Monday, June 13, 2005


Ah, the unjoys of worrying about money.

So I've been working for my dad for some time now, and I'm making a modest $10 an hour. The hours are rather unsteady, however, so it's not a clean cut income. Sure I'll make a dear amount of money this summer, and I'll have a great amount of time for myself on my hands, but I need to start building my financial foundation now. If I end up getting married right out of college, or shortly thereafter (not to say that I will, by no means, as of right now, do I think I will--I've got too much growing to do), I would have so much monetary responsibility. Even without getting married, there is a lot to think about. A house, car and insurance, life and health insurance, clothes, food, bills. Forget all those things you wanted so badly, cause all they'll do is screw you over financially. Think about it: if you get married and have a child within the first year of marriage (which would most likely happen,) you have medical bills to pay, new gadgets and safety devices to buy unless there are a lot of old generous or rich people invited to the baby shower. Man! How could I forget! Education debt! Oh my goodness. I don't want to think about that. That's what I want to pay off now. Go away, that's what I say. Start making gobs of money to pay it off now so that I don't have horrendous accrual after 3 more years. That way all I have to do is pay like maybe the last year and a half to two years off after I leave. I'm going off. Goodness, all I wanted to say is that I'm deliberating getting a second, evening job, probably delivering pizza or the like.

Essentially, do I want time to myself every day; time to read, goof of on the computer, to post, to hang out with friends, or do I want to make a lot of money to save up, and pay off my debts, and not have too much time but the weekends to myself? I don't know yet, but I need to decide soon. Vacation is next week, then the wedding, and after that weekend is when I would need to be working that second job for any efficacy.

I'd like you guys' input, because, of course, I trust your opinions.


  1. Obviously you're going to have to make money, as you've shown. But remember to be 19 for awhile. Growing up is good, but don't get old before your time. Tomorrow's troubles are plenty enough for tomorrow. Plan for the future, but don't get caught up in it. It's a balance that only you can decide.

  2. Money, or rather wealth in general, is the secondary god of mankind. It's not that we want to dedicate our lives to it, it's just that we have to.

    I don't know though, ten bucks an hour seems like a good deal of money, especially for a summer job. As I've understood it, its kind of impossible to hold a job to make one financially independant while still in college.

    As it is, my summer courses are my hope for financial independance. If I keep takeing them, I should be able to get a secondary degree and a good job right out of college. (I've checked the market and this seems like a good idea so far)My theory is:
    You can fish all day, or you can spend the day building a net and catch twice as many tomorrow.

    We'll see if it works for me. I don't if it helps you any. Good luck Ryan. If you really need the money to pay off your depts right away, go for it, but don't kill yourself.

  3. i concur wholeheartedly with andrew. worry about education now and obtaining the skills to get a job that pays well. It is quite remarkable the difference in both pay and enjoyment between a job that requires skill and one that does not.

    For a summer job I suggest you play to your strengths. I have started a computer bussiness out of my home that is comparable to the "geeks on the go" or whatever compusa runs. Charging even 1/3 their price, you can make 25-30 dollars an hour. This job is lucrative, you can choose your own hours, you can directly see your actions produce results and it is enjoyable. Most of the customers are going to be people who have spyware and other crapware installed on their computers. Run a virus and spyware check, install firefox and thunderbird, and teach them to avoid IE like the plague.

    The only problem is advertising. The service you offer is superior to compusa's and alot cheaper, but you have to get the word out. Having people in your family advertise for you is the best way to do it, as it offers a much higher nibble/attempt ration than distributing fliers, although the flyer method can work as well.

    If you need help getting started I can give you a few bootable cd images that have diagnostic tools on them. Also create a cd of the xp service packs, programs you need(spybot, firefox, ad-aware, thunderbird, OOo, etc) and other stuff you might need. A hdd in an external enclosure is also useful for backing stuff up.

    Dont get me wrong, to organize a bussiness like this takes alot of work, but in the end is offers a very decent summer job.

    ps here is the flyer i made for mine:

  4. oh yeh I almost forgot. Start learning the ways of unix, perl, sql, apache, squid, snort, linux(debian, redhat), iptables and any of the other most common professional level applications. I have been poking around craigslist and many unix admin and perl programming jobs can net 65-150k! These are valuable skills to learn in your spare time. I have a test server if you would like to learn perl/mysql/apache that Iam using now to develop an application to keep track of cases for a lawyer. I will give you an account on it if you want.