Friday, June 03, 2005


Well, today was a blustery day. The wind was coming hard up the lake from the South. The air smelled like rain, and the wind was whipping the flag furiously. I was near the lake, and smiled wryly thinking to myself how nice the sailing would be. My hands could nearly feel the gripping of the sheet (the rope used to tighten or slacken the control over the sail). In sailing, man contends with nature for the mastery of the wind over the water. Swiftly the little craft speeds over the waters, and the man hauls at the sail, deftly steers the rudder, and hikes out to steady the precarious boat on the edge of being flipped into the waves! And how I wish I were there, but instead I only gripped tighter the lifeguard tube at an outdoor pool.

So, I've found two lifeguarding jobs, and maybe a third if I'm lucky. They're the only jobs I could get. Not even McDonald's would hire me, and I suppose that says something! My last alternative was to hire myself at Pactiv, the local factory. The graveyard shift was available. I was very tempted to use my Jesuit mind powers to obfuscate the fact of my August return to Christendom! But, I am spared! The local waterpark is looking to hire 200 employees, and lifeguards are valuable commodities! So, I just say "$7/hr", and that's what they pay me. So, I'll have a little money to take the edge off the dripping knife of the tuition increase that is carving up so many students. Ever see "Last of the Mohicans"? You'll know what I mean, ah tuition!

The sky has a weird color. It has such a strange brown-gray that it looks like I'm seeing the world through sunglasses. Wait... nope, I'm not wearing sunglasses.

I heard the lousiest sermon from the younger priest at our parish (He's 38, I think). The most memorable part of his sermon was "Don't scare the dough!" He said something about how we are the body and blood of Christ, and it was so confusing, that only when I got home did I figure out that it was the Feast of Corpus Christi. Well, the name of the feast is different, but I can't remember it. Anyway, I was listening to some popular music of our generation, and I realized that if it could have a name I'd call it the "Music of Sadness". It really is sad, and hurt, and shows the world needs Christ, not a silly homily on not scaring dough! In an age, where we see our peers tormented by depression from sin, & despair, fornication, divorce, pornography, youth need the hope of salvation, not mindless blather on baking! I looked about that church, and saw so many women dressed immodestly, and most people attend Mass like it's a cookout. I'm sure most of them don't know any better. But worship of the self, leads to self-disgust and many people cease coming to Mass, because they no longer see the Divine in the liturgy. My diocese needs much help. Our bishop stripped the Cathedral. It is naked. A church is like a woman, she should be adorned to show forth her glory, not dressed in rags or worse! Our Lord , her crowning glory, the center of the life of the Church is put in a inauspicious corner. Only when the Eucharist is put at the heart of the Rochester diocese will it flourish again. Only then.

Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart! Time to party like its 16...something!

Also, the priest who loses his belief in the Real Presence, will not last long! If the priest treats Mass as a communal celebration rather than a celebration of the Sacred Mystery, offering the Most Holy Sacrifice, he will soon lose his faith, and abandon his priestly vows. That is why I am afraid for this young priest, and I mean to explain this to him. It happened to another younger priest, and the Lord called him on the highway as he was driving his motorcycle to his girlfriend's house. The Eucharist is central to a priest's identity, if he loses his identity, then he must fill that void with something, and that is not good.

I think it will thunder soon. A lighteningstorm is always beautiful to see on the lake! Sometimes, it can get so fierce that the whole world is illuminated by that white light! It is very dark. Well, I hope all is well with y'all! I do miss you guys, and I'm looking forward to seeing all y'alls in August. Oh, dear. I got to write them two freshman a letter. I guess I am their frater major! Are any of all y'alls fraters or sorors to any new freshman. There are two freshmen from my area! One is sadly - poor chap - madly in love with one of our sophomore ladies. Unfortunately, I do remember she rather encouraged it. Flirtation is a dangerous thing, midears. There is a definite effect. But now she's horrified, and if the poor chap is still deluded, I'll try to deftly do the charitable thing and esplain the situation. Otherwise, things will not be very pleasant for him. Well, God bless y'all!

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  1. Oh man! You've got what's his face! That's hilarious! And I've got two younger brothers. I've written to them, but they haven't written back.