Friday, June 10, 2005

Pictures update updated

Yes, there are more pictures. My sweet & wonderful Laura felt "quilty" about not giving me the rest of her pictures. So today I got two CD's in the mail. Oh that Laura. She didn't have to feel quilty, but I much appreciate the pictures, as I think you will also. Once again, the address is here. The album "Laura's Pictures" should come up right away. If you see rather startling pictures of Quia eating cake & blowing bubble gum, you're in the right spot! Along with scarey pictures of Quia (which she'll probably kill me for!), there's Katie's birthday party, Mystery Dinner Theater, IHOP, random moonlight dances, Jericho spasing out, me packing & eating month old Spagetti-Os, some pictures from the nun run (although CO sent those to me, not Laura), and about half of her Hamlet pictures. If anyone really wants all of them (there's over 200) *feeble laugh* I'll send you the CD. There is one picture that I think is funny enough to warrant being put right here. It shouldn't be veiled by a link. (And I'm sure if I'm not dead by the time Quia gets through with me, I will be when CO sees this! :P)

And he told us Osric was his first role as a fop!


  1. Joe Wagner4:07 AM

    Hahahahahaha! I laughed my butt off when I saw some geek actually had an Anduril replica on hand. Not like I should complain, I very nearly got one myself some time ago.

  2. ohhh...mama...those pictures of me are just so...what's the word? "charming?"

  3. Wow... so in one of those pics, Ry looks an awful lot like Radke... weird!!!