I know who I can go to when I need to borrow some moneies!)

  3. Oh! And I wants a CD, too. If thou doesn't mindth.

  4. You're computer is mine!
    You're computer is mine!
    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    I'm the virus that has taken you computer.
    It shall be assimilated and we shall conquer the world!!!

    (Just kidding)

    Congadulations on the job and on getting it working.

  5. What's ADOM?
    Congrats on the job and the working computer. "working" is the key word here, I think!

  6. TO THE GIRLS WHO WANT CDs (I suspect they really wan the Waltz CD and the Reel CD when they are completed): I will give you copies when I can.

    TO A CERTAIN PQ: It goes way beyond viruses. My uncle says that it might have been a loose connection.

    TO MY BUDDY MARYLANDER: ADOM is the game that I would play all the time at school, with the @ running around mazes killing monsters. I wasted away playing too much of it.

    TO A CERTAIN HOLY PHANTOM: OK, you know that you can always borrow money from me.