Thursday, June 09, 2005

Law suites

I am pissed right now as all get out!

Just to fill you in, I forgot to tell you before, but my second week back I got into an accident. I tried to make a U-turn and forgot to look behind me (really dumb I know...) and I slammed the big van into a tiny little car. It turned out just to be a fender bender, no one was hurt I just got a minor ticket and the guy in the other car said he was OK. I was late for school.

Anyway, I thought it was all over two weeks ago, but I just revieved a phones call informing that the guy has discovered that he recieved an injury of some sort and is pressing charges. I really doubt that he was hurt, he was all fine and dandy at the scene of the accident. I guess he just decided to make some extra money...

Anyhow, I am pissed at him for doing this. People like that should be denied legal rights, or something... I don't know. This whole deal is going to be a huge and expensive pain I'm sure. pray for me and pray that the same doesn't happen to any of you. Godbless.


  1. err hey all this is edward, how does one go about posting on one of these newfangled blog things?

  2. Well, I got some sleep. Am much more sane & will pray for you! That really bites!

  3. Hey, sorry about the suit; I'm glad you're coming back next semester, though.

  4. Did you get his Insurance info?