Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ah, the work place

The workplace is a very interesting place. It is a place to encounter many different peple, people who do not share the same thoughts or beliefs as you. People who do not believe in one God, or people who do not believe that Jesus was crucified.
(Now they are scratching their heads.)
I found myself today in a discussion with my Muslim co-worker. We were discussing religion. I was complaining about the Jack Chick Tracts I was reading. From there we got into a discussion. It was harder than talking with the Protestants, since there is not a hard link between our religions. I explained that I did not just say that I was Catholic because I was raised that way but said that I had actually looked into other religions. He explained parts of his religion, and it was more on edge than the discussion with the Protestants, but no one got hurt. I, however, do not see me being able to make much progress with him, since I am not prepared for the discussions. For what We both have that one-sided argument, that our holy book, be it Koran or the Bible, is the word of God. He could not believe in anyway that the New Testament was the word of God. The Old is but not the New.
I don't know. I need Dr. O'Donnell.
The other news is that Jack Chick really hates Catholics. Not only are we going to Hell, but we changed the Bible to suit our needs. (Sound familiar: I thought that's what Martin Luther did.) He claims the reason Mary statues are crying is that she is being worshiped (since she is based off of the Babylonians and such) but anyways.
I finished the book I was reading (Pilar in the Sky) and now I am working on catching up on my History of Christendom reading. Fun stuff.

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  1. I could have told tou all that and more about Jack Chick. It's curiously ironic though. According to Chick, Islam is a sect of Catholicism, but here you are talking with an actual Muslim and finding out just how different the two religions are. Its doubly ironic that the conversation was started by a Chick Tract.

    An idea for dialouging with Muslims that I picked up from reading Chick Tracts (even more irony!), is to discuss the religion from the historical perspective (yet more irony when you read Chick's denunciations of Islam.) Focus particularly on the life of Muhamed. His life is very damning if examined carefuly and an ad hominim attack is not a fallacy if the opposing argument is built soley on the bablings of one man.

    Just some suggestions.

    Also, interesting story, I recently had an 'interreligious' encounter. A woman tried to convert me to Catholicism! I don't know if I'll do it. It's kind of hard to convert to something you are already a part of.
    Oh well.

    Good bye, God Bless.