Wednesday, June 29, 2005

M. B. CD-R

I have begun the epic journey that is the Matthew CD series. I already re-did the Waltz and Slow Song CD (this one is much better) and have made several CDs for my brother and sister (that's Patrick and Clare). Now I am working on two great epics: one is my take on the Virgina Reel with my epic CD; the other is the Magnum Opus of the Birthday Singer's CD. It will contain such songs as "Kiss the Girl", all four of the songs sung by Simon and Garfunkle, "With or Without You", "Breakfast at Tiffiny's", "Brown Eyed Girl", and "That's Amore." Now some of these songs are not as famous, and some are only asked for once (and have become infamous). The one song I'm looking for is Salve Regina. I can't find it anywhere. Nor can I find "Red is the Rose", "Fields of Athanry" (sp), or any other Irish songs. So I come with questions for my humble friends. Should I allow intramental music if I can't find the songs with words. It would make my job easier.
If you can think of any songs that I might have forgotten, then please email me or post here on the blog. It would be a great help.


  1. I've got the Salve. If you want to get Gmail, I can send you an invitation for it (unless you still have the invitation I sent a while ago) and then I can email the song to you.

  2. Try singing them yourself. You know how the words go for most of them. These are folk songs Matthew, they don't start from a recording like modern music. Your supposed to learn and sing them yourself. If you don't think that can sing well enough to put on a cd, maybe we can get the voices of our friends together sometime.(JK)

    I wish I could help.

    God Bless.

  3. I have a "Red is the Rose" (it's a woman singing, so that may rule it out) and if you give me a few days I can probably get my hands on any Irish song you want, Clancy Brothers style.
    Oh, don't forget "Leaving on a Jet Plane", and "Star Wars Gangsta Rap"

  4. TJ said that he had the Salve and some Irish songs. And how do I get the Star Wars Gangstar Rap. Does someone have it (song only) on their computer. Leaving on a Jetplane and Thank God I'm a Country Boy are both on the list already. Thanks for everything guys. The big question is if, for the Irish songs, can they just be instrumental, and not with words. I Have Annie Laurie and Loch Lomand (aka Red is the Rose) in the music only, but not with words.

  5. I have the rap. Like I said, if you want it, let me know and I can get you gmail.