Friday, June 03, 2005

Dead Bird

I really think I should start a comic strip about mowing the lawn. It's really quite an experience. I could call it The Adventures of Lawnmower Girl! I think my adventures can well be summed up with a poem written by Ben Hatke from CWOD.

Dead bird, dead bird,
Lying there
So absurd.
O how I love thee,
Dead bird.

Dead rhino, dead rhino,
Lying there
So fine-o.
O how I love thee,
Dead rhino.

Dead armadillo, dead armadillo,
Lying there
On my pillow.
O how I --

Dead iguana, dead iguana,
Lying there
In my sauna.
O how I loathe thee,
Dead iguana.

Dead leopard, dead leopard,
Draped across
My German Shepherd.
I can now see thee,
Dead leopard.

Dead fish, dead fish,
Who put you
In my soap dish?
What the heck?
Dead fish.

Dead possum, dead possum,
Stuffed in my
O how you are
Dead possum.

Dead love, dead love.
Smashed to pieces
From above.
O how I wonder. . .
Dead love.

Dead lemur, dead lemur.
"Look at me,
I'm a dreamer."
You lose,
Dead lemur.

Wow, I really need to get a job! (Or a hobby or something.)


  1. I especially like how the possum stanza doesn't rhyme at all!!!