Saturday, June 11, 2005

Me duele la cuerpa!

Hola. Ibid dijo quiero escribir en nuestro idioma navita. Ayer/hoy fue Posta por Vida. Me duelen pies. Me duelen piernas. Me duelen la rodillas. Me duelen tálons. Me duele la espalda. Me duelen el codos. Me duelen los brazos. Me duele cuello. Me duele el estómago. Me duele el pecho. ¡Me duele! Nosostros andamos, baílamos, y corrimos noche todo. Enseñé lecciónes de baile.

Okay, so maybe Spanish is my native language & though I was fluent when I was 3, I'm not so good anymore. If you couldn't read the top, basically I was saying that Ibid requested all posts be in one's native language. I was attempting to comply. Although his second request was that it was done correctly. Now, I'm not sure if that's all grammatically correct. But I do know it's much better than my Latin! (Don't worry guys, the only other language I could possibly try to post in is German & I'm scared to talk in German aroun Ry.) Thanks to all ya'll who gave me pointers on the Latin. :)
Anyway, as I was saying. Last night was Relay for Life. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a fund rasier for the American Cancer Society. My youth group had a team; we do it every year. So last night we went out to the local track & camped out in the infield. From 7pm to 7am we had to have someone from our team walking on the track. In past years the youth group has had enough people to split into 2 to 4 subteams. This year we had barely enough for 1. My insomnia was put to good use. I don't know how many miles I ended up walking. But when I wasn't walking, some of my friends decided they wanted to learn some more swing dance moves. Then polka. Then back to swing. And later some more polka. It was tons of fun. I even did the Hudson with one of the 7th grade girls. But everyone thought it was so cool, that when anyone got done walking, we had to show them. So we ended up doing it about 10-15 times. I don't know if I did my part quite right, my back hurts! I was going to go to a rodeo tonight, but my whole body is so completely & totally sore, walking is fun. I look like an old lady. Uff, Ry & Quia, you're mom's getting old. She can't move like she used to! But after walking, dancing, & running all night, I have only three words for Quia & Captian Oblivious: bring it on!


  1. ohhhh mama...first of all you aren't getting old and even if you go all gray and have to walk with a cane and I have to help you for the rest of my days I'll be a good daughter and do that for you...but secondly (and most importantly;-) CO and I have October totally under control.(right CO?) Hey I haven't been doing and hour and a half of endurance exercising everyday for the past three weeks for nothing. Watch what you ask for might just get your white hair request. *laughter*

  2. Yea, you keep doing your exercises. But know come October you'll be doing them with purple hair!

  3. man, that is a lot of hurts (yes, little did you guys know that se espanol tambien) but of course, there is not gain without pain. soon you shan't be in so much pain!

  4. *laughter* oh mama dear...if you really want to win maybe CO and I can tie with you and KC.;-);-)

  5. err jenne i still dont know how to post regular messages, can you help me. pretty please.

  6. Anoche fue la Posta para Vida.

    That was the only mistooken I found. Viva la espana!

  7. When informing spanish speakers of the clothing rules at the pool:

    "No los pantalones..."
    "Aiieee, thats not what I meant!"

    Honestly, that has happened!

  8. PQ, wow that's better than my mum telling a patient to drink 8 kisses of water ever day (instead of glasses.)

    Little Thalia, it was more than "last night" so that's what I ment to say. Wait, did that make any sense? I think I need to work on English!