Saturday, June 18, 2005

Books and Little Sisters

I just finished reading the science fiction novel Ender's Game. I took me all of friday to read it. All I can say is: I am glad I'm not Andrew! In the book Andrew, or Ender as he was called, was a six year old child prodigee taken from his family by the government and sent to and orbital boot-camp so that he could learn to run the entire military. I cannot imagine a more scaring childhood than the one in this boot camp. Ender was forced to actually kill two other children in order to survive and learn his lessons. There was also the memory of his sadistic older brother Peter who tourtured Ender when he was small and then succeeded in conquering the world by the age of twelve. It was a curious story and, believe it or not, it actually seem a little insightful. The whole time they were training Ender to be a cold-blooded killer, He never stopped empathizing with his enemies. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, Ender actually felt sorry for his enemies. The story wasn't too christian but it was very human in the best sense of the word. The book was facinating and I actually think there was a strong anti-Darwinian argument to be made out of it, but I can't really go into anymore detail here.

On a kind of funny note, my sister Bridget walked into my room yestersay and gave a really big hug. She does this almost every day. This time though, she told me that she thinks I would make a great dad and that I should quickly get married and have children. I told her that I might just do that but it would have to wait a few years because I was still in school.
I've never felt any strong call to the priesthood or religious life. I've always figured that getting married and raising a family was probably my calling. It caught me offguard however that my eight year old sister would tell spontaneously tell me this. She's a very cute little girl. I suspect she just wants some new friends.

See y'all in the fall! (That rhymes!) God Bless.


  1. Okay, so the whole "I am glad I'm not Andrew!" is quite possibly the most confusing thing I've ever heard you say! (& that includes anything you've ever said in philosophy & physics!)

    Ya know, my friend Peter, that stayed with you & CO? He's got a younger bro named Andrew... And he's in the military. But he's not sadistic. He's very nice.

    That Brigdet thing is really cute. You sound like you've got a great sister.

  2. What a great little sister you have there Andrew...

  3. Yeah, that is a good book, if rather strange. Not as strange as his second book, Speaker for the Dead but still... the whole giant sequence in the computer game made me feel rather ill, just because what he did was so sadistic.

  4. Speaker for the Dead is a real book!?

  5. Andrew, my little brother Patrick has that book on his list for summer reading from DaMatha high school. He's going into his Freshman year.

  6. Matthew, my favorite books I've ever read, Ive read in middle school.