Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dancin' in the Street

God provides. One of the many things that has been weighing heavily (okay, maybe not heavily) on my mind, is how on this sweet green earth am I going to manage a summer without dancing? My first thought was to sign up for summer classes at the local dance studio. But that takes both time & money. I have various objections to both. So listened to contra & swing music & was sad. Until one night, Mum & rented a movie called Swing Kids. It's about teenagers during WWII who loved swing dancing/music. After it was over, Mum looked at me & said, "Is that what you do?" I responded, "Well, basically. They do more of the Liddy Hop, whereas Christendom is into the West Coast Swing. So we do more moves & whatnot, but yea." "Can you teach me?" And that's how it started. Mum now has the triple step down. (It works better, because our house is tiny. So I'm back swinging.
Tonight I went to my parishes youth group. I'm good friends with the youth minister & all the (seven) people in it. This was the first meeting I've been to, as it's a fairly new developement. (As in, the last 3 or 4 months.) Our YM wasn't there, so it was more of a discussion led by one of the guys there. At one point we talked about evolution v. creationism. We talked about many places where evolution failed. I then said, (I kid you not) "In the way that the Creation account is set up, shows the order and goodness of God. It begins with the sun, giving light and then continues with the culmination of Man coming into time. It sets the stage for the Incarnation." Wow, name that professor! I should tell DO'D, I bet he'd be proud. After youth group,Constancia, Magdalena, another girl, & I were hanging out outside. They complimented my skirt & how swirlly it was. I thanked them & said I couldn't wait to swing dance in it. (Captian Oblivious is going to have fun with this one! It's not the green one, but it's pretty cool.) Constancia then said those words, "I wish I knew how to swing dance." That was all I needed. So on the sidewalk, right outside the church, I taught Constancia & Magdalena the basics. I also taught Magdalena the Lendler. I guess dancing just follows me where I go. Though they did say it was hard, because they're all substantialy taller than I. They said they'd like the boys (yes, that's you guys CO, Ibid, PQ, Peach, & Ry!) to come up here & teach them how to dance. I can't say I'd mind too much myself! :)
Two random thought: 1. On my way back from church I almost hit a bird & two bunnies. I was on a bike. 2. Props to Jericho for getting a perfect score on my quiz!


  1. How many people did you teach the Lendler at Christenom... 50? Lets just say I'm surprised you friends don't know every move in the book already.

  2. I also have been doing some dance lessons so far this break. I have taught my sister how to waltz (thanks to my cd) and to swing (thanks to Frank Sinatra). Next I will teach the line dances. HEHEHE

    WP, you almost hit a bunny?