Thursday, June 16, 2005

Closelines That Didn't Quite Make It

I've been looking through my notebook from this last semester, I've found quite a few closelines scribled in the margins that never made it to the Chronicler. Some were submitted, but rejected. Some never got beyond the "Ladies for Larry" cover of my notebook. I figured this would be a splendid time to post some of these.

Cover the popcorn, I'm gonna Febreeze!
-- Sydney (Disclaimer: she was talking about the spray one uses to get bad smells, or Quias, out of rooms.)

I've been doing it all my life.
Well that's okay, now you can stop.
--Dominick (Ah, forensics.)

Knowing Ren and knowing of Ren are two different things. It's like experiencing the Holocoust or reading about it.
-- Tokyo

Concupiscence is our disordered passions caused by Original Sin.
-- WP
Well my disordered passions tell me that Brad Pitt is really hott!
-- Tokyo

Science, I said science. Science again.
Process of Rubbing Two Objects Together
-- heading of my physics notes one day (yes, PQ, I took notes!)

Some people hear colors and taste sound.
-- Dr. Townsend

It's so pretty!
-- WP
Well it is!
-- Dr. Townsend

History (Dr. Schwartz unplugged.)
The heratics need to be punished.
-- Dr. Schwartz (said with a mischevious glint in his eye.) I copied this & ilustrated it with lightening bolts.

Beware the badly dressed men with sticks.
-- Dr. Schwartz (Oh, the troubles of pilgramages.)

Okay, fine. I'll be Pope
--Dr. Schwartz

(Okay, maybe you had to be there for that one.)

Musings in Lit Class
Idifferent people are squishy.

Theological facts are my friends.
--both by WP

If you were a horse, that backpack would weigh more than your average rider.
-- CO to WP

Illogical Logic
At the end of the day, why are we giving truth to each other? What? Is it a hot potatoe?
-- Dr. Cuddeback

Am I right, like rainbow trout?
-- Peachy

Quia is a man.
-- CO

Ahh, the power of a pig.
-- Ibid

After having eaten the admiral for dinner, the cannibal threw up his arms in disgust.
--Dr. Cuddeback

Some men are not birds.
-- syllogism conclusion ('s valid, but is it true?)

Some bird watchers like to spread their wings.
-- Meghan (possible conclusion)

Up with falsity, down with truth!
-- Logical, but not moral, saying

Men are risible because they draw raindeer on cave walls.

Either all groundhogs nurse their young, or some grounghogs don't nurse their young.
If some ghs do not not nurse their young, then baby ghs eat their parents.
No baby ghs eat their parents.
All ghs nurse their young.

All men are evil people.
Evil people go to Hell.
All men go to Hell.
--Barbara by Meghan



  1. You mis-quoted: The joke goes:
    "After having the admiral for dinner, the cannibal threw up his hands in disgust."

    "Are you for real"- Jerico
    "No, I'm for illusion"-Peachy

  2. *laughter;-);-);-0;-)* hahahahahohohohohooehehehehe...I think I'm about to go through Christendom withdrawal also...if i don't die laughing first....*my sides hurt* ;-);-);-)

  3. Some people do hear collors and tast sound. Its called synesthesia. Walt Disney supposedly had it and thats why he made Fantasia.

    What if the adult groundhogs eat their your?

    "It's not very nice to use the school president as firewood" - WP