Saturday, June 04, 2005

Everything and Anything

Well, this is the time when I like to put everything on my mind here at once. I wish I could explain myself, but I never can. So, here I go!
First order of business is the ever present vocation question. Due to my lack of knowledge (I am 50% Irish, remember) I am not sure of everyone's current state of life. Who has been divinely inspired and who just hopes? As for me, I hope not to make rash judgements so I, like Peachy, will take things as they come.
Secondly, I would like to state a very facinating thing. On Friday, thats the 10th or something like that, I will be going to the Home School Conference in Herndon, Virginia. Speacial speakers there include everyone's favorite Logic Prof. (that's Cuddeback for those who don't know) and Anne Carroll (WP's favorite Historian). There will also be rooms, that's right, rooms, of books to buy, both new and used. I have a long list to buy, including the entire 4 volumes of The History of Christendom, which I would love to own.
That leads me to my next part:
Did anyone who had Schwartz remember how far into The Glory of Christendom we were supposed to read? Also, I would like to know the other books he recommended we read outside of the class. Anyone who has your syllabis should have it.
This leads to my next topic, which is report cards. Now, I would like to say that, living closer to the School than others, I might have gotten my grades before you guys. But anyway, here they are:
LATIN: D+ :( :( :( :(
I think that's everything. Okey.
IBID out!


  1. Whoa, slam on the Irish! I don't know if saying such things on a blog that Peach & Captian Oblivious have access to is wise. :P Watch out for Mrs. Carroll, she might yell at you! And as far as Schwartz goes, ask Carducci, she kept up on the reading more than I. I'm still in Founding. And my syllabus is somewhere between here at Virginia. Way to go on the grades. I told you you'd do fine in O'Herron! Don't worry about Latin. The Romans died & so will you.

  2. Awesome job Ibid! I knew you would pull through...;-);-);-)

  3. Darn is Matthew. I don't know what it is but something you said is tripping off my parents' internet sensor. It keeps reading "personals"...

    I'm still able to get in the back way, however.

    Good job on the grades man!

  4. Watch out how much you spend, we want to see you back next year.

    Also, with latin just remember a quote from an undisclosed person (no not me)
    "Latin is a dead language,
    As dead as dead can be.
    It illed off all the Romans,
    And now it's killing me."

  5. Have a great time at the conference!

    Tell everyone we know that I said hi.

    And watch out for Ambrose. He's dangerous.