Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, guys, I'm on my way to recovery. I had my appointment yesterday, and my doctor went over everything that I need to do. She wrote a prescription to eliminate yeast that has been cultivating in my colon, and she told me to start taking Difidobacterium to replenish those which were choked out by the yeast. She explained that this is the overwhelming majority of my problem. With a healed digestive system, my immunodefense will improve, my digestion and absorption will improve, and thus my adrenal function will improve. She further stated that I did have a thyroid problem, but no test can find that because it was to intricate of an issue. Essentially, she knew there would be a thyroid problem because of the fact that the pituitary system depends upon itself. If the adrenals are out of whack, then the sex glands, thyroid, and pituitary gland will be that way too, and same with the other glands. So initially, yes, I did have a thyroid problem , which even that pantheistic hippie doctor couldn't tell me that, so how could he have told me that it stemmed from a colon issue? Well, that doesn't matter. What matters is God led my mother to find my present doctor to fix my issue.

Anyway, I thought you guys might want to know about the whole thing. I'm just glad to know that I am going to be okay, and that I don' have to live like this for long. God Bless guys, and thanks for your prayers!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

M. B. CD-R

I have begun the epic journey that is the Matthew CD series. I already re-did the Waltz and Slow Song CD (this one is much better) and have made several CDs for my brother and sister (that's Patrick and Clare). Now I am working on two great epics: one is my take on the Virgina Reel with my epic CD; the other is the Magnum Opus of the Birthday Singer's CD. It will contain such songs as "Kiss the Girl", all four of the songs sung by Simon and Garfunkle, "With or Without You", "Breakfast at Tiffiny's", "Brown Eyed Girl", and "That's Amore." Now some of these songs are not as famous, and some are only asked for once (and have become infamous). The one song I'm looking for is Salve Regina. I can't find it anywhere. Nor can I find "Red is the Rose", "Fields of Athanry" (sp), or any other Irish songs. So I come with questions for my humble friends. Should I allow intramental music if I can't find the songs with words. It would make my job easier.
If you can think of any songs that I might have forgotten, then please email me or post here on the blog. It would be a great help.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Slashdot | 50Mbps Cable Launched on Long Island

Slashdot | 50Mbps Cable Launched on Long Island

So we finally have it. Something better than T3. At least for the public. Cable internet is the best, as I have always said. T3 can only get up to 45 Mbps while cable can reach 50, 100, and as stated, will later reach up to 10 Gbps (internet V2, here we come!) You'd just better hope you have the cash for it and the computer to keep up with it.

I nearly forgot

Walter sent me a letter which I received today. It is a grade report, with the replaced grade, and a little note from him which says: "Welcome back, Ryan." thanks for your prayers guys!

ah, sweet Georgia


I am, by nature and by upbringing, a city boy. I have always loved gadgets and things that make my life easier and allow me to be more lazy, and things that distract me from the important things of this world: computers are my playground, I nearly always need a fan to fall asleep, it's hard to live without a car, I have to have wireless light switches because I don't like to find my way in the dark to my bed . . . any number of things, you name it, I probably have it, or at least want to but don't have the money for it . . . yet.

This weekend, as some of you know, I went to Georgia to sing for Katie Almeter (now Schaffer) and John Paul Shaffer's wedding (who, as a side note, looks errily like my uncle did before he put on some chub.) I must say, I have never been totally fond of the south, and have always been proud to claim yankee-ship. Something this weekend, however, made me wish to be southern. I entered the world of Dearing, Georgia; not knowing what to expect except that there were farms. First of all, they weren't the farms I knew growing up in Maryland as we would drive through the countryside to visit family. They have come to replace my mental image of farm. They are what the family was based upon before the industrial revolution; the center of culture and life, where the children were raised into far more than they have become today. I could say more, but there seems to be no way for me to describe it. In any case; I don't really know of one specific thing that attracted me to it. Honestly, I don't like being far from superstores, and I don't recall any Wal-Marts nearby. I don't like roads gray from the tar having seeped down and not having been recoated, causing for a less than smooth ride. I don't like a number of things that are country life. But this time, I did. I got away from it all. I was refreshed and renergized. I enjoyed the fact that you walked an eighth of a mile to get to choir practice in the morning, and walked that eighth of a mile back to change into your suit, and walking another eighth of a mile back just to use the iron and ironing board. I loved being without light pollution, noisy cars, sirens, unsightly buildings. I loved having a party outside singing songs while loads of summer-bugs flew around in the absence of any sort of citronella candle or bug repellant device. I loved the whole thing.

I don't know what caused it. I am getting used to this though: you know, that sort of "Woah, I never liked this or understood that before" thing. I have been growing up a lot recently, thanks be to God. I'm starting to lose my materialism. I will have the money by the end of the summer to buy a slew of things I want, but don't need, and I don't really want to buy them anymore. I'd still love to have them, it's not like I've lost my interest for the things in which I've always had interest, it's simply that I have finally realized the frivolity of 'things' and the importance of priorities. I'll build and upgrade my dream computer constantly, sure, but not until I have a roof for my wife and kids, clothing for their backs, food to keep them praying, serving, working and playing, my children educated, the needy aided, the church fixed, et cetera. I'm finally (pardon the crudeness) starting to not suck at life. It's an interesting way to put it, I know, but I think it is effective in bidding fairwell to the life used to live, that life before I really knew Christ, the Father, and the Spirit.

I had no point in all of this, as I rarely ever do. All I really wanted to say is that I will do what I can to live in such an environment with such awesome people in the community so that I can raise my children up in it, to pass on the legacy, and to get closer to creation to learn to better love and serve God.

Anyway, as always, I end up rambling and telling some majorly important thing that you have, or someday will hopefully realize. It's my life story, my journal, but live, for the world to see. I've always thought about the idea of being the star of something like The Truman Show, and how much I would have thoroughly hated it. I don't care now though. Here it is: my life, unscripted, uncopyrighted, unpatented, unabridged. Feel free to distribute as you like. God Bless!


Sunday, June 26, 2005


I have a confession to make...

Before I came to Christendom I was commissioned by extra-terrestrial beings from the star GS 25849 to assassinate Dr. O'Donnell. The assignment was to wait a year, blend in, and then to strike and to kill any unwitting collaborators. But now, as the time draws near, I find myself unwilling to go though with it. I have come to like you guys too much. This means that the extra-terrestrials will send another assassign to kill both Dr. O'Donnell and myself. I write this to warn you. Your lives are in danger. You may never see me again... I must hide. Good Bye.

God Bless.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Welcome to the Vomitorium

The best part of yesterday was when a little kid vomited into the pool and a was graced with the privalege of cleaning it up. Vomit in the pool is a nice break to the regular doldrum of yelling at kids who have never been disceplined in their life. You can tell I'm tired. Sometimes I just wish we could release crocodiles into the water. Or mabye if I could carry a shotgun as I lifeguarded. That would keep them in line.

My job's not so bad, actually. I just like to complain.

God Bless.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Life is Good, in a Mediocre Sort of Way...

I believe that today was quite possibly my busiest day since I've been home. I just wrote a five page paper and finished my final exam for CSC 201. I got up at seven sharp, started typing, took a break for lunch, and finished around five thirty when I had to go to class. The exam was take home and I did it during the day. It turned out that class was canceled so I took the extra time to go to Walmart and buy a belated Father's day gift for my day. When I came home early, both my parents assumed that I had gotten into an accident. I couldn't tell them what had actually happened which made me seem all the more guilty. My dad was spent dinner making fun of my hair which I've been too busy to cut and my face which I've been too busy to shave till I surprised him with a gift: fifty sheets of glossy photo paper (very practical! He appreciates practical gifts) Then the conversion turned to which school I should attend in the fall... I hate, loath that debate...

Life has its ups... and downs. Life continues and we deal with problems it throws at us. We can take comfort in the good things that we recieve along the way. I can't wait to see ya'll in the fall.

God Bless

Ah, the work place

The workplace is a very interesting place. It is a place to encounter many different peple, people who do not share the same thoughts or beliefs as you. People who do not believe in one God, or people who do not believe that Jesus was crucified.
(Now they are scratching their heads.)
I found myself today in a discussion with my Muslim co-worker. We were discussing religion. I was complaining about the Jack Chick Tracts I was reading. From there we got into a discussion. It was harder than talking with the Protestants, since there is not a hard link between our religions. I explained that I did not just say that I was Catholic because I was raised that way but said that I had actually looked into other religions. He explained parts of his religion, and it was more on edge than the discussion with the Protestants, but no one got hurt. I, however, do not see me being able to make much progress with him, since I am not prepared for the discussions. For what We both have that one-sided argument, that our holy book, be it Koran or the Bible, is the word of God. He could not believe in anyway that the New Testament was the word of God. The Old is but not the New.
I don't know. I need Dr. O'Donnell.
The other news is that Jack Chick really hates Catholics. Not only are we going to Hell, but we changed the Bible to suit our needs. (Sound familiar: I thought that's what Martin Luther did.) He claims the reason Mary statues are crying is that she is being worshiped (since she is based off of the Babylonians and such) but anyways.
I finished the book I was reading (Pilar in the Sky) and now I am working on catching up on my History of Christendom reading. Fun stuff.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Off to California!

Friends, I've had enough of New Iceland. I was lifeguarding today. My hands were cold, my body frteezing, and the air was frigid. Lifeguarding in a tee shirt and trunks when the air is 61* around this outdoor pool in a posh neighborhood.

So, that's the last straw. I've had enough of these gray clouds, this frigid air, this incessant rain; I'm going West where the freindly sun warms the lush earth, where the warm fluffy breezes play, where there are no gray clouds, but everything and everyone is happy and gay! ... not gay ...


Yes, I'm off to the land of the golden sun and golden gate, but not for your ordinary reasons. Neither the rolling surf crashing on Pacific shores, nor the stately redwoods which stretch up toward highest heaven nor ... what else is there in California anyway? Anyway, these have not summoned me! Rather, I am off to California to discern better my vocation. I am going to visit the Norbertine Abbey of St. Michael's. Otherwise, there are very few other reasons why on God's green earth that I'd ever think of visiting California! It's like Jonah going to Ninevah ... well, it's not that bad I guess, but pretty close! (I'm just picking on California, because I'm a prejudicial eastcoaster! ;) ).

So, why California? Or to put it better, why buy a pair of plane tickets that put you in debt to two siblings whose greatest profit from your spiritual journey is going to be at a rate of 45-50% interest on loans gained from last minute negotiating? Well, it all begins with my dear friend Quia. Quia suggested that I visit the Norbertines, since they were an Orthodox order, and there is a very holy priest there named Fr. N, who could help me in my discernment. Well, I need someone to help me, and since I know of no one other than the Legionaries of Christ, and I know of no one closer I can visit and have put me up, I thought, "why not?" I need a plan for praying about this sophomore year, so I need help. My stay at the abbey is for 4 days, and then Quia's family was going to put me up until I flew back. In the mean time, we might even meet up with Laurel, a cool Californian too, and then go to the beach since I've never seen the Ocean. Looking at Tampa Bay, and getting my feet wet at the Boston Harbor doesn't count. Quia and Laurel are cool Californians ... I think I'll go nuts, but it's one of the risks you take whenever you set foot on that krazy kalifornian soil.

In the interest of being like the natives as much as possible - oh, yes, Quia assured me that her part of California is civilized and still wears clothes, which is nice - I have compiled a small mini-dictionary for survival in Kalifornia especially for Easterners. It has several rules, but I'll give you a taste of the accuracy of the 1st ed. I think it still needs some work, however.


1. Always say "dude" or "dudette" as that is how the "people of Cahlifornya" address their men and womenfolk.
2. If you want to encourage somebody replace "good job" with the colloquial "surf's up, dude (dudette)!
3. When you wnat to indicate that something you find is pleasing and delightful or "cool", say "Narly". This you can follow with the appositive, "Dude".
4. Californians favorite adjective is "Tohtahlly". It preceds almost every superlative adjective as the superlative.

That's just the teaser section! Ah sources!
1. All the California movie shows.
2. The surfers on Y-a-me-ah from Star Wars (square root of 2)
3. The teenage mutant ninja turtles
4. The beach boys
5. Other California imitaors who try to be genuine and usually are brunettes who dye their hair blond.

Anyway, any thought, Quia! I'm sure it will help me and others go far over there. All excited for one Narly trip to California!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way

Sorry guys, this isn't a discussion of JP II's later writings. But I thought this would be fitting as it is my last post before I embark on the pilgrimage of a lifetime. (Save the pilgrimage that is our lifetime!) Tomorrow at really early in the morning, I'll fly out to VA *oh the cat just puked on my shoes, be right back* Okay, honestly, that cat is like having a small child around. We can't have anything breakable, no sharp pointy objects (oh wait, I think that one's because of me), she pukes randomly, & when we bathe her she cries. Except small children generally don't try to claw your face off. But I digress. Where was I? Oh yea, EST. *Oh, just a second again. Kitty, if you puke on my roses, I swear I'll put you in your kennel! All better* So after chillin' on the EC for a day, Katie, Sam, & I head out to the TERRA SANCTA!!! Okay, so it's finally starting to set in & all I can say is PEEEEEÑÑÑÑAAAAA HUUUUUUÑÑÑÑÑAAAAAAA!!!!
PEÑA HUÑA, PEÑA HUÑA, PEÑA HUÑA!!! WE'RE GETTIN' SO EXCITED!!!!! GETTIN' SO EXCITED, SO EXCITED, SO EXCITED!!!!! Alright, now that Quia's dog is bounding toward SD, I feel you all have experienced a small taste of what it's like in the WP house right now. :) So in the next 3 weeks, I'm going to be in 4 different states & a forgein country, I'll stay at 2 of my good friends' houses, stay at the most wonderful convent ever, and the Vatican embassy. Oh man, guys, I think I'm going to bust! :D But you probably all want to kill me right now. Just remember, I coming to visit some of yous! Carducci, Captain Oblivious, Low Riding Homie (Ed, is that what you decided on?), & Ibid? Peach, I can't believe you, I'm coming to NY & what do you do? Go to California! Loser. Just kidding, Peach, you're awesome! Well, I'd better get back to packing, I just need to let off some energy. Know that you are all in my prayers always, but especially as I get my pilgrimage on! Please pray for me & the rest of the pilgrims, that this may be a fruitful experience (with minimal loss of life & limb!) & that we may all grow closer to Our Lord. Also, if you could prayy for me for discernment. (I almost wrote, for the grace of final perserverence. Wonder what that was about. Hmm. Well, you can pray for that, too!) God bless you all! I love you all & miss you big bunches!

Books and Little Sisters

I just finished reading the science fiction novel Ender's Game. I took me all of friday to read it. All I can say is: I am glad I'm not Andrew! In the book Andrew, or Ender as he was called, was a six year old child prodigee taken from his family by the government and sent to and orbital boot-camp so that he could learn to run the entire military. I cannot imagine a more scaring childhood than the one in this boot camp. Ender was forced to actually kill two other children in order to survive and learn his lessons. There was also the memory of his sadistic older brother Peter who tourtured Ender when he was small and then succeeded in conquering the world by the age of twelve. It was a curious story and, believe it or not, it actually seem a little insightful. The whole time they were training Ender to be a cold-blooded killer, He never stopped empathizing with his enemies. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, Ender actually felt sorry for his enemies. The story wasn't too christian but it was very human in the best sense of the word. The book was facinating and I actually think there was a strong anti-Darwinian argument to be made out of it, but I can't really go into anymore detail here.

On a kind of funny note, my sister Bridget walked into my room yestersay and gave a really big hug. She does this almost every day. This time though, she told me that she thinks I would make a great dad and that I should quickly get married and have children. I told her that I might just do that but it would have to wait a few years because I was still in school.
I've never felt any strong call to the priesthood or religious life. I've always figured that getting married and raising a family was probably my calling. It caught me offguard however that my eight year old sister would tell spontaneously tell me this. She's a very cute little girl. I suspect she just wants some new friends.

See y'all in the fall! (That rhymes!) God Bless.

Friday, June 17, 2005

"Go Out into the World..."

The command of Jesus to spread his truth echoes in each of our hearts. As the blogs here so far have shown, there is a serious attempt by the members here of reaching out to the "lost sheep." For Jericho, it is the Jews; for me, it is my Protestant co-worker and my non-practicing catholic friends.
At UMD (University of Maryland for those who are behind) I work in the Master Control room of the business School. One of the guys there in charge of me is a Non-denominational Christian. On my first real day of work, Wednesday, I got to sit down and talk to him about one of my expertise: my school. So we were discussing my school, and I talked about the things we had to read in literature and mentioned how Freshman year lead up to the Divine Comedy. I then described the different parts of the poem, including Purgatory, which I then got into the Catholic teachings on Purgatory. My metaphor was that the soul is a pane of glass, sin is dirt. When we go to confession, we wipe off the dirt; however, there is still a smear. Purgatory gets rid of the smear, making us clean for heaven. He had never heard them before. We got into the teachings on the Trinity and the Incarnation, which he knew and believed. I talked a little about the sacraments, explaining Confession (which he seemed to like, since he said that exposing what you did bad was a good character of a man) and the Eucharist (which he himself supported in Scripture). In fact, the only things that we talked about that he differed on was the saints/Mary and Sola Scriptura. He said there was no scriptural evidence of praying through saints. I explained the praying as using a telephone: while you can just go straight to a person living near you to talk to them, it is easier to call them on the telephone. It acts as an intercessorary device. Such are the saints and Mary. They show us to Christ, who shows us to God. The other thing, of course, was trying to convince him that you need more than Scripture. It was hard, since I ran out of time. I haven't gotten to sit and talk with him since. I work again on Wed. Maybe something will happen then too.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Time to Rant and Roar Pt. 2

All this fun talk has convinced me to do some internet searching. To my surprise, I found the website for Catholic Family News. It is Now what you do is click on the Index page and that will lead you to the archives. Look for the article title and there you are. You can read the article for yourself. While you are at it, read the commentary on Pope Benedict XVI. It will make you frustrated.
Sorry for raising your blood preassures.

Word, words, words!

What is the matter my Lord? Between whom?

Ah, well do I remember those famous lines. Yesterday I wrote words, words, words. Today they are gone, and tomorrow ... well, I shall stick to today since tomorrow may never come!

Sometimes too many words are put on a page. Many words mean that much is not read, and the meaning is buried beneath the mountain of words. Just look at an insurance bill, or any sort of loan, and I think you will immediately understand.

The other day I wrote my good Catholic opinion on the points Ibid brought up from the article. Later that day, I actually read the article. Then I realized, there are many things in this world that refuse to budge even though all the words in the mind of man assail them. It was a waste of time to write so much, because as the saying goes, "there is nane so blind, as he who will not see". With people at CFN, no argument shall ever convince them, but only prayer and grace shall ever move their hearts so bound by bitterness and anger to spiritual communion with the Church.

Thus my vain words like all words fade away ...

Research? What's research?

Ok now, it is time to start on my CSC 201 research paper. That's right, not only am I takeing a compacted six week course but I get to write a research paper about obscure technical details that I have to scoure the Internet to find. On the bright side, Dr Heishman doesn't care a rat's @$$ whether I properly follow Turabian or not. Imagine that, a Turabian-free research paper. What joy! I don't even have to use footnotes! Seeing as I'm probably the only one in the class who has had a college or level writing course, I should have quite an edge.

These classes have been fun. And just a little easy.

Oh, and I was surfing the web the other night. I came accross something that I thought was surprising. It turns out that they are trying to put patents on sofware in the EU now. It didn't seem like a big deal until I realized that patents would placed on things the scrollbars and the double mouse-click. That's rediculous! I personally would have to end up paying money for some of the things I've done. Not to mention the hike in the price of software. Oh well, it doesn't sound like it will go through though. There isn't much popular support.

God Bless

Time to Rant and Roar Pt. 1

HELLO faans. welcome to Critiques of a Doormatt. Today, we will discuss an article that appeared in the Catholic Family News (May 2005 issue) about our former pope, John Paul II. The article, entitled "The Secret of Pope John Paull II's Success", discusses what made people begin calling him John Paul the Great even before his death. The article, however, does not support this view for a very important reason: He failed to preserve the doctines of the Church, sepcifically the one that stated "Outside the faith there is no salvation."
The article itself is facinating, long, and well supported with multiple sources, one of which is Abraham Foxman, a Jewis writer who praised John Paul II for recognising "the special relationship between Christanity and the Jewish people, while sharing his understanding of Judaism as a living heritage, of the permanent validity of God's covenant with the Jewish people."
The article continues with this comment on the above quote: "Foxman thus applauded John Paul II for rejecting the truth found in Scripture and in the defined dogmas of the Catholic Church, tht the New Covenant superseded and made obsolete the old Judaic Covenant. Foxman rejoices in the error that members of today's Jewish religion have their own covenat wiht God, and need not accept Jesus Christ nor convert to the Catholic Church for salvation."
You can see where this is going. The writer of the article discusses later the infalibility of the doctrine that JPII ignored. This is long, but here it is. It is from the Council of Florence, under Pope Eugene IV: "The Most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes, and preaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews, heretics, and schismatics can ever be partakers of eternal ife, but that they are to go into the eternal fire 'which is prepared for the devil an his angels,' (Mt. 25:41) unless before death they are joinged with her; and that so important is the unity of this Ecclesiastical Body, that only those remaining withing this unity can profit from the sacraments of the hurch unto salvation , adn that they alone can recieve an eternal recompense for their fasts, almsdeeds, and other works of Christian piety and duties of a Christian soldier. No one, let his almsgiving be as great as it may, no one, even if he pour out his blood for the Name of Christ, can be saved unless they abide within the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church."

Well, my hands are tired. I will comeback later to continue. Feel free to post what you think on this so far.

Closelines That Didn't Quite Make It

I've been looking through my notebook from this last semester, I've found quite a few closelines scribled in the margins that never made it to the Chronicler. Some were submitted, but rejected. Some never got beyond the "Ladies for Larry" cover of my notebook. I figured this would be a splendid time to post some of these.

Cover the popcorn, I'm gonna Febreeze!
-- Sydney (Disclaimer: she was talking about the spray one uses to get bad smells, or Quias, out of rooms.)

I've been doing it all my life.
Well that's okay, now you can stop.
--Dominick (Ah, forensics.)

Knowing Ren and knowing of Ren are two different things. It's like experiencing the Holocoust or reading about it.
-- Tokyo

Concupiscence is our disordered passions caused by Original Sin.
-- WP
Well my disordered passions tell me that Brad Pitt is really hott!
-- Tokyo

Science, I said science. Science again.
Process of Rubbing Two Objects Together
-- heading of my physics notes one day (yes, PQ, I took notes!)

Some people hear colors and taste sound.
-- Dr. Townsend

It's so pretty!
-- WP
Well it is!
-- Dr. Townsend

History (Dr. Schwartz unplugged.)
The heratics need to be punished.
-- Dr. Schwartz (said with a mischevious glint in his eye.) I copied this & ilustrated it with lightening bolts.

Beware the badly dressed men with sticks.
-- Dr. Schwartz (Oh, the troubles of pilgramages.)

Okay, fine. I'll be Pope
--Dr. Schwartz

(Okay, maybe you had to be there for that one.)

Musings in Lit Class
Idifferent people are squishy.

Theological facts are my friends.
--both by WP

If you were a horse, that backpack would weigh more than your average rider.
-- CO to WP

Illogical Logic
At the end of the day, why are we giving truth to each other? What? Is it a hot potatoe?
-- Dr. Cuddeback

Am I right, like rainbow trout?
-- Peachy

Quia is a man.
-- CO

Ahh, the power of a pig.
-- Ibid

After having eaten the admiral for dinner, the cannibal threw up his arms in disgust.
--Dr. Cuddeback

Some men are not birds.
-- syllogism conclusion ('s valid, but is it true?)

Some bird watchers like to spread their wings.
-- Meghan (possible conclusion)

Up with falsity, down with truth!
-- Logical, but not moral, saying

Men are risible because they draw raindeer on cave walls.

Either all groundhogs nurse their young, or some grounghogs don't nurse their young.
If some ghs do not not nurse their young, then baby ghs eat their parents.
No baby ghs eat their parents.
All ghs nurse their young.

All men are evil people.
Evil people go to Hell.
All men go to Hell.
--Barbara by Meghan


A Day at the College

I know that this may sound weird, but I am suffering from Christendom withdraw. What is this disorder, you ask? Well, it consists of the wish to get into my classes, the longing to hear Dr. O'Donnell introduce a major speaker, the wish to run around like a crazy person with you guys, and that's just scratching the surface. I even miss the food! So that is why I am glad for the summer institute.
The Summer Institute this year is about the "Year of the Eucharist". The Speakers are Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Fr. Groeschel, Dr. O'D, Fr. William Saunders, and Fr. Mastroeni. It is on July 16th, a Saturday. If one to go registers by July 1, it is only $75 for singles/ $125 for the married couples and the Banquet dinner is only $25 per person.
So is anyone else going???? My mom said I could go, and I wish I could see some of you guys there. If not, I understand.
Well, that's all for me. I may post later a critique on an article concerning JPII's papacy. Frankly, I find the article harsh and well supported. To give you a taste, it is about how JPII's papacy was a failure for the same reasons that people say that it was a success: His support of members in non-Catholic religions.
You shall see.

And I said to myself... what a wonderful world

And what a wonderful world it is. Boy, if I were an aetheist, I think I would shoot myself right now. Man v. the elements, four hundred million to one against. But, I'm not an aetheist, therefore, la vita es bella! Because, let's face it, no matter how dark and stormy everything gets, as long as God loves you (and like it or lump it, He always will) life couldn't possibly better be. Oh, sure your life could be better, more in accord with His Will, but life in general. . . no way. Why this strange reflection? Well, things have gotten kind of strange out here. First there was my dad and his kidney stone. He's all right now (Thanks for all your prayers guys), but that was a little disturbing when it happened. Then, Brendan and I have started up a batch of orange wine that should be ready about this time next year. I got a taste of the mead that he started about a month and a half ago, and it is already extremely tasty. You know you come from a weird family when your thirteen year old brother knows more about wine than you do. That was last week.
Today was really crazy. Worked for about an hour with Ellen on my Irish dance steps in the early afternoon. . . Jenne, I don't care how much endurance you have, by the time the summer is over Claire and I are going to dance you and KC into your dotage. Then I headed out to work. I finally started working my steady job today, at a pub in Arlington called Molly Malone's. It's a great place, and the guy who trained me today was absolutely amazing. He was the kind of guy who always had a good word for everybody he spoke with, energetic, thoughtful and really principled. He spent the whole time not only dealing with all his customers, but also showing me all the ropes and giving me all kinds of great tips, which God willing I will remember tomorrow. But, oh my word, I had no idea just how draining waiting tables was (if you want to do it properly.) You have to be "on", aware of everything that is going on around you sixty seconds a minute, sixty minutes an hour. It's like sitting in Doctor O'Donnel's class all day long! It doesn't help that there is always Irish music coming over the speakers, like the song of the Sirens calling to Odysseus, tempting you to let your mind wander for just a moment. . . See the stone set in your eye, see the thorn twist in your side. . . Dang, it's going to be a fun job if it doesn't kill me! But life couldn't just give me a good day with a good man. So about a quarter of the way through my shift Alannah comes in looking for my mom. My sister had just been bitten by a copperhead, and was in the hospital. (She should be all right, but if you guys could pray for her that would be great.) So now here I am, at twelve forty in the morning absolutely wiped, hanging on for dear life, praying for my sister and wondering what tommorow is going to bring. Ah, well. . . Carpe diem ad (enim?) majorem Dei gloriam (Seize the day for the greater glory of God) & Go mbeannaí Dia thú (God bless you all) Augh, need to say something in Portugese too. . . dagnabbit Matt. . . oh, wait a minute. . . Falto a todos vocês tanto. Por favor reze por mim e rezarei por você (I miss you all so much. Please pray for me and I will pray for you) Till next time, I remain yours in Christ;
Captain Oblivious

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Little Flower

It is said that students do an immense amount of growing between their freshman and sophomore year. By looking at these posts and talking to ya’ll, I see this is true. I am extremely proud to call you guy friends (and family, hehehe.) Each and every one of you has done something incredibly brave and/or mature. I was pondering this last night as I sat on my couch eating cereal (Shredded Wheat, not a smart choice, I was up the rest of the night contemplating cutting my insides out) and watching mindless sitcoms. I realized that so far, most of my summer has been spent in front of the computer, or the TV, or playing video games. I’m getting better at Halo 2! (Although I’m still royally bad!) Part of this is because I wanted to make a scrapbook of my freshman year of college, because I’m not sure if I’ll have a sophomore, junior, or senior year. So I’ve been playing with my pictures a lot. I’ve been staying up later & later & have quickly become almost completely nocturnal, as you guys may have noticed.
Now by nature I’m not someone who takes well to being still. I like to be out there doing something. I love going places & being involved in projects. I love helping people (or plants). I haven’t do much of anything this summer. The excuse I gave: I was keeping my schedule open in case I found a job. It started out grounded in wisdom, part of the reason I couldn’t get a job in high school was because I was always too busy. But after almost a month, I’m still unemployed. It’s kind of funny, I have 2 job applications laying on the couch next to me. One is half filled out & the other untouched. I keep saying I’ll “get to them” or “fill them out later.” I’ve been saying that for about two weeks. And yet, as CO can attest to, I’m still complaining about not having a job. Part of the problem is jobs are scarce here. Very few places can afford to hire someone for 3 months. But there are places. I have allowed myself to get discouraged. I have let my human fear of rejection get the better of me & have retreated into a shell of sloth. Sure, I’ve done some Latin, read some history, but nothing that’d get me past the 5th grade. (Well, maybe that’s an under exaggeration.)
This morning, I went out to check my flowers. I first went to my roses. The one looked fine. Nothing extraordinary, nothing bad. The other pot looked like I felt, withered, tired, & kind of grumpy. It had plenty of water, plenty of sun, but not too much of either. The other pot had exactly the same & was doing fine. I made a note to give it some fertilizer & maybe spend some time with it, then moved on to my African Violet. It was there that I had my revelation. For this to be significant, I must go back to the beginning. (I’m so sorry this post is getting long!)
This little flower’s story goes back to sometime mid 2nd semester. I had my flowers by Kateri's room at the end of the hall in what became the Campion Mary Garden. Occasionally girls added their own flowers to the mix. One day a little African Violet showed up. I didn’t think anything of it, until after spring break. Thanks to CO, I made sure my flowers had ample water while I was gone, but this poor little flower had none. When I arrived back at school, my flowers were just happy little things, but the violet was almost totally brown. It’s blossoms had fallen off & it’s one remaining leaf was curled almost beyond recognition. Carducci convinced me to try to bring it back to life. After about a week of tlc, the disfigured leaf had fallen off, but miracle! a new, healthy, green one had taken it’s place. In less than two weeks, it had beautiful delicate purple blossoms. I took care of the flower for the rest of the year & it flourished. At the end of the year, I figured it’s owner (I still didn’t know who it belonged to) would claim it. Plus I had plenty to try to figure out where my plants were going to go & how I was going to take my roses on the plane. As I was getting my final things in order, I noticed the African Violet was still on the table with my roses. Almost everyone was gone from my wing except my Laura & I. It had been abandoned! It didn’t take much deliberation to figure what I needed to do. I had been loathe to leave that little thing in the first place. So along with my roses, I wrapped it up in plastic wrap & put it in my carry on. As soon as I got home, I unwrapped my poor flowers. My roses seemed stunned, but after a couple of days, they bounced back. The African Violet was a different story. Every time I looked at it, there was more brown. 1st the blossoms died, then the leaves, then the stems. I had never seen anything living so dead. I felt so guilty for killing it. I really loved that plant. I felt selfish for trying to bring it home with me, when obviously I should’ve found a home for it in VA. But I kept watering it & putting it in the sun, just as it liked it. I don’t know why I did so. It had no leaves, how could it possibly come back? There was just no way. Then a couple of days ago, as I watered it, I noticed something green peeking out of the dirt. I dared not hope, but did anyway. And this morning I saw what I had been hoping for. A leaf! An new, healthy, green leaf. That’s when it struck me. If my African Violet can come back from almost certain death twice, I can continue trying to find a job or do something that would be a good use of my time. If there’s one thing I learned last summer, it’s time is precious; our time on Earth is limited. Even if I live to be 100, I don’t have enough time to waste 1 minute, much less a whole summer. So from this point on, the WP is getting off her duff & do whatever God wants right now, right here, with what I’ve been given. I will not think what I’m going to do once I get to the nunvent or back to school or if I get a job. I’ve had my head so far in the future, it’s finally hit my posterior & now I think I’m back where I belong. I’ve decided it really doesn’t matter what state my body’s in, as long as my mind’s in the right one!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I was just about to go into a whole philosophical thing on communication and discuss how it lacks now-a-days, but I shan't (not now anyway) because I have something else to say. I've found this program that will allow us to call eachother (no matter where) for free. Skype is a cool little program that acts like MSN messenger, or AIM, but instead you use a microphone and speakers to talk. You can even call regular phone numbers with it (although that comes with a cost.) I figured that we should all get it and that way we can keep in contact better during these summer months.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Ah, the unjoys of worrying about money.

So I've been working for my dad for some time now, and I'm making a modest $10 an hour. The hours are rather unsteady, however, so it's not a clean cut income. Sure I'll make a dear amount of money this summer, and I'll have a great amount of time for myself on my hands, but I need to start building my financial foundation now. If I end up getting married right out of college, or shortly thereafter (not to say that I will, by no means, as of right now, do I think I will--I've got too much growing to do), I would have so much monetary responsibility. Even without getting married, there is a lot to think about. A house, car and insurance, life and health insurance, clothes, food, bills. Forget all those things you wanted so badly, cause all they'll do is screw you over financially. Think about it: if you get married and have a child within the first year of marriage (which would most likely happen,) you have medical bills to pay, new gadgets and safety devices to buy unless there are a lot of old generous or rich people invited to the baby shower. Man! How could I forget! Education debt! Oh my goodness. I don't want to think about that. That's what I want to pay off now. Go away, that's what I say. Start making gobs of money to pay it off now so that I don't have horrendous accrual after 3 more years. That way all I have to do is pay like maybe the last year and a half to two years off after I leave. I'm going off. Goodness, all I wanted to say is that I'm deliberating getting a second, evening job, probably delivering pizza or the like.

Essentially, do I want time to myself every day; time to read, goof of on the computer, to post, to hang out with friends, or do I want to make a lot of money to save up, and pay off my debts, and not have too much time but the weekends to myself? I don't know yet, but I need to decide soon. Vacation is next week, then the wedding, and after that weekend is when I would need to be working that second job for any efficacy.

I'd like you guys' input, because, of course, I trust your opinions.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The sun, chlorine and my laptop computer

I find life guarding to be extremely unrewarding drudgery, but every so often it pays off. Take this weekend for example. Just like every other day I spent the day standing in the hot sun from about 11:00 to 8:00 yelling at little chilren to stop running, to slide feet-first and the like. I got sunburned, again. One parent took a grudge against me and complained behind my back to my supervisor. I never found out the reason. I got into trouble for it anyway. All in all, it was going pretty poorly just as I generally expected.

At around 3:00, however, something happened. I was on break and was checking the clock for when I would have to go up again when I saw a very small child climb into the lazy river. The water in the river was at least six inches above the kid's head and the current was pretty strong. (I have no idea what was going through the her mind when she did that.) The guard on duty at that station wasn't paying attention at the moment (it was after all, a very hot day that sunlight can do horrers to your brain if you're not carefull). I raced over, jumped into the pool and picked the kid out of the water.

It's going to be hard for me to forget the expression that was on the little girl's face when I saw her in the water struggling to breath. She looked more surprised than anything. I guess she didn't expect that the water was over her head. I'm entirely not sure about it about, but if I hadn't been watching at that exact moment she could have gone halfway around the river without anyone noticing. She was so small and inconspicuous. Helping people like that is what makes the whole job gratifying.

Oh, and I have some questions for anybody who would care to offer their opinion. Mainly do you think these rules are too strict or unnecessary? I get the impression that some of them are but I'm really the only one at the pool who does.
First of all dress code: Every one must wear proper swim attire and cannot wear any clothing whatsoever into the pool aside from a pure white teeshirt.
Secondly, the lazy river: Everyone, and that means everyone must have their own tube and must stay in it at all times. This includes adults who can easily stand in the three foot deep water. And forbids parents from helping smaller children who might have trouble with their tubes.
Am I right in thinking that these are a little supefluous or am I just a bad lifeguard? Your opinions would be welcome.


I'm the only one at the pool who does his homework on a laptop during breaks. It's actually kind of nice to have something mentally stimulating to do during those really boring sits.

Growing up

I've done a lot of growing up in the past two years; so much growing that I think that it cannot be matched by any growing I've done thus far excepting those pre-schooling years (1-5). I realized that I had to actually say that I was ready to grow up, because before that, I've always had some sort of cling to youth, to those good old days. In a way, I sort of just expected it to happen. That one day (after some time, of course, not just overnight), I'd have a better and more adult perspective on life. Well, it did happen that way, just not as I thought--isn't that the way God always does it though? I awoke to find myself saying that I am ready to grow up, and I said to God: "God, I'm ready. You can come in now and do what you have to" because in essence, I was shutting God out of that part of me because I didn't want to totally grow up, as if I were scared or something.

So here I am, typing on the computer, and I've decided to bust out the book again. Yep, that infamous book in the days of youth (the book that most of you may actually never have heard of) /The ABCs of Choosing a Good Wife/ by Stephen Wood. I figure that if this really is my vocation (of which I am nearly 100% certain) I should be working on becoming prepared for it. Most who enter into their vocation are mostly never ready when it occurs, but I'd like to be as ready as possible. So after I finish helping Mr. Rabideau (some friends' dad) put the engine back in Mark's (one of those friends) truck, and I catch up with Mark and Lacy (his wife), I'll be coming back home to re-read this book. Pray for me guys, I'll pray for you. Let's make next semester the best growing time we've had thus far in our lives. Let's don't be shut-off to eachother (speaking mainly to myself) and let's be as charitable and humble as possible.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Me duele la cuerpa!

Hola. Ibid dijo quiero escribir en nuestro idioma navita. Ayer/hoy fue Posta por Vida. Me duelen pies. Me duelen piernas. Me duelen la rodillas. Me duelen tálons. Me duele la espalda. Me duelen el codos. Me duelen los brazos. Me duele cuello. Me duele el estómago. Me duele el pecho. ¡Me duele! Nosostros andamos, baílamos, y corrimos noche todo. Enseñé lecciónes de baile.

Okay, so maybe Spanish is my native language & though I was fluent when I was 3, I'm not so good anymore. If you couldn't read the top, basically I was saying that Ibid requested all posts be in one's native language. I was attempting to comply. Although his second request was that it was done correctly. Now, I'm not sure if that's all grammatically correct. But I do know it's much better than my Latin! (Don't worry guys, the only other language I could possibly try to post in is German & I'm scared to talk in German aroun Ry.) Thanks to all ya'll who gave me pointers on the Latin. :)
Anyway, as I was saying. Last night was Relay for Life. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a fund rasier for the American Cancer Society. My youth group had a team; we do it every year. So last night we went out to the local track & camped out in the infield. From 7pm to 7am we had to have someone from our team walking on the track. In past years the youth group has had enough people to split into 2 to 4 subteams. This year we had barely enough for 1. My insomnia was put to good use. I don't know how many miles I ended up walking. But when I wasn't walking, some of my friends decided they wanted to learn some more swing dance moves. Then polka. Then back to swing. And later some more polka. It was tons of fun. I even did the Hudson with one of the 7th grade girls. But everyone thought it was so cool, that when anyone got done walking, we had to show them. So we ended up doing it about 10-15 times. I don't know if I did my part quite right, my back hurts! I was going to go to a rodeo tonight, but my whole body is so completely & totally sore, walking is fun. I look like an old lady. Uff, Ry & Quia, you're mom's getting old. She can't move like she used to! But after walking, dancing, & running all night, I have only three words for Quia & Captian Oblivious: bring it on!

A very productive day

WOW! What a productive day! I had a blast at the Homeschooling convention. I didn't see Dr. Cuddeback (he speaks tomorrow) but I did see Dr. Carroll (the man, not the woman), along with the great likes of Ambrose and Beef. Crazy uh? Anyway, I bought a lot of books (so many that I will have problems putting things away). They include some for school and some for fun. Among the highlights are: Orthodoxy, The Man Who Was Thursday, and Ballad of the White Horse by Chesterton; Vol. 2-4 of History of Christendom, The Last Crusade, 1917:Red Banner, White Mantle, and other books by Dr. Carroll; Sir Gawin and the Green Knight (trans. J.R.R. Tolkien); Common Sense; City of God; Summa Theologica; and Dr. Cuddeback's book on friendship (I forgot the title). Other books too. So great.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Ok, I finnally got JWumpus to work as an applet. I'm just having trouble getting to upload to the blog. I may take awhile to get it working. However, if you're impatient, you can follow this link:
It sould link you to a web page where it is working.
If it breaks on your computer, your browser may not support it(sorry.) If you feel like it you can fix it by downloading the latest Java drivers Sorry about the annoying posts, I'll delete them eventually.

Savel! uh, Salve! (I'm more lysdexic than Quia!)

Quia et mei loquimus. Ad invicem liugua Ecclesiae loquibimus. Ad Latin scribebo. Est difficis. Quando video ad liberum, audio vox Mr. Stricklandi.

Wow, this is harder than I thought! Did any of that make any sense? Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong!

Hell and Back

I figure that because most of you do not know where I have been and why I was gone, I should update. You see, it all begins with my health issues way back into the semester. I, at times most inconvenient, would have bouts of most sever depression, and that mixed with procrastination is a demon spawned in hell, for it causes one who is overwhelmed with work, to put off further certain daunting tasks. In short, there were two papers that I never got in. For those of you who were in Keats, you might recall that the papers totalled 40% of our final grade. From here you can do the math: the lowest possible passing grade is a 60 . . . unless I had gotten 100 on everything else (which I know I didn't,) I failed. Failing means that you get no points for that course whatsoever. As it was put to me, even if I had all B's in my other courses (4 others) that would still only put me at a 2.0; however, mind you that I had Fr. Mastroeni again this past semester. . .
So now it stands as a GPA suitable of a 'P', or accademic probation. Problem is, that because of Fr. Mastroeni's class last semester, I already had a 'P'. Two 'P's = one goodbye. Walter, by the way, had next-dayed my grades to me, so I received them Tuesday last week. Needless to say, my parents were not thrilled, and neither was I. By God's grace, however, I had been on things and had called Dr. Keats the day before the grades came in, and was able to find out that I could do something about this by getting the papers in. Long story short, I finished the first paper off and emailed it to him Thursday evening/Friday morning, and I have just finished the second, which I will be sending him shortly. I talked to Walter yesterday, and was able to confirm that when Dr. Keats gets the handwritten grade-change into him, all of those papers that were on file saying that I failed out, will be promptly disposed of, and my sophomore year at Christendom will be close at hand. Thank you very much for those who had me in their prayers, for I have needed it, not just in getting through this, but also having the humility to be able to tell this truthfully to you guys. It has been a learning experience, and I shall never want to do this again. You guys shall see me posting again soon, after, of course, I regain all of that sleep I lost. God Bless, and happy summer-ing . . . ness.

Pictures update updated

Yes, there are more pictures. My sweet & wonderful Laura felt "quilty" about not giving me the rest of her pictures. So today I got two CD's in the mail. Oh that Laura. She didn't have to feel quilty, but I much appreciate the pictures, as I think you will also. Once again, the address is here. The album "Laura's Pictures" should come up right away. If you see rather startling pictures of Quia eating cake & blowing bubble gum, you're in the right spot! Along with scarey pictures of Quia (which she'll probably kill me for!), there's Katie's birthday party, Mystery Dinner Theater, IHOP, random moonlight dances, Jericho spasing out, me packing & eating month old Spagetti-Os, some pictures from the nun run (although CO sent those to me, not Laura), and about half of her Hamlet pictures. If anyone really wants all of them (there's over 200) *feeble laugh* I'll send you the CD. There is one picture that I think is funny enough to warrant being put right here. It shouldn't be veiled by a link. (And I'm sure if I'm not dead by the time Quia gets through with me, I will be when CO sees this! :P)

And he told us Osric was his first role as a fop!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Law suites

I am pissed right now as all get out!

Just to fill you in, I forgot to tell you before, but my second week back I got into an accident. I tried to make a U-turn and forgot to look behind me (really dumb I know...) and I slammed the big van into a tiny little car. It turned out just to be a fender bender, no one was hurt I just got a minor ticket and the guy in the other car said he was OK. I was late for school.

Anyway, I thought it was all over two weeks ago, but I just revieved a phones call informing that the guy has discovered that he recieved an injury of some sort and is pressing charges. I really doubt that he was hurt, he was all fine and dandy at the scene of the accident. I guess he just decided to make some extra money...

Anyhow, I am pissed at him for doing this. People like that should be denied legal rights, or something... I don't know. This whole deal is going to be a huge and expensive pain I'm sure. pray for me and pray that the same doesn't happen to any of you. Godbless.


The time is 5:49 am Central Standard Time. No, I am not an extremely virtuous person who gets up early every morning. You should know that by now. No, I did not suddenly decide to change my ways. In fact I'm feeling decidedly unvirtuous right now. Mostly because I'm grumpy.

This is a picture I drew of myself just a few minutes ago while my mum was freaking out because she thinks my spinal fluid is coming out my nose. Yes you heard me right. Welcome to life at the WP's house. Anyway, I drew this picture using my new photo editing software called GIMP. What was wrong with my old software? You may ask. Well, nothing. It was just fine & I liked it & knew how to use it & can do plenty of things with it (as many of you can attest to!)
So why am I getting new stuff? Quite frankly, I'm trying to one-up CO. Yea, real mature, I know. BUT, I don't think my beautiful plan will ever happen, because I don't know how to use the flippin' thing! (Okay, WP, calm down. No almost swearing on the blog.)*Back to tirade.* All I can do is make angry pictures of myself & I could do that with a [edited] piece of paper & a [more edits] pencil! Whew, I feel better. Hope ya'll didn't mind. :) I think the stress of vacation has gotten to me. I need a vacation from vacation!
Actually, that picture kind of makes me giggle now. (I am so sanguine!)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Possesed Pieces of Electronics

For those of you who are keeping track of my computer story, here is an update:
At the arrival of my person to my abode, I set up the computer and turned it on, hoping, praying....
It didn't work yet. I still got the same stupid message. Then my uncle and my dad looked inside, said they needed to look at it later. SO I waited.
Today I went to turn it on again (just for kicks) with my brother there (he's the one who just graduated from 8th grade). We turned it on and it loaded in safe mode. We restarted it and now....
Keep in mind, after you calm down, that this may only be a temporal event, a singular historic discovery.
I redid my Waltz and Slow Songs CD, spreading the songs out, removing some and adding others. I like this one better. I re-burnt it and have a new, pink CD to listen to. Needless to say, I played ADOM for an hour tonight. I forgot how annoyingly hard it is.
While I have the floor... I'm working 15 hours next week (7.5 hours a day) on Wed. and Thurs. Of course, I will have to take out taxes, but uncut (without doing taxes) I will be making $105 next week. However, knowing taxes, I'll probably get like 30 of it. Oh well.

Midterms!! In the summer!!

Just to let y'all know, I aced my midterms in ITP 120 and CSC 201 with a 97 and a 93 respectively. Thanks for the prayers, (those that bothered)

Also, just to set the record strait: I'm definately comming back this semester. Its the following ones that I have doubts about. Thank you all for the support by the way. I really appreciate it. You guys are great, really.

Oh, and I might have a goodie for you guys in a few days. Class this Tuesday was a review so I created JWumpus in lew of listening to the professor(It took me all of one hour to do this.) For those who are interested, JWumpus is my take on a very old game (from the seventies I think.) Once I can get my IDE to compile it as an applet, I'll post it here for you to play with. I should be able to do this on Friday when I have the time.

Goodbye ya'll. God Bless.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String

Well, the pony express came through. Not only do I have all my stuff (thanks papa!), but my grades as well. I didn't do quite as well as I'd hoped. Right now I'd be all over the grades that Propter Quid got. (If only!) But um, yea. I'm still here, barely. But I did get a B in History! Okay, gonna go cry now.

Live Journal

Well bloggers, I have entered the world of Livejournal. It's not quite as scarey as I thought & I still have all my limbs. :) I thought I'd let ya'll in on what I found. It started by checking out Tokyo's Livejournal. From there I found Hich & A-Jay. They haven't posted much since school let out, but it was really funny to read old posts about Hich winning money in poker from Ben & Ski.
Job update: I've got a couple of good leads. We will see!

Monday, June 06, 2005


CARDUCCI & Peachy, I'd suggest you take a look at ¿Qué?, you've been tagged for the book meme. Peach, I think you've been tagged twice. Sheila tagged you, too. Speaking of which, CO, don't forget about your half-finished post!

Report Card... Goodbye Christendom... Oh Well...

Bad news... My parents finally got a look at my grades. I got the usual "Do you really want to return to Christendom?... Its obviously not your thing" speach. I dunno... three B's and three C's is the worst grades I've gotten since first semester of my Sophmore year in High School (I hate french.)

I want to stay at Christendom, you guys are probably the best friends I've ever had.

As much as I hate to admit it though, I really should take my parents seriously. Especially with regards to money. When I came to Christendom I had enough in AT&T stocks to get me through any local school and wasn't planning to stay past sophmore year anyway. If I keep going now I won't have enough money for NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College... Where the 'N' stands for knowledge.)

...Speaking of which. My CSC 201 midterm is today. Wish me luck. (And say some prayers.)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dancin' in the Street

God provides. One of the many things that has been weighing heavily (okay, maybe not heavily) on my mind, is how on this sweet green earth am I going to manage a summer without dancing? My first thought was to sign up for summer classes at the local dance studio. But that takes both time & money. I have various objections to both. So listened to contra & swing music & was sad. Until one night, Mum & rented a movie called Swing Kids. It's about teenagers during WWII who loved swing dancing/music. After it was over, Mum looked at me & said, "Is that what you do?" I responded, "Well, basically. They do more of the Liddy Hop, whereas Christendom is into the West Coast Swing. So we do more moves & whatnot, but yea." "Can you teach me?" And that's how it started. Mum now has the triple step down. (It works better, because our house is tiny. So I'm back swinging.
Tonight I went to my parishes youth group. I'm good friends with the youth minister & all the (seven) people in it. This was the first meeting I've been to, as it's a fairly new developement. (As in, the last 3 or 4 months.) Our YM wasn't there, so it was more of a discussion led by one of the guys there. At one point we talked about evolution v. creationism. We talked about many places where evolution failed. I then said, (I kid you not) "In the way that the Creation account is set up, shows the order and goodness of God. It begins with the sun, giving light and then continues with the culmination of Man coming into time. It sets the stage for the Incarnation." Wow, name that professor! I should tell DO'D, I bet he'd be proud. After youth group,Constancia, Magdalena, another girl, & I were hanging out outside. They complimented my skirt & how swirlly it was. I thanked them & said I couldn't wait to swing dance in it. (Captian Oblivious is going to have fun with this one! It's not the green one, but it's pretty cool.) Constancia then said those words, "I wish I knew how to swing dance." That was all I needed. So on the sidewalk, right outside the church, I taught Constancia & Magdalena the basics. I also taught Magdalena the Lendler. I guess dancing just follows me where I go. Though they did say it was hard, because they're all substantialy taller than I. They said they'd like the boys (yes, that's you guys CO, Ibid, PQ, Peach, & Ry!) to come up here & teach them how to dance. I can't say I'd mind too much myself! :)
Two random thought: 1. On my way back from church I almost hit a bird & two bunnies. I was on a bike. 2. Props to Jericho for getting a perfect score on my quiz!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Everything and Anything

Well, this is the time when I like to put everything on my mind here at once. I wish I could explain myself, but I never can. So, here I go!
First order of business is the ever present vocation question. Due to my lack of knowledge (I am 50% Irish, remember) I am not sure of everyone's current state of life. Who has been divinely inspired and who just hopes? As for me, I hope not to make rash judgements so I, like Peachy, will take things as they come.
Secondly, I would like to state a very facinating thing. On Friday, thats the 10th or something like that, I will be going to the Home School Conference in Herndon, Virginia. Speacial speakers there include everyone's favorite Logic Prof. (that's Cuddeback for those who don't know) and Anne Carroll (WP's favorite Historian). There will also be rooms, that's right, rooms, of books to buy, both new and used. I have a long list to buy, including the entire 4 volumes of The History of Christendom, which I would love to own.
That leads me to my next part:
Did anyone who had Schwartz remember how far into The Glory of Christendom we were supposed to read? Also, I would like to know the other books he recommended we read outside of the class. Anyone who has your syllabis should have it.
This leads to my next topic, which is report cards. Now, I would like to say that, living closer to the School than others, I might have gotten my grades before you guys. But anyway, here they are:
LATIN: D+ :( :( :( :(
I think that's everything. Okey.
IBID out!


I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! I'm curious to see how ya'll do. :)

Life till Now

Good morning. I still impressed with Peter's decision. As for me, nothing so amazing has happened in the past few weeks. I catch y'all up anyway.

What was supposed to be a autoshop for Greg Roth turned into a two week stay when his car was still not fixed. He went to pick it up twice and both times it broke down before he got it to our house. He never did get it fixed. He rented a U-Haul last Tuesday and returnedto Saskatoon.

Two days after I got home I realized that it was both the last day sign up for community college summer school and the first day of classes. My mom dropped me off around three o'clock and I got back arround ten twenty. I signed up for two classes: CSC 201 and ITP 120, which are two classes you'll never recieve a Christendom. It turns out that two classes is full time however. 16 hours a week in lectures and twice that in homework. (One of my professors is a little like father Mastroeni with an IBM background (only pickier))

I finnaly got my old job back and went to work on memorial day weekend. Peter, lifeguards seem to be really scarce down south here as well. I think I know why. This is my third year and as a prize for company loyalty I get a full twenty-five cent raise (insert expletive here!!!). I'm making six twenty five at hour forty hours a week. I'm a full-time lifeguard and a full time student so I'll be very busy.

Thats not all actually. Last week before he left, Greg and I assembled an enourmous playset for the McGurk family (A whole swarm a very crazy kids). The thing was fifteen hundred pieces. It was so large that the manufacturer said they didn't hire out assemblers for jobs that large. We finnished however and Mr. McGurk promised us pre-mortem cannonization (however that works. I think I should be glad that the Midieval Inquisition is over) Needless to say seven out of eight kids were made very happy by it (sorry Shannon!)

I'm sure I had more to tell y'all but I have to mow the law before I go off to work. Good luck everybody (Especially Pete) and God bless.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Vocations "R" Us!

Wow. That's still about all I'm saying. Earlier today I was coming back from yet another "I'm sorry, we don't need anymore help right now." I was racking my brains trying to think of somewhere in my town that would hire a poor starving college student. Now my town is a college town, so there are plenty of job opportunities, but when they hear I'm going to school in Virginia, that's it. (People really don't like it when you leave the state.) Also, I'd made a great fool of myself earlier that day on the phone with Sr. Theresa Marie (namely I hit the answer button, but didn't acutally say anything because I was mostly asleep & then after about10-15 seconds, hung up.) So I was driving home in a slightly grumpy mood. Then from my purse I hear Pachelbel's Canon in D. My first, rather perturbed, thought is "Why is Dominick calling me?" But then I was curious, "Why is Dominick calling me from Spain?" I pick up the phone (& have the presence of mind to answer this time!) to find it's not Dominick at all, but my rather spastic daughter. As soon as I'd said a cautious hello she began screaming, "HAVE YOU READ THE BLOG?!?!" This threw me, because I'd been up untill 4am (2am her time, the knob!) posting (& removing!) rather strange things on the blog. She got a very intelligent, "Huh?" "Like, in the last ten minutes! Have you read the blog?!" "Uh, I checked it this morning before my eye appointment, but it was just our crazy stuff, why?" (My eyes are going to be fine, by the way. I just need super stronger glasses.) "OH MY GOSH! Guess who's gonna be a priest?!" Really, confused now, believe you me & keep in mind I'm driving. "Um, I don't know." "GUESS!!!!" "Uh, Ry?" "HAHAHAHA!!! NO!!!! PEACHY!!!!!!!!" "WHAT?!?!?!" I'm really glad I was driving on a side street in SD, because anywhere else would probably have been fatal. Peach, I'm so happy for you! I know how exciting this stuff is! My SD friends got ahold of your post & freaked out. My mum read it & cried. (She thought it was really beautiful, not sad. :P) Have you considered being, oh say, a Dominican priest? :):):) That would be fun. We could go to Kenya.
Tonight at Mass, Fr. gave a splendid homily on devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. (Good time to point out that my parish is Sacred Heart!) Beings priestly ordinations had taken place for my diocese
earlier today, he spoke on how priests must have such a devotion so as to lead the rest of the flock. I'm murdering it horribly, but it was beautiful & it made me think of our little Peach & the waterworks finally hit me.
Although through all of this, I've come to the conclusion that my matchmaking skills leave much to be desired. Peachy would've made a fine son-in-law, but I guess not! :)


Well, today was a blustery day. The wind was coming hard up the lake from the South. The air smelled like rain, and the wind was whipping the flag furiously. I was near the lake, and smiled wryly thinking to myself how nice the sailing would be. My hands could nearly feel the gripping of the sheet (the rope used to tighten or slacken the control over the sail). In sailing, man contends with nature for the mastery of the wind over the water. Swiftly the little craft speeds over the waters, and the man hauls at the sail, deftly steers the rudder, and hikes out to steady the precarious boat on the edge of being flipped into the waves! And how I wish I were there, but instead I only gripped tighter the lifeguard tube at an outdoor pool.

So, I've found two lifeguarding jobs, and maybe a third if I'm lucky. They're the only jobs I could get. Not even McDonald's would hire me, and I suppose that says something! My last alternative was to hire myself at Pactiv, the local factory. The graveyard shift was available. I was very tempted to use my Jesuit mind powers to obfuscate the fact of my August return to Christendom! But, I am spared! The local waterpark is looking to hire 200 employees, and lifeguards are valuable commodities! So, I just say "$7/hr", and that's what they pay me. So, I'll have a little money to take the edge off the dripping knife of the tuition increase that is carving up so many students. Ever see "Last of the Mohicans"? You'll know what I mean, ah tuition!

The sky has a weird color. It has such a strange brown-gray that it looks like I'm seeing the world through sunglasses. Wait... nope, I'm not wearing sunglasses.

I heard the lousiest sermon from the younger priest at our parish (He's 38, I think). The most memorable part of his sermon was "Don't scare the dough!" He said something about how we are the body and blood of Christ, and it was so confusing, that only when I got home did I figure out that it was the Feast of Corpus Christi. Well, the name of the feast is different, but I can't remember it. Anyway, I was listening to some popular music of our generation, and I realized that if it could have a name I'd call it the "Music of Sadness". It really is sad, and hurt, and shows the world needs Christ, not a silly homily on not scaring dough! In an age, where we see our peers tormented by depression from sin, & despair, fornication, divorce, pornography, youth need the hope of salvation, not mindless blather on baking! I looked about that church, and saw so many women dressed immodestly, and most people attend Mass like it's a cookout. I'm sure most of them don't know any better. But worship of the self, leads to self-disgust and many people cease coming to Mass, because they no longer see the Divine in the liturgy. My diocese needs much help. Our bishop stripped the Cathedral. It is naked. A church is like a woman, she should be adorned to show forth her glory, not dressed in rags or worse! Our Lord , her crowning glory, the center of the life of the Church is put in a inauspicious corner. Only when the Eucharist is put at the heart of the Rochester diocese will it flourish again. Only then.

Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart! Time to party like its 16...something!

Also, the priest who loses his belief in the Real Presence, will not last long! If the priest treats Mass as a communal celebration rather than a celebration of the Sacred Mystery, offering the Most Holy Sacrifice, he will soon lose his faith, and abandon his priestly vows. That is why I am afraid for this young priest, and I mean to explain this to him. It happened to another younger priest, and the Lord called him on the highway as he was driving his motorcycle to his girlfriend's house. The Eucharist is central to a priest's identity, if he loses his identity, then he must fill that void with something, and that is not good.

I think it will thunder soon. A lighteningstorm is always beautiful to see on the lake! Sometimes, it can get so fierce that the whole world is illuminated by that white light! It is very dark. Well, I hope all is well with y'all! I do miss you guys, and I'm looking forward to seeing all y'alls in August. Oh, dear. I got to write them two freshman a letter. I guess I am their frater major! Are any of all y'alls fraters or sorors to any new freshman. There are two freshmen from my area! One is sadly - poor chap - madly in love with one of our sophomore ladies. Unfortunately, I do remember she rather encouraged it. Flirtation is a dangerous thing, midears. There is a definite effect. But now she's horrified, and if the poor chap is still deluded, I'll try to deftly do the charitable thing and esplain the situation. Otherwise, things will not be very pleasant for him. Well, God bless y'all!

I'm in love with Maria!

It is very true, but it seems that the only lady for my heart is Maria! She's a most wonderful person. She's very kind, loving, and compassionate. She's the most beautiful woman that ever graced this world. Her purity, her charity, her goodness, no other woman can match. I love her, and I know that she prays for me every day, even when I fail her, she loves me still. It is her face I see in my darkest hour, it is she who sustains me when I have fallen. And when I'm alone lost in darkness, a single thought of her brings a tear and ray of hope. I love her, I am her wayward son, brought back to life by the call of my own dear mother, my Maria.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, mater mei.

In Canandaigua, my hometown, we have a very beautiful church dedicated to Our Lady: St. Mary's. I used to go there often. Many times, I would enter the Church when it was dark, and all that illuminated the church was the flickering red lamp by the tabernacle, and the dim outdoor street light that would glow enough to illuminate the windows themselves. There is an altar rail before the Blessed Sacrament, so one can kneel down and pray very close. The church would creak in the darkness, and my eyes would play tricks on me as I peered into the darkness seeing moving shadows. It would take me a great amount of bravery to step into that darkness to pray the stations of the cross. The church is very large. But always, as I traveled that via dolorosa, there was the red light stretching forth its light as a bearing as I made my way toward the crucifixtion. It seemed to say, "He is here! I attest He is here!" That little lamp was my point of reference as I stumbled through that murcky darkness, meditating on the passion, or crying out my sorrows and sins to the Lord in anguish and bitter tears.

In the front of Church, four great windows lay opposite each other dedicated to Our Blessed Mother. On the right, an angel with a pure white lily gives Maria the angelic salutation, and she with hands folded across her breast looks down with humility, and gives her "Fiat", and she conceives Our Lord in her blessed womb. On the right side, beside this window is Christ teaching in the Temple. And above him, on the ceiling, a red candle burns! Yet, look in the corner of the window, and you see a mother suddenly relieved from the anguish of having lost her Son for three days. There is still sorrow on her face for she shall lose her tender child once again! On the left side, Mary is Queen of the apostles, and the Holy Spirit comes down upon them on Pentecost. Mary is at the center surrounded by the apostles now inspired with zeal by the Holy Spirit. At her feet, St. Peter kneels with the keys of the kingdom set before her. And beside this window, Our Lady is gloriously assumed into heaven with the moon 'neath her feet, and the angels place a crown on her head, as her eyes took ever upward to God. But the dome over the altar is the most beautiful. For there is Mary facing the people, and the Holy Trinity crowns her Queen of Heaven and Earth! These windows have told me more than a dozen sermons. Indeed, the windows teach the Faith, when preachers fail. The sacred art has spoken so much to me, that if I did not have recourse to it, I might not have continued to believe the truths of God.

Today is first Friday, June 3rd. I spent two hours at the church this morning. Just in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and then looking at the windows. The Blessed Sacrament is exposed in a side chapel, so there being no one in the rest of the church, I was free to kneel before the windows and pray. I felt peaceful, at rest. And I haven't felt any peace for a long time. My nights are not peaceful, and my days have been sad. I got up, made my way toward the center of the Church, and looked at the altar, then the high altar, then ad coelos: toward the heavenly coronation of Mary. Then, I slowly alighted the steps of the altar, and made my way to the high altar. I looked at those steps a moment. The thought crossed my mind that somebody might see me, and yell at me. I didn't really care if anyone saw me, this was more important for me. I took three steps, and knew from where I was that I faced Jerusalem. Here the angels gathered, and faced the King of Glory chanting holy, holy, holy ... and rather unconsciously I began to whisper those words as well. I don't know how long I stood there at the High Altar. I was happy to stand there. And I felt happy to completely forget myself, and time for a while seemed to forget me.

I stepped down from the sanctuary, and in the rear of Church I beheld a chalice. Father must have been going to say Mass soon, since it was on the table where the gifts are placed. Chalice and paten, they were both there. Yet, the chalice caught my eye, and with delight I read the inscription: Hic est enim calix sanguinis mei! It was very beautiful. In this sacred vessel, My God offers Himself for us, for me! For me, all this is full of powerful images with meaning I cannot express. I forgot to mention that I had my Prayerbook, and I read the first prayer that caught my eye: Oratio ad Beatam Mariam Virginem. It is a prayer before Mass for priests.

I went back to the chapel, and prayed some more before the Blessed Sacrament. All this has culminated in two resolutions. The first is to become a saint. I have decided God is calling me to be a priest. Next summer, I'm going to go to the Legionaries of Christ's summer candidacy program. If God is indeed calling me elsewhere, I know he'll bless me for giving Him the first shot, and I'll be joining y'all for a rousing Fall semester in Rome Junior Year. I'd have gone this year, but the program begins today, and I haven't talked about it with my parents yet! I'd have no arrangements for going to Connecticut. But right now, the thought of becoming a priest inspires and animates me. And I have been called to love passionately. It's in my personality: if I do anything I get passionate about it! I turned a simple request for a bagel and fruit into a full breakfast! Just ask the ladies who got the surprise continental breakfast in their dorm, thanks to the lovely and gracious Maria G. of Christendom! But its in me, its in my music, its in my songs! It bursts out in happiness, and whom could I love more passionately than Christ! I can finally see myself as the rug. And now I want to be the rug for people to step over to get to Christ.

I did not seek to be a saint at Christendom. I said and did things that would have shamed my Mother, who saw that I was not taking advantage of all the spiritual treasures that just lay at my feet! This treasure of grace could've saved me from a great deal of sins, and bitter sorrows. And I didn't become more Christlike, because I sought the attention of others. When I return I know I will have this temptation and many others, but I know that if I take advantage of all the spiritual riches my Mother has provided, I shall do well, and learn to love as I have never loved before. And oneday learn to love that seeks no return. And to love perfectly is to love as Christ loves. Maria will help me, Mater Maria, mater mei, and that is why I love her so!

Jen's Crazy

Really funny!

Dead Bird

I really think I should start a comic strip about mowing the lawn. It's really quite an experience. I could call it The Adventures of Lawnmower Girl! I think my adventures can well be summed up with a poem written by Ben Hatke from CWOD.

Dead bird, dead bird,
Lying there
So absurd.
O how I love thee,
Dead bird.

Dead rhino, dead rhino,
Lying there
So fine-o.
O how I love thee,
Dead rhino.

Dead armadillo, dead armadillo,
Lying there
On my pillow.
O how I --

Dead iguana, dead iguana,
Lying there
In my sauna.
O how I loathe thee,
Dead iguana.

Dead leopard, dead leopard,
Draped across
My German Shepherd.
I can now see thee,
Dead leopard.

Dead fish, dead fish,
Who put you
In my soap dish?
What the heck?
Dead fish.

Dead possum, dead possum,
Stuffed in my
O how you are
Dead possum.

Dead love, dead love.
Smashed to pieces
From above.
O how I wonder. . .
Dead love.

Dead lemur, dead lemur.
"Look at me,
I'm a dreamer."
You lose,
Dead lemur.

Wow, I really need to get a job! (Or a hobby or something.)